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Marcia Asdal
Chester Township
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the 2017-2018 budget presentation. 
Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions? Let me know.

My thanks to the residents who helped with this concept and to our CFO, Derek Macchia, for his number-crunching help and municipal finance knowledge in assisting me with this presentation.


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Capital Budgeting - Roads
The Public Works department is formulating a comprehensive asset management database of our roads - the type of each road, its age and condition, the composition, the cost per mile, the traffic and other variables - so that we can use this data to make strategic long-term budgetary decisions.
They have taken core samples of several roads around town for analysis as they evaluate conditions and composition - data points that will fit into our long-term capital budgeting plan. 
These core samples will be on display at the township building, so I encourage you to come and see our roads! The DPW crew has offered to take core samples upon request and help you better understand the condition of your road. Contact them.

Capital budgeting
Capital budgeting

Recap of Council meetings
Recap of Council meetings

Watch for my video updates  on the town's website and my Mayor's  Facebook page .

New Realities.
"Municipalities need to increasingly consider the viewpoints of today's young adults as they plan for the future."
Recent research and data suggests that today's young adults differ from previous generations in a way that may profoundly affect communities. 
  • Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in American history. They are projected to become the most educated generation as well.
  • Young adults have disproportionately been attracted to urban environments in our region and throughout the country. 
  • Young adults drive less and use other modes of transportation at greater rates than other generations; this may signal a willingness to think more broadly about how they meet their transportation needs in the future.
  •  Millennials are adapting to and perhaps spurring changes to the workplace that will alter our notions of careers and work-life integration.
  • A growing number of millennials will relocate to the suburbs in the coming years. However, some evidence suggests that they will be most attracted to mixed-use walkable communities that offer a mix of urban and suburban benefits. 
Millennials, those young adults largely born during the 1980s and 1990s, are currently the largest generation in America.   
As they continue to establish themselves in communities and workplaces around the country, their attitudes and beliefs will play an increasingly important role in shaping the country.  

Millennials appear to be less attracted to cars than previous generations, and are more willing to rely on a web of transportation options.

For today's young adults, living at home with their parents has become the most common living arrangement.
NJ saw a 10.8% increase in young adults living at home in the last decade.

From The Changing Demographics of Young Adulthood , U.S. Census Bureau, April 2017 .


Property and mortgage fraud is a fast-growing crime. Scammers record fraudulent documents against property owners. In some cases, fraud on real property is not discovered for years. To address these concerns, and protect one of your most important assets, the Morris County Clerk's office offers this free service  to notify you immediately via email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the County Clerk's Office.

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