August 14, 2020 - In This Issue:
A Message From Mayor Steve Noble:

Dear Friends,

We have received many applications for the Police Commission opening and the new Re-envision Public Safety Task Force. I will be looking over these applications and meeting with applicants in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to working with these community members who are eager to make a difference for their City. 

There's still time to apply (click HERE) and take a look at the other 25+ boards and commissions that need dedicated citizens as well. 

We have created a web page for the Police Commission, and will be adding more information regularly: We would love your feedback on how we can make this page better, more transparent and useful for the community. Tell us what you'd like to see there. 

I want to thank you all for your continued work to stop the spread of our Coronavirus - our number of cases in Kingston remains low, and its because of the diligence of each of you. 

Please continue to stay safe, and take care. 
Breakdown of Public Value of Kingstonian Project 

Parking in Uptown Kingston has been an issue for at least a decade, and became more pronounced when a previous parking structure was demolished. To offset the $30,000,000 potential public cost to taxpayers for the construction, operation and maintenance of an Uptown parking garage, the City of Kingston initiated a request for proposals (RFQ) for a public/private partnership. After submitting a proposal to build, operate, maintain and increase safe public parking capacity, in addition to a dynamic multi-use commercial development, the Kingstonian development project was selected, helmed by a team of local developers with deep roots in the community.

This Kingstonian project will bring sorely-needed and well-cared for increased public parking capacity at no cost to taxpayers. The project will also provide a new public plaza with much-needed uptown public bathrooms, hotel, commercial spaces, and 143 residential units, of which 14 will be affordable, at a time when our housing stock is overwhelmed.

The City of Kingston has unanimously agreed to a public benefits package that clearly outweighs any potential property tax income the project could potentially produce. The PILOT terms are for 25 years, and the over $40,000,000 in public benefits and public are very clear. At no cost to the taxpayers, the Kingstonian will:

- build, operate and maintain a public parking facility ($30,000,000)
- build, operate and maintain public bathrooms ($25,000/year x 25= $625,000)
- build ($4.4m) & operate 14 affordable housing units, subsidizing rents ($2.4m)
- provide $20,000 a year in internships to KCSD students ($500,000 value)
- provide an annual $5,000 scholarship awarded to a KCSD student ($125,000)
- over $1,000,000 in payments to local taxing jurisdictions ($40,000 initially + 3% annual increase)
This PILOT structure and associated public benefits package allows private investment to cover the costs of desperately needed public infrastructure. Additionally, this project is predicted to bring about 300 new daily customers to the Uptown business community where shopping, eating and staying produces sales tax revenues and occupancy tax revenues, all in a difficult economic time for both the public and private sector.
Latest Round of Paving

The following streets were paved this week: 
Emerson Street from Pearl Street to Lucas Avenue
Lafayette Avenue from Main Street to Lucas Avenue
Green Street from North Front Street to St. James Street.
More information about paving projects in the City of Kingston can be found at
Kingston City Land Bank Issues RFQ

In order to offer vendor and contracting opportunities to as many qualified businesses as possible, the Kingston City Land Bank (KCLB) announced an open Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Interested vendors and contractors may submit using the forms found on the KCLB's website at the following address:
"As we look toward meeting our mission of transforming these vacant and distressed properties, we recognize the importance of building robust long-term relationships with our talented local contracting community. Aside from being an exciting professional opportunity, these qualified individuals will really be the ones to make this dream a reality, not only for our organization but also the families who will soon be making memories in these rehabilitated homes. We can't wait to get these projects underway." said Daniel Kanter, Board Chair of the KCLB.
"The KCLB is committed to partnering with as many local businesses as possible" said Mike Gilliard, Executive Director of the KCLB. "We hope that many of them will respond to this RFQ and are excited at this next step to grow our long-lasting partnerships with the Kingston community at large."
Vendors who qualify through this RFQ will also be informed of upcoming Requests for Proposals to be issued by the KCLB, which will also be posted on the KCLB's website when they become available.
The Kingston City Land Bank was formed with the purpose of acquiring title to tax-foreclosed and other distressed properties in the City of Kingston, removing barriers to redevelopment and returning properties to the tax rolls. Its mission is to foster an equitable community where vacant or distressed properties are transformed into community assets that improve the quality of life for Kingston residents, stabilize and enhance neighborhoods, and create new pathways for social and economic development.
For information at
Please Remember to Wear a Face Mask in Public

As we now understand, COVID-19 spreads mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice -whether or not the infected person has symptoms. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control recommends wearing masks in public, especially when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Wearing a mask WILL help protect people around you, including those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and essential workers. The spread of COVID-19 can be reduced when masks are used along with social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and frequently disinfecting surfaces.
Mayor Noble's Updates - Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mayor Noble has been live on Radio Kingston since mid-March to give the latest information about Coronavirus and issues effecting the community. These updates also stream on the City of Kingston Facebook page. 

This week we had some technical difficulties with our recording equipment, but will be back on Facebook next week! Click HERE to listen to Thursday's update on Radio Kingston. 
Roadwork Update

Central Hudson: this week, work was done to complete service installation on East Chester Street, Grant Street and Pearl Street. Final pipe connections on Broadway between Pine Grove and Foxhall and East Chester between Mickey's Igloo and Garrison. 

Empire State Trailthe trail on Greenkill Avenue has been paved. This week, contractors worked to install curbs, sidewalks and ADA ramps on Route 32 and Greenkill. The week of August 17, the contractor is scheduled to begin installation of stone walls along Route 32, pending materials. Immediately following, the path and shoulder work on the west side of Route 32 will be completed.

I-587 Roundabout: water work will begin next week on Broadway from St. James Street west toward Maiden Lane. Sewer work will continue on East St James Street in front of St. James Court. Sewer lateral at the Probation Department on Broadway is expected to be complete on Monday, August 17. Expect some minor traffic delays. In addition, the drainage will be installed next week. Excavation for asphalt placement and curb on Broadway will occur.  Work is subject to change based upon weather and possible supply issues.

Broadway Streetscapesidewalk work continued this week. With the moving of the traffic pattern to the north side of Broadway by the Roundabout project, work will continue west on the south side. Paver placement will resume next week.
Kingston 311
The Kingston 311 app, website and phone system allow residents to quickly and easily report issues and submit service requests. The Kingston 311 app, available for Android & iPhones, is a fast and simple way to connect to City officials in non-emergency situations. 

This system is a valuable resource to submit service requests for streetlight replacement, roadwork, City signage, traffic calming measures and other concerns. Issues with snow removal and reporting of vehicles and sidewalks not in accordance with the Snow Emergency restrictions can also be submitted via Kingston 311. Photos can also be attached to illustrate service orders. Dial 311 from any phone within City limits to reach us. 
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Mayor Steven T. Noble

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