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Mayor's Message

Next Round of ARPA Community Events Grants Announced

NYS Comptroller Gives Kingston Low Stress Score

Stockade Faire on Saturday

Final Historic Survey for Wilbur and Ponckhockie

Hutton Park Pavilion Renovated

Roadwork Update for the Week of October 2

Join the Community Development Advisory Board

City of Kingston Job Opportunities

Mayor's Message:

Dear Friends -

This week, we received our annual fiscal stress score from the State Comptroller's Office, and for the third year in a row, we were given a stress score of 1.7%, on a scale of 0 to 100.

The City of Kingston has demonstrated overwhelming resilience, and, despite the pandemic and rising interest rates, we are on steady financial footing. I am happy that the State Comptroller’s Office has recognized our strong standing, and given us a low score again for 2022. We also have the lowest possible Environmental stress score with a zero. I thank our Comptroller John Tuey for his hard work and dedication to keeping our municipal finances in good order and I thank the Common Council for their budgetary oversight.

We are using best budgeting practices, and we are leading the City of Kingston into a strong financial future.


Next Round of ARPA Community Events Grants Awarded

The eighth round of APRA Community Events Grants, for a total of $39,750 across six community groups and organizations, was awarded to:

Stockade Faire for the Uptown street fair on Saturday, September 30;

Theatre on the Road for cemetery tours at Old Dutch Church Saturdays in Oct;

O+ Festival's mural tour, O+ Cycling, and O+ Wellness Expo on October 6-8;

ASK's Native American Heritage Arts Festival on October 7-8, 2023;

The Italian American Festival on October 8, 2023;

Burning of Kingston events the weekend of October 13-15, 2023.


The 2023 Community Events Grant Program is made possible with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. The City has allocated $375,000 to support local events occurring in 2023 as part of city-wide pandemic recovery efforts.


Nonprofit groups and businesses located within City limits are eligible to apply for up to five events per year at up to $5,000 per event, for a total of up to $25,000 per organization. Events must be free and open to the public.


Funding is available for events taking place through the end of December 2023. Grant applications will be accepted through Friday, November 1, 2023. The last eligible event date is December 31, 2023.


More information, a list of eligible expenses, and the application can be found at:

NYS Comptroller's Office Gives Kingston Low Stress Score

For the third year in a row, the City of Kingston has received a Fiscal Stress Score of 1.7% from the New York State Comptroller’s Office. For the first time, the City of Kingston’s Environmental Stress Score is 0.0.


A lower number indicates a lower stress score. On a scale of 0 to 100, based on the City’s fiscal year-end results, the City of Kingston received a fiscal stress score of 1.7%.


The Office of the State Comptroller uses the Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to examine the annual financial information reported by each municipality. This analysis provides an objective assessment of the fiscal challenges facing individual local governments and school districts, identifying situations where corrective action may be needed.


Fiscal Year          Score

2017                     6.7%

2018                      6.5%

2019                      5%

2020                      1.7%

2021                      1.7%

2022                     1.7%


City of Kingston Comptroller John Tuey said, “I’m pleased that the City was able to maintain its fiscal stress score at 1.7% in a year where inflationary pressures resulted in rising costs across the board. Our strong financial footing is a major asset heading into a near future in which global and national economic volatility could impact local government budgets.”


“Our fiscal stress early warning system identifies potential financial problems for local governments so they can take corrective action to avoid problems down the road,” DiNapoli said. “The fact that fewer local governments were in fiscal stress in fiscal year 2022 was largely due to the infusion of aid from the American Rescue Plan Act and sales tax revenue growth. Sales tax collections have leveled off in recent months and federal dollars are being spent down, so localities should plan their budgets cautiously and accordingly.”


More information can be found here.

Stockade Fair Uptown on Saturday

The 2023 Stockade Faire is this Saturday, from 11am to 11pm in Uptown Kingston! Join the fun at the Hudson Valley’s premier free, family-friendly autumnal block party. Spend the day exploring our local businesses, stock up for winter at the craft vendors, check out classic cars, and eat at all the delicious Uptown restaurants. Free and open to all.

Final Historic Survey for Wilbur and Ponckhockie

The final draft of the Wilbur and Ponckhockie Neighborhood Architectural Surveys has been completed, and is available at Engage Kingston.

The report is an intensive level, historic, and cultural survey and analysis that represents the first step in potentially listing the two areas, or individual properties, on the State and National Register of Historic Places.

“We are pleased to release this study, which was the first step in listing these historically significant communities to the historic registry,” said Mayor Noble. “With the completion of this report, we can now begin to look for funding for the next step-- to engage a consultant to conduct the research needed to have the properties and districts nominated for listing. I thank the City Planning Office for their hard work and diligence in working to preserve the unique historic assets in these key areas.”

The City of Kingston currently has four historic districts: Stockade District, Fair Street District, Rondout-West Strand District, and Chestnut Street District.

For more information, please visit: 

Hutton Park Pavilion Renovation Complete

The pavilion at Hutton Park got a complete overhaul, including a new roof, stabilization of the structure and other upgrades, using the City of Kingston's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.

Over $1M from the City's ARPA funding has been allotted for Parks projects, including Andy Murphy Center renovations, landscaping at the new Broadway & Prince greenspace, public Wi-Fi at several parks, among others.

For more information on the allocation of Kingston's ARPA funds, please visit

Roadwork Next Week

Central Hudson: Service replacements will occur on Levan St, Brewster St, W. Chestnut St, and Montrepose St. 


Central Hudson’s Uptown paving/restoration work will begin on or around October 16, 2023, weather depending. Streets being paved will be closed to traffic. The tentative schedule is:

Day 1: Crown St from Green to John

Day 2: Crown St from John to N. Front

Day 3: John St from Green to Crown

Day 4: John St from Crown to Wall

Day 5: John St from Wall to Fair

Day 6: John St from Fair to Clinton

Day 7: Fair St from Pearl to Main

Day 8: Fair St from Main to John

Day 9: Fair St from John to N. Front

Day 10: Clinton Ave from Main to Pearl

Main St – TBD

Work will be done daily, weather dependent, from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Most days work will be completed before 5pm and roads will be re-opened. No Parking signs on affected streets will be posted 24 hours in advance.

Henry Street Safe Routes to School Project: crews are currently restoring storm and sewer excavations at Furnace St and Henry St. and will begin replacing storm and sewer connections at Prospect St and Henry St. Sewer work is nearly complete Fair St and Henry St, with minor repairs remaining. Concrete sidewalks are being installed along the north and south side, with bluestone sidewalks being installed along the north side of Henry Street. The two colored and stamped ramps have been poured at Pine and Henry. The two standard concrete ramps will be poured next Monday, October 2. Old lead lines are being removed and replaced with copper as they are discovered.

Citywide ADA curb ramps: ramp construction continues on Walnut St from Lindsley Ave to Gill St. Restoration is being completed on E. Union St from Abruyn St to Lindsley Ave ramps. 

Wurts Street Bridge: no work scheduled for this weekend. Ongoing work includes: paint touch up, continued steel repairs, work on upper tower access, stanchion installation, work on the lower tower foundation on the south end, and prep for sidewalk and curb on the north end. Noise will continue to be loud on occasion while we perform steel repairs. Please note: the bridge is NOT open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Regular roadwork updates can be found here.

Pine & Henry Street curb installation this week

Dietz Stadium Construction Update

All municipal parking at the Dietz Stadium construction site has been barricaded off. There is no longer any public access allowed to the site. The construction zone fencing is relocated closer to Joys Lane with a gate nearer to Grandma Brown Lane. Access to/from the stadium entrance road at the rear of Beer Universe and MT Bank will be closed off during this reconstruction. 

Interior demolition and exterior bleacher removal at the grandstand is underway. Site demolition and clearing is continuing. Harvesting and proper disposal of evasive Japanese Knotweed per NYSDOT guidance has begun. Necessary tree clearing will not begin until after November 1, per NYSDEC Protection of Northern Long-eared Bats guidance.

Underground storm & sewer utility reconstruction at the entrance drive to the stadium will begin next week. Water main exploratory excavation is expected to detour Hurley Avenue to Schwenk Drive at the tip of Fireman’s Park on Thursday and Friday, October 5-6.

Grandstand demolition has begun

Join the Community Development Advisory Board

The Community Development Advisory Board is currently looking for members of the public to serve. We need your voice to be a part of the process of allocating our annual federal Community Development Block Grant funding. Help determine how this over $700,000 economic infusion gets invested in your community!

Members of the Community Development Advisory Board will also help shape the next five years by helping to create the City of Kingston's Five-Year Consolidated Plan. Learn more here, or contact the Community Development office at City Hall.

Being a part of this board is a great way to serve your community. Please apply here:

City of Kingston Job Opportunities

The City of Kingston is hiring! Current openings include:

Job descriptions and more details are available at

Upcoming Civil Service Exams include:

Economic Recovery Plan (ERP) Project Manager on November 4, 2023

Finance & Operations Administrator on November 4, 2023

Typist on November 4, 2023

Engineering Technician on December 2, 2023

Office Assistant on December 2, 2023

Office Assistant I on December 2, 2023

There are currently two openings on the Ethics Board. By the City of Kingston charter, Ethics Board members must be a resident of Kingston, and no more than two Ethics Board members may be registered in the same political party. Members serve a five-year term. Apply here.

The City of Kingston has over 25 boards & commissions, and we're always looking for volunteers to serve the community. Application at:

Kingston 311
The Kingston 311 app, website and phone system allow residents to quickly and easily report issues and submit service requests. The Kingston 311 app, available for Android & iPhones, is a fast and simple way to connect to City officials in non-emergency situations.

This system is a valuable resource to submit service requests for streetlight replacement, roadwork, City signage, traffic calming measures and other concerns. Issues with snow removal and reporting of vehicles and sidewalks not in accordance with the Snow Emergency restrictions can also be submitted via Kingston 311. Photos can also be attached to illustrate service orders. Dial 311 from any phone within City limits to reach us. 

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