April 9, 2019
Dear Moreno Valley Residents:
Moreno Valley prides itself on being a safe, well-maintained community where we can live, do business, and raise a family. In past years, the City conducted a series of community surveys which asked the public about a range of issues, including satisfaction with some of the services we provide and issues of concern to the public.

Some of the priorities identified by your neighbors in that survey included:
  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times/services
  • Maintaining robbery and burglary suppression programs
  • Protecting local funds from State or regional money grabs
  • Maintaining safe and clean public areas
  • Repairing potholes, local streets, and roads
  • Maintaining the number of sworn police officers on the streets and fire engines in service
  • Improving fire protection services
  • Enhancing recreation and youth programs and facilities

The City would like to hear more from our residents as we continue this year’s budget planning process. We are committed to continuing to reflect your priorities in our budget decision-making, in order to best serve the community and maintain our local quality of life.

Tell us what is important to you by completing a Community Feedback survey .

To join the conversation, or for more information about our Community Feedback Survey visit the City’s website .