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  Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
One Plainfield.  One Future.
The flag of the United States represents freedom and has been an enduring symbol of the country's ideals since its early days.  People across the United States will be celebrating Flag Day on June 14th to honor the United States flag and to commemorate the flag's adoption. I ask Plainfielders to join me in taking an opportunity on Sunday to reflect on the foundations of our nation's freedoms and for our men and women who have or are currently serving  in the military to ensure the protections of these very freedoms.

Thank You.

Here are this week's updates:
  • U.S. Postal Service Grow Your Business Event
  • Plainfield ACA (Affordable Care Act) Update
  • Plainfield Road Closure Notice
  • Economic Development Update
  • Administration and Finance Update
  • Public Affairs and Safety Update
  • Workforce Development Update
  • Department of Public Works and Urban Development
  • Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Plainfield Health Center Events
  • Plainfield YMCA Update
  • Plainfield Education Update
  • Plainfield Learning Center
  • Union County Update
  • State of New Jersey: Pension Payments 
  • Senator Cory Booker: Introduces Amendment to Preserve NJ Veterans Suicide Prevention Program
  • President Obama: The President Speaks on Health Care Reform at the Catholic Health Association Conference

Creating One Plainfield - One Future,

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield
U.S. Postal Service Grow Your Business Event

Local Plainfield businesses are the backbone of our community and local economy.  Finding the tools and resources to help our local businesses grow and succeed is a priority of my administration. In partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, my administration hosted the Grow Your Business Day workshop on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at Plainfield City Hall. Through the Mayor's Office, my Chief of Staff initiated a program that would help local Plainfield businesses reach a targeted market to help grow their customer base with the use of the US Postal Service products that do not require the purchase of a mailing list or mailing permit.  Stay tuned for future small business workshops and seminars.
Plainfield ACA (Affordable Care Act) Update

Starting on Monday, June 15, 2015, a qualified Affordable Care Act (ACA) Navigator will be available to help you with researching and understanding marketplace plans and answer any questions regarding the ACA.  The Navigator will be available every Monday from 9am - 5pm at the City Hall Annex, 510 Watching Ave.  For more information call: 973-500-6031
Plainfield Road Closure Notice 

  • Watchung Avenue - Remains closed through July 20, 2015
Economic Development Update
Community Development Programs
 CHAP (Comprehensive Housing Assistance Program)

A current job performed by a local contractor under the City of Plainfield's Comprehensive Housing Assistance Program  (CHAP) where financial assistance is provided to eligible home-owners. Please see flyer below for details.

SHTP (Safe Housing and Transportation Program)

Administration and Finance Update

Plainfield Senior Center Upcoming Activities:

Please see list of activities below and call (908) 753-3506 for additional information:

June 19, 1865, Juneteenth, is a celebration commemorating the arrival of Union soldiers at  Galveston, Texas with news that the Civil War had ended and that the enslaved were free. The center will commemorate this event on Friday, June 19th at 11:00 a.m. Please contact Sharron Brown if you would like to join the Juneteenth committee to help make the event a success. Fathers and grandfathers will also be honored with a special BBQ as part of the Juneteenth celebration.

The center is traveling to Monmouth Park Racetrack on Saturday, June 20th at 11:00 a.m. to enjoy an afternoon of horse racing. If you are interested in attending you must reserve your seat.  Come and enjoy the thrill of the track!

Come enjoy the 92nd Annual Fourth of July parade on Saturday, July 4th at 10:00 a.m. Later, enjoy a free concert in Cedar Brook Park at 5:30 p.m., followed by a fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend. Please bring your own lawn chair to relax.

The Union County Aging and Disability Resource Connection will be at the center on Wednesday, July 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon to distribute food vouchers to Union County residents ages 60 and over. Please bring proof of residency and current income with you. You will receive four vouchers totaling $20.00.

Please Note: Social Security no longer provides a representative at the center. Your membership must be current in order to receive a voucher. 

Public Affairs and Safety Update
Plainfield Fire Division Update
This week, the Plainfield Fire Divisions Supervisors took part in a leadership and team building seminar given by Dr. Dominick Varrichio and Dr. Dennis Connell. The training focused on effective supervisory practices when working with a diverse workforce in both emergency and routine management duties. The seminar also highlighted the necessity of team building and leadership which is imperative in the field of emergency services. Director Carl Riley plans to include the seminar in future officers training curriculum.

The Plainfield Fire Divisions 12 new recruits are currently in the academy for the next 8 weeks where they will learn to work as a team, engage in classroom activities, physically demanding firefighting and rescue operations, as well as first responder medical training. Upon completion, they will receive Firefighter 1 and 2 certifications, Hazardous Material Operational, Incident Management level 1 and CPR/AED certifications. The Probationary Firefighters will be assigned to engine companies in all 3 of the City's fire stations.
Workforce Development
Free Job Training - Project Ready
Project Ready will be accepting applications for its free six-week job preparedness program on July 7 at 9:30.  Students receive training in basic business and computer skills as well as resume writing, interviewing & job searching techniques. Project Ready is located within St. Joseph Social Service Center at 118 Division St. in Elizabeth. For more information please call (908) 353-1045 x 213 or visit www.stjosephelizabeth.org

Job Seekers - Click on Link Below for a Listing of Local Job Fairs

LinkedIn Series:
Part 1 - What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network, offering tools that help users find job openings, hire employees, promote their businesses, or simply network with other professionals.

Department of Public Works and Urban Development
Zoning Board of Adjustment
On June 3 the Zoning Board of Adjustment held an extremely active meeting with 11 applications originally on the agenda. The Board took action to advance the following matters:
  • The board denied the installation of an "intermittent electrical pulsation" (LED) sign at a house of worship on Grant Avenue, finding that such signs are not appropriate in residential zones. The board also recommended that the city adopt standards for allowing LED signs in appropriate locations.
  • The board granted relief to Union County College (UCC) to allow the installation of a larger than permitted wall sign at the school's new facility on Roosevelt Avenue, therefore advancing the TODD College zone for an expanded UCC locating in Plainfield.
  • Wishing to move forward on the construction at 1024 South Avenue across from the Netherwood Train Station, the board and applicant reached agreement on the proper faced treatment of the fourth floor and entire structure, which construction was halted due to an unauthorized change to the elevation plans.
  • The board granted relief to allow expanded first and second floors to an existing single family dwelling on Terrill Road which the owner is rehabilitating.
Division of Parks and Recreation is Working for our Youth and Seniors

Plainfield Senior Center: Flea Market Crawl

Click Here to Watch Informative Video 


Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp applications for youth and teens are available in the Division of Parks and Recreation Office, 510 Watchung Avenue.


The month of June is packed full of community trips for Active Older Adults.  On June 1st we took our first exciting trip to New Hope and Lambertville. Join us for a full month of the "Flea Market Crawl".  Treasure seekers will visit a different flea market every week while experiencing the backroads of New Jersey . Come get on the "Recreation Bus"!








Plainfield Health Center Events


Plainfield YMCA
Plainfield YMCA Secures NJRA Loan

From Press Release:
The Plainfield YMCA successfully completed its first step in financing the construction costs associated with its recently announced "Age-Out Housing" program. A $500,000 loan was secured through the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA) to fund the start-up costs associated with the project. According to Mr. Ravenell Williams, President and CEO, Plainfield YMCA, "Housing and support services for young adults aging out of the foster care system are critically needed in Union County. The Plainfield YMCA and its Board of Directors are pleased to complete this next step in our goal to provide these services by mid- 2016."

Plainfield YMCA. Plainfield YMCA Secures NJRA Loan. Plainfield: Plainfield YMCA, 2015. Print. 

Plainfield Education Update

Our Schools will be celebrating end of the year events that include the following:

· June 15 thru June 17 - our schools will celebrate promotional events and school awards and graduation ceremonies.

· June 19 - Plainfield Public School Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2015, at Hub Stine Sports Complex, 1410 Randolph Rd., at 6:00 p.m. (rain location PHS Gymnasium).

Last Day of School
Last day of school for Plainfield Public School will be June 19, 2015. Last day for Teachers is June 23, 2015.

Plainfield Learning Center
Be Prepared for Hurricane Season
If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tropical storms, emergency preparation is key. Even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by flooding, high winds, and even tornadoes.
Be prepared for severe storms:
Check for alerts at the National Hurricane Center and your local weather at weather.gov.

Know your risk if you live in an evacuation zone and check your local weather channels regularly for updates.
Know where to go if your area is designated for evacuation.
Develop a plan that identifies all of the steps that, as a family, you need to take before, during and after a disaster to ensure maximum personal safety and property protection (Download NOAA's Weather Safety: Hurricanes publication (PDF).

How We Use Social Media

New One-Stop Resource for Identity Theft Victims
News about data breaches at banks, stores, and agencies is an everyday occurrence now. However, if your private information has been compromised, it doesn't feel commonplace to you.

The sooner you find out and begin damage control the better off you'll be. IdentityTheft.gov, a new website, offers a step-by-step checklists of things to do based on the information that has been stolen or exposed. It provides a list of warning signs of identity theft, websites, and phone numbers for organizations you'll need to reach. There are also sample letters for disputing fraudulent charges, correcting information in your credit reports, and getting business records relating to the theft.

Check out IdentityTheft.gov, bookmark it, and print out the checklists as your first line of defense against identity theft.
Union County: Volunteers Tackle a Big Job
Union County Volunteers Tackle a Big Job
Press Release:
Union County, NJ  -  A big thank you from the Union County Freeholder Board to all the Adopt-a-Trail volunteers who came out to the Watchung Reservation last Saturday to celebrate National Trails Day, and to the organization Jersey Cares. The all-ages group of 25 strong enjoyed a quick breakfast and a nature walk before gathering up their pickaxes to tackle a big erosion control project at the Deserted Village.  Thanks also to our volunteer chainsaw crew! For more outdoor adventure, come to Union County's annual Bio-Blitz this Friday and Saturday June 12-13 in the Watchung Reservation, featuring games, giveaways, prizes and an insider's look at the hundreds of plants and animal species hidden in the park.
Kelly, Betty A. "Http://ucnj.org/press-releases/public-info/2015/06/10/union-county-volunteers-tackle-a-big-job/." Union County Volunteers Tackle a Big Job. N.p., 10 June 2015. Web. 10 June 2015. <http%3A%2F%2Fucnj.org%2Fpress-releases%2Fpublic-info%2F2015%2F06%2F10%2Funion-county-volunteers-tackle-a-big-job%2F>.
New Jersey State: Pension Payments
New Jersey Court Backs Chris Christie Administration on Pension Payments
Updated June 9, 2015 8:39 p.m. ET

New Jersey public workers are dealt a blow in pension contribution legal ruling from the state's highest court -  New Jersey's highest court ruled Tuesday that Gov. Chris Christie's administration didn't overstep its authority in cutting funding for benefits for state workers, a victory for the Republican governor as he nears an announcement on whether he is running for president.

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruling clears a major hurdle for the administration to negotiate a new budget by June 30 and it means the state won't have to resort to mass layoffs or other emergency measures to put $1.6 billion into the pension system during the remaining weeks of the current fiscal year.


Click Here to Read Entire Article

Haddon, Heather. "New Jersey Court Backs Chris Christie Administration on Pension Payments." WSJ. N.p., 9 June 2015. Web. 10 June 2015. <http://www.wsj.com/articles/n-j-s-highest-court-favors-christie-administration-on-pension-payments-1433860848>. 

Senator Cory Booker: Introduces Amendment to Preserve NJ Veterans Suicide Prevention Program
Seeks to keep Rutgers-based Vets4Warriors call center up and running. Vets4Warriors call center is a life-saving, national, peer support system for courageous veterans.


June 4, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, U.S. Sens. Cory Booker and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to prevent the closure of the Vets4Warriors program, a Pentagon-funded call center operated by Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care in Piscataway, New Jersey, that provides members of the US armed forces with confidential peer support services administered by veterans.

"No one understands the ongoing psychological, emotional, and physical challenges endured by our brave servicemen and women more than veterans who have walked in their shoes." said Sen. Booker. "The Vets4Warriors call center is a life-saving peer support system that is critical to the long-term wellness of our veterans and our men and women in uniform. That's why I am committed to ensuring the Vets4Warriors program continues its mission for New Jersey's courageous veterans, service members, and their families."

Click Here to Read Entire Press Release
"Booker, Menendez Introduce Amendment to Preserve NJ Veterans Suicide Prevention Program." Booker, Menendez Introduce Amendment to Preserve NJ Veterans Suicide Prevention Program. Cory Booker United States Senator for New Jersey, 4 June 2015. Web. 10 June 2015. <http://www.booker.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=253>.
President Obama:  The President Speaks on Health Care Reform at the Catholic Health Association Conference
President Obama delivers remarks on the progress we've made thanks to the Affordable Care Act at the Catholic Health Association Conference in Washington, D.C. June 9, 2015.

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