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Monthly Snapshot:

The latest  unemployment rate  is 3.5 % , compared to 3.3% at the same time last year.

The latest  size of labor force is 663,187 , compared to 659,783 at the same time last year.
The latest  number of  monthly online job postings is 13,752 , with 4,030 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and 3,281 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher.
The latest  number of quarterly (October-December) online job postings is 48,933 , with 13,734 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and  11,217 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher. 

*All above data refers to the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
Insider Louisville:  Fischer makes youth jobs 3rd term priority

At his annual State of the City address, Mayor Greg Fischer reiterated that more employer engagement is needed to get Louisville's workforce prepared for the future. He also emphasized how the SummerWorks jobs program can impact youth, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Government can't do this alone," Mayor Fischer stressed. "Your city needs you. If you're concerned about, or complain about, the youth of today, here's one of the best ways to make a positive difference." Read article >>>
Welcome Kathleen Bolter, the new Deputy Director of Labor Market Intelligence at KentuckianaWorks

We're excited to announce a new addition to our Labor Market Intelligence team! 

Kathleen Bolter previously worked as a  Research Consultant for the Regional Team at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research focusing on regional economic development issues, the role of technology and automation on labor markets, and urban development.

Kathleen is currently a doctoral candidate in Political Science at Western Michigan University. Her research focuses on the political ramifications of economic insecurity and the role of government in regulating part-time and contingent work across advanced industrialized democracies. 

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