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  Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
One Plainfield.  One Future.
On behalf of the Plainfield community, I offer sincere condolences to the families of the eight passengers killed , as well as the more than 200 injured, in the Amtrak Train #188 deadly crash in Philadelphia two days ago. So many of us use the Amtrak trains along the Northeast corridor as our primary means of transportation to the Nations's Capital. Our prayers go out to all the affected families at this very difficult time.

Here are this week's updates:
  • Mayor' Town Hall Meeting
  • A Bridge to Faith
  • Neighborhood Health Center Plainfield Update
  • Plainfield Road Closure Notice
  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Development Update
  • Administration and Finance Update
  • Public Affairs and Safety Update
  • Department of Public Works and Urban Development
  • Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Plainfield Education Update
  • Obama Foundation Announcement
  • State of New Jersey: Office of the Governor
  • Union County - Monthly Meeting
  • Plainfield Education Update
  • Plainfield Learning Center
  • Arts and Culture

Creating One Plainfield - One Future,

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield
Mayor's Town Hall Meeting: May 21, 2015

I invite you to my town hall meeting, see the banner below for details.


A Bridge to Faith


On May 12, 2015, It was my pleasure to meet with members and leaders of the Plainfield Clergy in CIty Hall.  They are an important part of our community who work closely with Plainfield residents and share a common goal - the well-being of all our residents.  This was the first of many meetings that will occur, in the future, in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, as we partner on issues that affect all Plainfielders.  We are committed to working together on two initiatives, the upcoming Plainfield Youth Summit and the next Plainfield Community Forum.  An important topic was the need for us as a community to proactively take steps to avoid the occurrence of senseless incidents such as what occurred in NYC, South Carolina, and Baltimore involving the killings of Black males.  We hope to engage all of our residents in a dialogue that will foster individual development and community pride.  I look forward to this collaborative effort.

Neighborhood Health Center Plainfield 

Important News from Neighborhood Health Center Plainfield


Excerpt from Press Release:

Neighborhood Health Services Corporation (NHSC), recently announced that it is undergoing reorganization to develop plans to restructure its debt and streamline some functional operations to restore a healthier financial position and improve efficiency, respectively. This phase of reorganization has  no adverse impact on the daily operations of conducting business nor quality of care provided to NHSC new and existing patients.


NHSC, which began its operation in 1969, continues to operate and provide healthcare services at four (4) main locations, Monday through Saturday. NHSC has two (2) school based sites in Plainfield, New Jersey. NHSC's current geographic service areas are located in three (3) Counties in New Jersey: Union, Sussex and Warren. Services offered are: adult medicine/family practice/geriatric care; pediatrics; OB/GYN; podiatry; vision; early intervention services and dentistry. NHSC is a Certified Enrollment Center and assists with the Affordable Care Act/Market Place enrollment applications. 


Click Here to Read Entire Press Release

Plainfield Road Closure Notice 
Please note the roadway closure schedule for Park Avenue and Watchung Avenue:
  • Watchung Avenue - April 20 through July 20 (approximately 3 months)
Workforce Development

NJ State Department of Labor
The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has a listing of job fairs and resources for job seekers.


Economic Development Update


Upcoming Community Development Events:






Administration and Finance Update

Plainfield Action Services

Last week a group of young people from St. Mark's Episcopal and other neighboring Episcopal churches came together to clean up Rushmore Park which is located in the City's fourth ward.  The group plans to return in the very near future to clean the cemetery on West Fourth Street. There were approximately fifteen (15) students who demonstrated their community pride.  On behalf of my administration, I would like to thank all of the young people who participated in this community service project.


The Milt Campbell cleaning on 5/10/2015 with SEVA, a Hindu organization from Edison, was also very successful. Approximately eighteen (18) students participated in the clean-up. We are grateful for all those who participated.

Plainfield Action Service Presents Community Action Month

Plainfield Senior Center Upcoming Activities:

Please see list of activities below and call (908) 753-3506 for additional information:


A Stroke is a serious medical condition that affects millions of Americans each year. It can affect you or your loved ones at a moment's notice. As part of  Older Americans' Month, join Public Health Nurse Sarah Muller-Robbins on Tuesday, May 26th at 11:00 a.m., as she educates our members about stroke awareness and some of the warning signs. 



Union County Division on Aging and Disability Resource Connection will be at the center 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 27th, to discuss  the 2016-2018 Area Plan for Union County.


NJ Hope and Healing: On Monday, May 18th at 12:00 noon, come learn how to manage the emotional consequences of flooding, storms, and other natural disasters. Also learn how to understand the impact and explore strategies for coping with weather emergencies


Heart Felt for Life: Dr. Oz and celebrity fitness  trainer Bob Greene brings you Heartfelt for Life, a personal fitness  video that will show you how to improve your heart health on Wednesday, May 20th at 12:00 noon.


How Do I Do Diabetes: Do you know that approximately twenty-one million Americans live with diabetes? That's over 7 percent of the population. Learn how to cope with type 2 diabetes on Friday, May 29th at 12:00 noon.


Take Care of Your Pets: 


Public Affairs and Safety Update


The 2015 D.A.R.E. graduation will be held at Plainfield High School on         May 22, 2015 at 9:30 am. Over 500 hundred  5th grade students will be receiving their D.A.R.E. diplomas. This year's theme will be "It's all about the kids" and the 5th grade students will conduct the ceremony.  The program    is the culmination of 10 lessons covering such topics as ways to say no to drugs and alcohol, resisting peer pressure, healthy ways to handle stress,   and making good decisions. Prizes, awards, and gifts will be given out during the ceremony in recognition of those students who excelled in the program. Please join us in celebrating the youth of our city pledging to live an alcohol and drug free life.  The Plainfield Police Department continues to support the D.A.R.E. program and believe it's a good way to stay connected with the youth in our community. Members of the Public are invited to attend.

Division of Parks and Recreation is Working for our Youth and Seniors






Plainfield Neighborhood Clean Up


Obama Foundation Announces South Side as Home for Library



The Barack Obama Foundation selected Chicago as home for the future Barack Obama Presidential Center. The President and First Lady reflected on their roots in Chicago's South Side and announced plans to bring the future Obama Library, Museum and Foundation home to Chicago. 

"With a library and a foundation on the South Side of Chicago, not only will we be able to encourage and affect change locally, but what we can also do is attract the world to Chicago." - President Obama

Video features Chicagoans: Timuel Black, Maya Hodari, Anne Kostroski, Yahtzeni Gonzales, Daweed Abdiel, and Chloe Glispie in their own words.

Learn more at www.barackobamafoundation.org

NJ State: Office of the Governor

Excerpt from Press Release:

Christie Administration Awards Teens for Creative Display Celebrating Family Diversity
TRENTON - May 13, 2015 - The Department of Human Services (DHS) today honored six New Jersey high school and middle school students at an event hosted by DHS' Division of Family Development's Office of Child Support. The students were honored for their winning entries in the Department of Human Services' Teen Media Contest, which acknowledged and celebrated the many different forms families take. 


The contest uses the topic of family to engage high school and middle school students in creative thinking through art.  Students, under the guidance of their school's art faculty, create original handmade artwork to complement the Department's ongoing advertising and outreach campaign: "Child Support. It's more than just money."  Winners are chosen based upon their interpretation of the year's theme, with the winning artwork and a select number of "honorable mention" pieces included in the annual Child Support calendar published every year. Last year's winners and honorable mentions can be viewed online.

"This year's theme captured the diversity of family structures in New Jersey, while honoring the contributions they make through community service to their neighbors and their world," said Acting DHS Commissioner Elizabeth Connolly. "This year's artwork clearly shows the enthusiasm of the students to show how they can make positive contributions to society."


The challenge to students was to illustrate the way in which "families are greater than the sum of their parts." This theme encourages students to show how families can make an impact on their neighborhood, their community and their world, regardless of the traditional or non-traditional family structure.


Click Here to Read Entire Press Release 


"Christie Administration Awards Teens for Creative Display Celebrating Family Diversity." Department of Human Services | Christie Administration Awards Teens for Creative Display Celebrating Family Diversity. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2015. <http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/news/press/2015/approved/20150514.html>. 

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman: Stop Ammunition Sales Act of 2015

Excerpt from Press Release: 
Ewing, NJ (Monday, May 11, 2015)  At a press conference today in the Serenity Garden in Trenton, Rep, Bonnie Watson Coleman announced plans to introduce the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015, legislation that would place limits and safeguards on the online market for ammunition.

"Today, I stood with faith leaders, community members, and elected officials who all agree that we need to take every action available to us to reduce gun violence, and the tragic impact it has on our communities," said Congresswoman Watson Coleman. "This bill would take the most basic steps to slow the proliferation of guns and ammunition, helping to prevent events like what we saw in Aurora, Colorado three years ago. Congress can, and must do more to keep our families safe, and we're urging them to do just that."

"Far too many times, we have seen the shocking images of unspeakable gun violence that could have been prevented," said Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-06), an original cosponsor. "Our bill to limit the online sale of ammunition is a long-overdue common sense reform that I am hopeful will spark Congress to put aside party difference and come together to help prevent such senseless tragedies."

"Too many lives have been lost as a result of senseless gun violence, and it's well past time for Congress to enact sensible gun safety measures like reducing unchecked online ammunition purchases," said Congressman Donald Payne, Jr. (NJ-10), an original cosponsor of the bill. "This common-sense reform would save lives by depriving violent criminals of a means of anonymously amassing ammunition without proper scrutiny. As a co-sponsor of this legislation, I am proud to join Congresswoman Watson Coleman in taking proactive steps to reduce gun violence and prevent another tragedy."

  Click Here to read the complete Article

"Watson Coleman Hosts Press Conference Launching Legislation to Reduce Unchecked Online Ammunition Purchases." Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. N.p., 13 May 2015. Web. 14 May 2015. <https://watsoncoleman.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/watson-coleman-hosts-press-conference-launching-legislation-reduce>.
Union County:  Bring Your Child To Work Day 2015



The Union County Freeholders participated in Bring Your Child to Work Day on April 23,2015. The Day was full of family fun and activity for both children and parents/County of Union, NJ Employees. 

Plainfield Education Update


National Elementary Honor Society- Cook School Students

A total of 25 students, from grades 4 and 5 at Frederick W. Cook Elementary School in Plainfield, will be inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. The event will feature Keynote Speaker Sayida Peprah, a Clinical Psychologist for the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Peprah provides mental health services and parenting education to incarcerated men and women. Principal Dr. Caryn Cooper will preside over the event.


Spring Fest 2015

Plainfield High School will host the Spring Fest 2015 from May 21-May 23, 2015. The five-day festivity is expected to draw over 1,000 people from Plainfield and nearby towns.


Plainfield Learning Center
New Consumer Action Handbook: Tips on Trending Purchases

The new edition of the Consumer Action Handbook discusses lots of current trends and technologies to help you enjoy their benefits and avoid their pitfalls. The Handbook is our popular guide to buying common goods and services, avoiding problems, and resolving complaints.

New topics include:

  • Privacy aspects of car computer (infotainment, alert) systems
  • Car sharing services-fees and liabilities
  • Private student loans-what happens if your cosigner dies or files bankruptcy
  • The fine print of medical credit cards
  • Pay-as-you-go car insurance-what to know about the new devices car insurers offer that monitor your driving habits
  • Investing in virtual currencies and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Limitations, clauses, and privacy aspects of smart TVs

Order or download your copy now!

New Catalog, Lots of New Financial Advice

The latest Consumer Information Catalog is packed with Money Booklets that

are useful for life's everyday challenges. you can find them at the website Publications.USA.gov. You can read, download, or print the new Summer Consumer Information Catalog too! The Catalog lists 150 free and low-cost publications on money, health, jobs, housing, and more from the federal government.

New Booklets on Managing Credit, Debt, Home Ownership, and College Costs

The Summer Catalog has a host of new publications on common financial concerns. All are available in print and online, and most are available in Spanish. Check them out:

Owning a Home:

Paying for College:

Credit and Debt:

Managing Your Finances:

GI Go Fund: Jeans for Troops Day

On May 21, 2015, In honor of Memorial Day, join the millions of participants nationwide wearing Jeans to support our troops.  Starting Monday, May 4, 2015, at Plainfield City Hall - Mayor's Office, you can show your support by making a $5 donation, with the proceeds benefiting the GI Go Fund. Please note, Plainfield City Hall will recognize and wear jeans on Friday, May 22, 2015.

Arts and Culture
Frontiers International Westry Horne Cultural and Heritage Series:
The purpose of the Frontiers International Westry Horne Cultural and Heritage Series is to educate and provide space for intergenerational  

dialogues on topics of African American history and culture.



Click Here for Complete Schedule

Plainfield Library Event:

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