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The Scourge of Gun Violence
Just a couple days ago, there was a live display of gun violence on national television when two innocent young reporters were gun down by a former colleague during a live television broadcast. Daily the pain of gun violence is felt across the nation, in class rooms, on college campuses, in movie theaters, in the work place, in the home and on the streets. I am sharing the following link http://www.vox.com/2015/8/24/9183525/gun-violence-statistics to statistical information with maps and charts on gun violence in the United States verses other nations around the world.
I join with Mayor Ras Baraka, Senator Raymond Lesniak, and others, in calling the plague of gun violence a public health crisis but, I'll go even further and call on President Obama and members of Congress to give serious consideration to a constitutional amendment that will address the Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution that gives individuals the right to keep and bear arms. In a country that has seen more gun violence than any other civilized nation on the planet, it may be time for the 'right to bear arms' to be limited to trained law enforcement professionals, members of the arm services and certain security agency employees. Gun violence claims the lives of far too many people in our country every day and every year; it destroys families, inflicts pain and suffering upon the innocent; it inflates medical costs and drains first responder resources; it is costly to tax payers and it shreds the fabric of a civilized society by virtue of its savagery. The scourge of gun violence can be arrested and eventually, over time, may be eliminated by a constitutional amendment.
Hence, now is the time for the debate to begin and for action to commence that will lead to a less violent society and, hopefully, the elimination of the pain and suffering that we witness far too often in our communities as a result of the proliferation of guns and their use by criminal and insane minds.
In the Declaration of Independence we were told that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Should the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be compromised by the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights?

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Creating One Plainfield - One Future,

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield
Gender Equity is a Right that Should not be Abridged by Man
At the core of every household in America headed by a  working woman is the issue of  equal pay. Women in the U.S.  comprise  nearly half of the  national  labor force and are increasingly becoming the sole providers for their families. More and more women are working in  employment  and industries that have been traditionally occupied by men. When women are not paid equally, not only do they face challenges, but so do their families.

The time has long past for women to be treated as equals to men, on every level. Legislatures around the nation should act immediately to ensure that there is economic, social and political equity for all women. Gender equity is not a privilege that should be afforded to women, it's a human right given to all women by God. It is a right that should not be abridged by man.
Resources for Local Plainfield Businesses: Business Continuity Workshop
Business Continuity Workshop 
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp greets and encourages local Plainfield businesses and workshop participants.

Small businesses in Plainfield are the backbone of our economy, and not only provides goods and services to the residents of Plainfield, but also employment and training opportunities. In our efforts to provide resources and developmental opportunities for Plainfield businesses, the City, in partnership with the SBDC, SBA, and Rutgers held a business continuity workshop in City Hall on August, 26, 2015.  This well attended workshop gave Plainfield businesses information regarding risk identification and mitigation.  Stay tuned for future business workshops.
C-Span: One of Plainfield's Own Speaks on Efforts to Reform Policing
Efforts to Reform Policing
We are proud of Plainfield's very own Jason D. Williamson, J.D., the featured guest on C-Span's Washington Journal which aired on August 20, 2015. As a Staff Attorney for the Law Reform Project, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), he was invited to discuss policing and criminal justice reform in light of recent incidents involving police officer's use of force.  He began his career in New Orleans, first as a staff attorney for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana and later as defense attorney and founding member of Juvenile Regional Services.  Williamson received his J.D. from New York University School of Law, Master's degree from the University of Chicago and Bachelor's degree from Harvard University.  Jason is the son of employee Ethel M. Washington and Daniel A. Williamson, Esq.

Economic Development Update


Business Grand Openings

On Thursday, August 27, 2015, we welcomed the newest business into Plainfield - Latin Nails on 436 Watchung Ave.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony attended with members of the community was fun, and I am very excited about this new business as the two owners are Plainfield High School graduates.


Administration and Finance Update
City Finances
The City of Plainfield had to refinance bond anticipation notes that are due September 2, 2015 and funding in the amount of $2 million for the 2015 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  As a result, we s old $18.5 million of Plainfield City notes at a reduced interest rate of .76%

Results of the bids received: For our $18.5 million BANS. We received three bids; Jefferies came in with a coupon of 1.25% and a premium of $20,720.00 giving us a NIC of 1.137%; TD Securities a 1.5% coupon with a $126,540.00 premium for a NIC of .814% and the winning bid by Oppenheimer with a 1.75% coupon and a $181,150.00 premium for a NIC (Net Interest charge) of .7681%.

This outstanding rate is attributable to the Moody's rating upgrade the City of Plainfield received earlier this year.

Volunteers Make a Difference
Are you interested in community service? Then why not volunteer at a food pantry? Volunteers are vital to the work of food pantries. There are several opportunities in the City of Plainfield to help people in need, they are located at houses of worship, social service agencies and food banks. Food pantries desperately need individuals to assist with food collection, food distribution, stocking and client check-in.     

Please contact Plainfield Action Services at (908) 753-3519.
Public Affairs and Safety Update
Plainfield Teens Hang with Cops, Learn New Skills in Mentoring Program

Thirty Plainfield kids marched down the aisles of Hubbard Middle School's auditorium this month, smiling with pride as they showed off their new military cadence skills to family and friends in the audience.

The goal of the Queen City Mentoring Academy's three-week program, which started in July, is to keep Plainfield teens out of trouble and have them spend time with police officers and county authorities.

According to 0rganizer Lieutenant Michael Caspersen, school resource officers carefully handpicked the students, choosing high-achieving teens and at-risk teens, for mentoring.  "We provide a brief overview of the program, give the applications to all the schools and they, in turn, send them to the parents," said Sgt. Johnny Henderson.  Henderson indicated that they had around 70 applications this year, but due to staffing, could only accept 30 kids into the program.

The officers in the program are all volunteers who guide the group through discussions of thorny and relevant topics such as sexting and cyber-bullying. They also chaperon as the kids have fun on outings to places like Bowcraft Amusement Park and the beach.  "There are some people in the community who have never left Plainfield or ever been to the beach,"  Casperson said. He added that the opportunity to go on field trips gives the kids an incentive to behave.

Caspersen said one of the main goals of the program is "to mentor these kids and teach them to be mentors, and say listen, there's another way to do this."
The program commenced with its graduation ceremony on August 5 in the Hubbard auditorium. The ceremony began with the academy cadets filing in the auditorium and making way to the center of the stage. One cadet then sang the national anthem.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp gave a few words of gratitude to the Plainfield police department, as well as advice to the young children, "It is great to see that our law enforcement officials are making the time - their own time - to give back, and to give to you to make sure that you understand that you can have very positive experiences and interactions with law enforcement. I really want to commend our police officers for recognizing how important this is, especially in light of the things that we've been seeing happening around the nation." The Mayor also assured the boys and girls of the academy of their value with these words, "You can be anything you want to be in life. You can achieve greatness."

Karas | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com, S. (2015, August 20). Plainfield teens hang with cops, learn new skills in mentoring program. Retrieved August 26, 2015, from http://www.nj.com/union/index.ssf/2015/08/plainfield_mentoring_academy.html

Traffic Alert
On Monday, September 7, 2015, Four-way stop signs will be in effect at the intersection of Evergreen and Hillside Avenues, and the intersection of Prospect and Hillside Avenues. Please exercise caution on your approach to these intersections.

Workforce Development
The HireLifeScience.com Career Fair 2015
TUESDAY - 09/29/2015 
11am - 4pm 
Location: 97 Sunfield Ave., Edison ,  NJ   08837 

What to Bring:  Printed invitation and copies of your resume. 

Event Details:  On September 29, 2015 HireLifeScience.com will be hosting their annual HireLifeScience.com Career Fair. The HireLifeScience.com Career Fair 2015 will take place at Raritan Center - New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center in Edison, NJ. There will be no recruiting agencies participating in this event, making it one of the few times candidates will meet exclusively with direct employers from the life science industries. This means direct access to the contacts that will do the interviewing, no middle men! Candidates must possess a 4 year life science related degree and 2 years professional experience working for a Life Science related company. An invitation to attend will be sent if the minimum qualifications are met. Novo Nordisk, Covance, Johnson & Johnson and many more will be in attendance. We expect 20 or more companies. 

Directions to Event:  http://www.njexpocenter.com/directions/ 

Sponsored By:  HireLifeScience.com 

Event Contact:  Matthew Masterson 
E-mail:   matthew@hirelifescience.com 
Phone:  (609) 308-2658 

Edison Health Career Fair
WEDNESDAY - 10/07/2015 
10am - 2pm 
Location: Hilton Garden Inn Hotel - Edison Raritan Center 
50 Raritan Center Parkway 
Edison ,  NJ   08837 

What to Bring:  Resume & a Smile! 
Event Details:  A Health Career Fair for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, CMAs, MAs, CHHAs, Direct Care, PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs and SLPs. FT * PT *Per Diem - All shifts available. Meet Face to Face with Recruiters, fill out applications and Get a Job! 

Additional Information:  Free Parking. 

Sponsored By:  Guide Publications - Jersey Job Guide 

Contact Information:
Event Contact:  Stacey LaBruno 
E-mail:   stacey@njguidepublications.com 
Phone:  (732) 263-9675 
Website:   www.guidepubs.net 

Jersey Job Club
The Jersey Job Club gives you the tools and support you need to find a job. We will help you develop new skills and build upon skills you already have. There are 23 local Job Clubs and six statewide industry-specific talent network Job Clubs throughout New Jersey.

T o find a good job in challenging times, successful job seekers look for opportunities to get an edge. The Jersey Job Club is just such an opportunity - and the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get results.

Job Seekers - Click on Link Below for a Listing of Local Job Fairs
Division of Parks and Recreation Continues to Serve  Our Youth and Seniors
Our Senior Citizens are Raving About the Many Recreational Opportunities Being Provided by My Administration.  Many Notes of Thanks Were Recently Received from Seniors Who Attended a Trip to the African Burial Ground Monument.

The Division of Parks and Recreation sponsored an Active Older Adult trip to African Burial Ground National Monument in New York City.  The attendees are pictured in the theater enjoying a brief movie highlighting the history of the Monument.  The tour and presentation was given by Roland Berotte, a National Park Service Ranger.

Join us for our final Fishing Youth Fishing Derby of the season!


Health Fair Events

PMUA Environmental Fair

Plainfield Public Library

Plainfield Learning Center
Bill Strickland: Rebuilding a Neighborhood with Beauty, Dignity, Hope

What is a Millennial? 

Plainfield Arts and Culture
Van Wyck Brooks Historic District Walking Tour
The Van Wyck Brooks National Register Historic District is the largest and most diverse of the six residential districts and captures within its twelve block radius the full span of the city's and the nation's growth.  

Many generations have lived upon this land, and their story is spread for us to read in the wood, brick, stone and shingle of their homes. Here, French chateaux hobnob with Tuscan villas.  Modest shingle cottages rise beside a Queen Anne townhouse.  Mansard and half-timber Tudor mansions share the block with their restored carriage houses.  A Georgian colonial cedes a portion of its lot to the neighborhood's first split level.  Styles overlap, one upon another, with companionable, and unstudied charm.

The Van Wyck Brooks Walking Tour provides only a brief introduction to the district. You are welcome to start the tour and end where you wish, enjoying the district in its entirety or in a smaller sampling.  The homes described in this self-guided walking tour serve as examples of the handsome assortment of styles to be discovered as your journey into the past unfolds.

The Plainfield Symphony
Plainfield Grassroots Community Development Gala
Union County Update:  Union County Awards Grants to 20 Public Libraries
on August 25, 2015 at 3:56 PM, updated August 25, 2015 at 3:57 PM

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders announce the 2015 Union County Library Grant awards to 20 public libraries in Union County for children's programming and materials. The new grant opportunity seeks to expand, create, and enhance programming offered to children by libraries within Union County.

"As a youth my library card was as good as any driver's license. It gave me access to the world and I enjoyed spending hours there reading. In today's world, advancement in technology has changed the way young people learn and utilize the library," said Freeholder Chairman Mohamed S. Jalloh. "Through this grant program, the Freeholder Board hopes to support our public libraries in their efforts to offer programs and services that inspire learning in the ever-changing digital age."

Click Here for Entire Article

News, S. (2015, August 25). Union County awards grants to 20 public libraries. Retrieved August 26, 2015, from
New Jersey State Update: New Jersey's $225 Million Settlement With Exxon Mobil Is Approved

New Jersey's widely debated $225 million settlement of a pollution lawsuit with  Exxon Mobil Corporation was approved on Tuesday by a state judge who called the deal fair, reasonable and in the public interest.

The ruling comes in a  longstanding legal battle in which New Jersey demanded $8.9 billion in compensation for natural resource damage to more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes and waters at refinery sites that Exxon once owned in Bayonne and Linden.

Environmental groups, federal and state politicians, and others had sharply criticized the administration of Gov.  Chris Christie for accepting just a small fraction of the damages that the state had long sought.

But in an 81-page opinion, the judge, Michael J. Hogan of Superior Court, found that "although far smaller than the estimated $8.9 billion in damages, Exxon's payment represents a reasonable compromise given the substantial litigation risks" that the state faced at trial and would face on appeal.

Senator Cory Booker: Booker, Christie, Foxx, Menendez Joint Statement on Tunnel
August 18, 2015
Booker, Christie, Foxx, Menendez Joint Statement  

Newark, NJ - Today, following a meeting in U.S. Senator Cory Booker's Newark office on the Hudson River Tunnel project , Booker, D-N.J., Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, and U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., issued the following statement:  "Transit across the Hudson River carries an enormous and increasing share of this region's workforce and economy, and it is clear that something must be done, and done now, as commuters continue to endure serious daily challenges that come with an aging infrastructure.  "We had a substantive and productive meeting today and all of us are committed to working together on a path forward on this critical project. Senator Booker, Senator Menendez, and Governor Christie will work with Secretary Foxx to obtain a substantial Federal grant contribution toward the Hudson River tunnels. In addition to grants, we will also work on other funding and financing options.
"The state of New Jersey supports the Gateway project and is committed to developing a framework with the Federal government to begin it.  We all recognize that the only way forward is equitable distribution of funding responsibility and the active participation of all parties.   As commuters can attest, we cannot afford further delay."

 Booker, Christie, Foxx, Menendez Joint Statement on Tunnel. (2015, August 18). Retrieved August 26, 2015, from http://www.booker.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=295 
President Obama: It's Time for Congress To Pass a Responsible Budget
Published on Aug 22, 2015
In this week's address, the President spoke to the economic progress that our country has made over the past few years, from over 13 million new jobs over the past five and a half years, to 17 states raising the minimum wage.

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