Get a head start to Maseches Nazir with the video introduction by Rabbi Leban!

Denver Daf Yomi Shiurim Schedule
Aish of the Rockies | R' Zvi Gelt

Sunday: 9 am
Monday, Wednesday - Friday: 8 am
Tuesday: Monday night after Maariv
Shabbos: 1 hour before Mincha
Bais Menachem | Rabbi Yisroel Engel

Sunday - Thursday: 5:15 pm
Friday: 10 am
Shabbos: 2 hours after Shabbos
Cong. Zera Avraham | Rabbi Yoel Unger

Sunday: 7:20 am
Monday - Friday: 5:20 am
Shabbos: 2 hours before Mincha
EDOS | R' Zvi Gelt, Mr. Avi Mehler

Sunday: 6:30 am
Monday - Friday: 5:30 am
Shabbos: 7:30 am
Kehillas Bais Yisroel | Rabbi Raphael Leban

Sunday: 7 am
Monday - Friday: 6 am
Shabbos: 7:30 am
Kehillas Bais Yisroel | Rabbi Elchonon Joseph

Sunday - Thursday: 9:15 pm
Also available over Zoom, contact Rabbi Joseph for details.
Southeast Denver Kollel | Rabbi Dovid Gertz

Sunday - Thursday: 8 pm
Friday: contact Rabbi Gertz
Shabbos: 11 am
Shaarei Simcha | Rabbi Michoel Fleischmann

Sunday: 7:45 am
Monday - Friday: 5:35 am
Shabbos: 8:30 am

Daf Yomi Resources
Access a high-quality scan of Shas, including today’s daf, provided as part of the many thousands of seforim available on this website.
A summarizing, concise, and joyful חזרה song, highlighting the כללים and יסודות of each מסכתא in an easy-to-remember and retainable rhyme.
Take Ten for Talmud by TEACH613™ offers a ten-minute audio highlight of the Daf focusing on Talmud-study skill-building, as well as Hashkafa and Halacha L’Maaseh.
Daf In Review provides the daily Daf in a short downloadable pdf format, as well as a short 5-minute audio clip of the Daf for a quick חזרה at your convenience.
For a Daf Yomi calendar, please reach out to Rabbi Greiniman at