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In my recent 2020 State of the County address , I discussed how we rocketed into 2020 with an unprecedented economy. But in the immortal words spoken during the Apollo 13 mission to the moon: “Houston, we have a problem.” The COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head, slowed our momentum and fueled uncertainty across the region, as well as the globe.

Our mission as a County has been to mitigate this temporary disruption by keeping residents safe and local businesses viable until they are back to 100 percent operating capacity. In order to do this, we needed to focus our full attention on slowing the pandemic. As a result, some of our initiatives – including those dealing with transportation and housing – had to be suspended. We will embrace these initiatives with renewed vigor once this pandemic is behind us.

I’m incredibly grateful to our community partners, businesses and residents, who came together to support each other and handle this crisis in a professional and positive manner.

As we continue to meet this pandemic challenge head on, we look to the future with optimism. We know that both sales tax and tourist development revenues will rebound as businesses reopen and the economy will recover in the near future.

At the State of the County address, I launched the “ Safer, Stronger, Together ” campaign to help businesses and residents combat the spread of COVID-19. Our leadership worked with Visit Orlando and the Orlando Economic Partnership and received buy-in from over 100 local leaders. That included members of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force , business owners, local healthcare and media executives, as well as the chairmen of four Central Florida counties. For more information, visit .

Teamwork and partnerships represent our region’s strengths, and our response to COVID-19 is an inspiring reminder of that. As I said in my State of the County address, we are a community that stands up to a challenge and comes back safer … stronger … together .
Testing Sites
Visit for an interactive map, and list of public testing sites located in Orange County.
Orange County: We Got You Covered!
Orange County Government continues to make a positive impact in the community by distributing free personal protective equipment (PPE). Orange County has also distributed face masks and hand sanitizers to municipalities, while Orange County Fire Rescue  gave away free PPE on calls. To learn more on Orange County’s distribution efforts, visit . Be sure to wear your mask when in public places as Orange County has a mandatory face covering Executive Order when in public places. To learn how to make a mask at home, visit Orange County’s newsroom .

Orange County has helped more than 50,000 small businesses keep their customers and employees safe by distributing free PPE. Watch the video below from Orange TV featuring the locally-owned business Smoke & Donuts whose owner benefited from Orange’s free PPE program.
Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30. Residents and businesses are urged to review their emergency preparedness plans before a storm hits, paying special attention to how COVID-19 may affect those plans. Helpful tips, County resources and videos on storm preparedness and recovery can be found at .
As part of the Federal CARES Act , Orange County Government has received $243 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds. These funds will be turned back into the community, and used for local government expenses related to the response to COVID-19. Orange County Government has created four funding categories and one replenishment category to ensure that the funds are able to meet the immediate and personal need of residents, business owners, nonprofits, municipal and community partners.
Orange CARES for Businesses recently expanded criteria in order to allow more businesses to qualify for the grants. Visit Orange County’s newsroom for more information . To learn more about Orange CARES for Businesses and Orange CARES for Residents, visit .
Orange County Fire Rescue Department (OCFRD) welcomed 56 new firefighters to the family on May 30! This new recruit class came to OCFRD with their EMT and fire standard certifications, and also went through an additional 400 hours of training. In an effort to preserve the health and well-being of the class, recruits participated in daily health screenings, trained in small groups and donned masks when possible. The photo above shows the new recruits proudly holding their station assignments.
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