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Mazel Tov to the Lomdei Daf Yomi

Worldwide Siyum on Maseches Gittin

Song of Gittin from R' Yossi Gleiberman

In celebration of Daf Yomi completing Maseches Gittin, we present you the complete song and text of the Song of Gittin by R' Yossi Gleiberman. This is the newest addition to the Songs of Shas series, which offers a summarizing, concise, and joyful chazara of the klallim and yesodos of each masechta in an easy-to-remember and retainable rhyme.

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Studying the Daf Yomi takes on new meaning when you utilize our clear and concise daily Daf Notes. Whether you use our English Commentary (translation) or enjoy reading our Daf Insights, you can learn and review the Daf Yomi in under 20 minutes a day!

Chazara MP3 is a series of recorded shiurim covering all of Shas, Mishna Berurah, sections of Yoreh Deah, and all the Mishnayos in Shisha Sidrei Mishna. The purpose is to enable someone to review material that they’re familiar with (ie; daf yomi) quickly and smoothly. Some have even been using it to learn new Gemara.

Daf Tube produces crystal clear screencasts of the daf! Each screencast covers a full amud in a span of approximately 10-15 minutes. The screencasts allow viewers to follow along inside on any device, rewind and fast forward with ease, and change the playback speed.

A free daily publication produced by Merkaz HaDaf Yomi of The Chicago Center, Daf Yomi Digest is a concise and user-friendly overview of the daf with a comprehensive outline, distinctive insights culled from commentators on the daf, halachah highlights that explore analyses of Rishonim and poskim, review questions for reinforcement, and inspirational daf stories that can be shared with family and friends. Click the link to subscribe and get the Daf Digest in your email.

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