During these difficult times when we cannot do our normal routine, we must find new things to make us happy and keep us engaged.
Call  your friends, neighbors, and your relatives, especially those that you haven't talked to in a while. They are home and would be happy to hear from you.
Write  letters to the special people in your life. Share your ideas and let them know you're thinking of them. 
Organize  your closets and drawers. Find things to donate or get ready for the neighborhood garage sales that will be coming soon when things get better.
Take care  of your health. Take your temperature and your blood pressure if you have a home monitor. Eat and drink well. Keep moving; walk around your house, dance, exercise.
Now is the time to pull out the "if only I had time" list and catch up, but remember: be safe, be healthy, and be happy. Sometimes there can be good in change.

Although, Township offices are closed, our Senior Services Coordinator is still responding to voicemail and email during the state-mandated quarantine. Please note that during this time, senior bus services are currently suspended. If you have any questions regarding Cherry Hill Senior Services, please contact Gaye Pino by  email  or (856) 661-4800.