April 2, 2020
What an emotional roller coaster ride March has been for us all! For us at MFA, we have had to postpone all classes indefinitely as well as our ballet, Don Quixote. Now due to the stay at home extension we have had to additionally postpone our end of the year tumbling show. We all understand though how important it is for all of us to social distance right now (and wash our hands)!

MFA is remaining resilient in these trying times and we continue to serve our mission. Our music teachers and art teachers are now doing one on one classes with their students online. Our dance teachers have been teaching their classes live online for everyone. Our Drama teacher (Lois Baumann) is making interactive videos for her students, and special guest artists are hosting live classes open to all that are interested.

We may be separated but we are finding ways to come together and keep doing the things we all love!
Online learning for everyone!
We have added a video learning page to our website that is open for anyone to take classes in music, drama, art, tumbling, karate, zumba and more.

Zoom Zoom
We have joined the zoom revolution and are now doing one on one music lessons and group dance lessons for our enrolled students. Our fitness instructors have not skipped a beat an are also on the zoom bandwagon!
GOTS Interns Dance Creations
Our GOTS Interns are creating a dance! Each intern is personally choreographing 8 bars of a dance. It will be performed together, remotely, in a video montage and hopefully in the not too distance future, in person. We can't wait to share it with you!