Special Budget Edition | October 16, 2020
A Message From Mayor Steve Noble:

Dear Friends,

Today we launched my 2021 Recommended Budget. I am very proud of the budget, which has no increase to taxes and no layoffs of City staff. I hope you will take a moment to watch the video and click through the presentation, which highlight some of the key areas of investment and takeaways from the 178-page budget document.

As always, we welcome your feedback. There will be a Public Hearing on Friday, October 23 for the Common Council to hear from you. You can also reach out to me directly at mayor@kingston-ny.gov.
Mayor Noble's Budget Address Video

Click below to watch my 2021 Budget Address which launched the budget process today at noon.
2021 Recommended Budget Presentation

Click below to see a presentation of 2021 Recommended Budget highlights.
Key Areas of Investment: Parks and Trail Maintenance

The first key area will be Parks and Recreation with major capital improvements and additional park and trail maintenance included in the 2021 Recommended Budget. 

“We will be adding capacity for park maintenance to preserve and beautify our beloved parks and growing trail systems,” said Mayor Noble. “Investing in parks ensures safe spaces for our families to enjoy, as parks have been our refuge during a difficult time.”

Parks and recreation-facility projects that will be completed in 2021 include:
-         Refurbished pavilion at Hutton Park
-         New fence and playground upgrades at Barmann Park
-         Playground, benches, front fence and ADA entry at Rickel Knox Park
-         New playground equipment and court repair at Loughran Park
-         New soccer field, playground, and parking lot at Kingston Point Park
-         Renovations at Andretta Pool including a brand new Splash Pad
-         New shade structure at Van Buren playground
-         New electrical system at T.R. Gallo
-         Andy Murphy Center kitchen upgrades
-         Hodge Center parking lot repairs and landscaping
-         Rondout Neighborhood Center bathroom renovations 
Key Areas of Investment: Infrastructure

The second key area of investment in the 2021 Recommended Budget will be vital infrastructure, capital projects, and equipment purchases.

“Recovering from a pandemic and growing our City in the right and responsible ways means investing from the ground up,” said Mayor Noble. “We will be designing, progressing and completing several crucial infrastructure projects next year and will be investing in our workforce with the tools and equipment they need to get the job done right. My budget proposes equipping our police department with a new interview camera system, our Waste Water Treatment Plant with new flow-recording equipment, and our Department of Public Works with a street sweeper, a packer truck and more. All of these important purchases keep our City safe, clean, and healthy.”

The following capital projects will be priorities in 2021:
-         Broadway Streetscape Project to be completed in 2021
-         Broadway/Grand Street Intersection Re-alignment Project
-         Extensive sewer and stormwater system repairs in Midtown Kingston
-         Hasbrouck Combined Sewer Overflow reduction work downtown
-         Wilbur Avenue paving and continued paving of residential streets
-         Sidewalk construction on Henry Street
-         Elmendorf Bridge design and repair
-         Dietz Stadium facility improvements
-         Midtown parking lot improvements

Some of the major equipment investments include: hybrid electric vehicles for the Police and Building Safety Departments, KPD dispatch and interview technology upgrades, Wastewater Treatment Plant equipment and dump trailer, and Public Works vehicles totaling $990,000 (automated refuse packer,
street sweeper, flatbed service truck, dump truck with plow and sander, and a dump truck 6-wheel with plow and sander).
Key Areas of Investment: Social Infrastructure

The third major area of Budget recommendations is social infrastructure. In the 2021 Recommended Budget, $100,000 has been allocated to fund recommendations to be set forth by the Re-envision Public Safety Task Force. These funds would allow for the expansion of mental health services, which has also been discussed by the Kingston Police Commission, and could include mobile health units.

The City of Kingston’s community centers have been open for children during this difficult time, providing programs and remote learning opportunities. The Mayor’s Recommended Budget will continue to support this community-based Covid-19 response as the City and school district navigate an uncertain school year in 2021.

“I look at the City budget as the foundation for our community to function, and we have to incorporate a culture of caring into the dollars and cents,” said Mayor Noble. “Through this pandemic, we have seen what a community can do when we come together to support one another, and this budget will allow us to continue supporting crucial partnerships and create new programs. The City of Kingston services extend to many outside our own community, so these resources have widespread reach.”

In addition, this budget allows for us to continue important housing work and support the Common Council in implementing new policies that further protect our current residents.

Mayor Noble said, “Housing is a cornerstone of our community and I am proud to further support the Office of Housing Initiatives and the work of the Kingston City Land Bank.”
Timeline of Budget Process

October 16
Mayor Noble's Budget Address

October 23
Common Council Public Hearing on 2021 Budget, details here.

Oct 26- Nov 23
Council Finance Committee meets with City departments

October 26
Finance Committee meets with DPW and Wastewater Dept.

November 2
Finance Committee meets with Police Department

November 4
Finance Committee meets with Fire Dept & Building Safety

November 16
Finance Committee meets with Parks & Recreation

November 17
Finance Committee meets with City Hall Department Heads

November 23
Finance Committee wraps up Budget meetings

Common Council votes to pass 2021 Adopted Budget
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Mayor Steven T. Noble
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