In this newsletter, you will find:
  1. Summer projects, including a map
  2. Information about this year's chip sealing plan, including a map
  3. Invitation to participate in Master Transportation Plan process
  4. Upcoming events: Mayor's Community Prayer Breakfast on May 4; Memorial Day Celebration on May 29
Brace yourself for major road work this summer in the Nampa area
Several much needed projects on tap

Last year we warned you about a lot of road construction. This year will be even worse.
We want to give you ample warning. In fact, we'll be sending out a flier to all 42,514 addresses in Nampa, just to make sure everyone is aware of the projects. For your convenience, we've included it in this communication as well.
Within the Nampa area alone, there will be 22 major road projects by ITD, city of Nampa and the Nampa Highway District. Quite honestly, it will feel like every road you drive will be under construction.
We know it will be inconvenient and we ask for your patience as we all get through the summer. The good news is that many of the very bad roads will be much better once these projects wrap up.
Most people know the Interstate is managed and funded by the Idaho Department of Transportation, which in turn gets its money from the Idaho Legislature. If you've recently driven the freeway between Nampa's Franklin Boulevard and Caldwell's Franklin Road, you've seen, and felt, the big asphalt patches. The good news is that ITD will fast-track the road rebuild this summer.  That's a road rebuild. Not expansion.
But I'm also excited that the Idaho Legislature agreed to spend additional money on the Interstate to extend the third lane that ends at Nampa's Franklin Boulevard to the Karcher/Midland interchange. That means three lanes at every Nampa interchange. That is a huge win for people who travel that section of the road. Construction would likely begin in summer of 2018. I appreciate the hard work our legislators from Canyon County - and across the state - did to make sure that got funding.
Although the project has already been identified as the No. 1 unfunded need in Communities in Motion 2040, it cannot move forward without public input. 

"We did receive feedback on our unfunded needs as Communities in Motion was developed," COMPASS Executive Director Matt Stoll said. "But now is the time when the rubber truly hits the road. We want to hear from our residents if they support this $150 million project."
COMPASS will accept public comments through Sunday, May 14. Learn more and submit comments at or at the COMPASS office at 700 NE 2nd Street, Suite 200, Meridian, ID 83642. Direct questions to or 208-855-2558.

As I mentioned at the opening of this newsletter, there are 22 major projects. Here's a quick summary of the major road construction projects planned this summer. You'll also find links below to access updates on these projects.
(1)     11th Avenue N/Industrial Road Reconstruction
(2)     12th Avenue Access Control (Lake Lowell to 7th St S)
(3)     FY17 Chip Seal Projects - See planned chip seal projects in a map down below.
(4)     Idaho Center Blvd (Cherry Lane to CWI) Reconstruction
(6)     Nampa High School Pedestrian Improvements
(7)     Midland & Karcher Bypass Intersection Modifications
(8)     Roosevelt Avenue/1st Street South Water Upgrades
(9, 10)   12th Avenue (SH45) HAWK Crossing (11th Street South & Sherman)
(11)    South Nampa Bike/Pedestrian Improvements
(12)    Southside Blvd Pressure Reducing Valve & Pressurized Irrigation Line
(13)    University District Chip Seal & Bike/Pedestrian improvements
(14)    Western Regional Lift Station Pressure Sewer, Phase II
This is I-84 between Nampa and Caldwell before temporary patches were applied earlier this year. The road will be rebuilt this summer. The schedule has not been set at this time.

Click  here to view the ITD website for these projects - make sure to click on "Construction Projects" tab, then expand the Canyon County section
(5)    Karcher (SH55) and Midway Intersection Improvements - Tentative
(15, 16)   I-84 Reconstruction (Franklin Boulevard to Franklin Road)
(17)    I-84B Rebuild (from Northside Boulevard to Grant Street)
(18)    Karcher Road (SH55) & Lake intersection
(19)    SH45 micro surfacing
(20)    SH55 pavement rehab (Middleton Road to Pride Lane)
(21)    US20/26 resurfacing (Locust Grove to Borchers Lane)
Click here to visit the Nampa Highway District website.
(22)    Cherry Road rebuild 

Visit our comprehensive project website at The site has or will have specific details about each project and the latest construction schedules, closures, and detour routes.

The city will also provide information through its social media accounts. To sign up for updates, residents can use the following links:
You may want to pay special attention to the weekly Road Report as well. It includes lane closures as well as full road closures and offers detour information where needed. You can access it at or you can link to it from www.cityofnampa/projects

In addition to major road construction, we also have scheduled another 21 miles of chip sealing in Nampa. The green lines signify where that work will be done. The pink indicates roads that will also undergo additional rehab or a full rebuild.  Work typically begins in June.

To learn more about our chip sealing program, please visit:

The city of Nampa will hold three community workshops as it updates its long-term Transportation Master Plan, and I hope you will consider participating.
This plan provides the blueprint for managing a safe roadway network that includes go
als, transportation needs, bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure and high priority projects.  It won't change current plans, but it will help us plan for the future. Much of what's happening today comes from planning done by Nampa residents five and six years ago.  Here's our current master plan:

If you are interested in participating, please contact Brittany Sullenger in my office at 468-5401 or email us at
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