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Welcome to 8-Minute Daf! R’ Eli Stefansky has created a unique program for chazzering the Daf in just 8 minutes, with clear and concise recap videos. Available daily on Youtube, Whatsapp, Spotify, Appstore, Google Play, Twitter, and more.
A revolutionary three-step program of studying and retaining the daf through visual learning. Available online and on the Daf Hachaim iOS and Android apps. This innovative video learning experience lets learners follow along inside the daf simultaneously as the shiur proceeds. 
Do you go to a shiur but don’t have time for a full review? Do you want to recall what you have learned better? Are you celebrating a siyum and would like to go quickly through the mesechta to recall the main points of each daf? If so, Do You Want To Know Shas?, written by Rabbi Michoel Fletcher in his well-known reader-friendly style with interesting questions on each daf, is for you.
With the Lehsvada online forum, you will have the opportunity to discuss the daf with other participants, ask questions to world-renowned maggidei shiur, and respond to questions presented by others. You will achieve clarity on every topic and the daf will have a completely new meaning to you. Become a member for only $4/month.
For a Daf Yomi calendar, please reach out to Rabbi Greiniman at [email protected].
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