McBarley's  Celebrating 25 Years   1994 - 2019 

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Celebrating 25 Years serving "The Cowichan Valley"

Celebration Wine Kits on SALE 

Fruit Season 2019

Seasonal Limited Edition Ports for 'The Holidays'

NEW Launch - HARD Soda's included in the SALE

Premium Oak Barrel Red Wines included in the SALE

NEW Limited Edition Bourbon Barrel wines

Dear Friends of McBarleys,

It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years since McBarleys first opened its doors in the Cowichan Valley in July 1994. For the past 10 years we have been the proud owners and we have enjoyed every moment of bringing this business into the next generation, changing the perception of crafting wines, beers & ciders.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing to its' success.

Please let me tell you the McBarleys story. McBarley's was founded by Kevin Rodgers in July 1994 as an on-premises beer-making facility, yes McBarleys has been crafting beer for 25 years, this isn't anything new for us! Four years later, Ray Bodnar bought the business and added wine making to the menu. Ray's wines and beers won awards all over the place, including Amateur Wine Maker of Canada (1997), Amateur Wine Maker of BC (1998), and Beer Maker of the Year (1998). In 2008, Ray moved McBarley's to its current  Location: a 6000 square-foot facility designed by local architect David Coulson.

We bought McBarley's in 2009 and relocated from our home in Chicago to be close to Victoria's parents in Maple Bay. It was a bold move as we had no experience in the beer/wine making industry. However, we were looking for a challenge and wanted to invest in a thriving business that could benefit from our 25 years of experience in retail management. In McBarley's, we found a knowledgeable, dedicated team working with loyal customers in an exceptional facility. David set to work learning Ray's beer and wine making skills, and Victoria focused on updating the store's interior and the branding of McBarleys.

We bought new equipment to improve Cider, Beer and  Wine making and invested in automated b ottling processes and really anything else that helped streamline our business. What we have now is a fresh, clean facility with an energetic team who continue to produce award-winning wines, beers and, ciders that keep our customers coming back for more.

Since 2006 McBarleys has won 42 international awards, we are super proud of our achievements. We've also won  96 medals at national and provincial competitions. We know what we're doing!

Whether you make your tipple with us or at home, we look forward to continue helping you craft wine, beer, and cider with a great taste you can trust.

Thank you for taking your time to read our newsletter, if you think your friends and family may be interested to hear about our new products, services and take advantage of our sale, please kindly share our email. We appreciate you!
Wishing you a relaxing summer & we look forward to celebrating with you at McBarleys. 

Here's to the next 25!!
David, Victoria, Erick, Harry, Courtenay, Sue, Judy and Ian 
Celebrating 25 Years! 
We are celebrating f or the month of July, order now and receive
$25 OFF   5,6 or 8 week wine kits. This includes t ake home kits too! 

It's hard to believe but now is the time to o rder premium wines
for the holidays, as they 
need time to mature. 

14 Varietals available in 8 week PREMIUM wine kits
Click below for details - Save $25 on any single wine kit 

21  Varietals available in 6 week SELECT wine kits
Click below for details - Save $25 on single wine kit 

21 Varietals available in 5 week SIGNATURE wine kits
Click below for details - Save $25 on any kit when you purchase 2 or more...
Most wine kits make 30 bottles but if you d on't need 30 bottles we are
offering a s
elect number of wine kits available to make in 15 bottle batches.
Please see store for details!


FIRST PRIZE -  30 Premium bottles of red or white wine - value $300 
SECOND PRIZE - 24 ltr's of All Grain Beer - value $135 

No purchase necessary to enter. 
You are responsible to bottle the finished product. Bottles included. 

Have you tried the new low carb/sugar
Hard Soda's,  they are all the craze right now?
This perfect for the summer drink is  a low carb & sugar
alternative and McBarleys prices 
are a fraction of the price of the liquor store comparisons. It's flying off the shelves!
  Liquor Store 355ml $3.99
McBarleys 500ml $1.80

A fermented alcohol base, unsweetened with natural fruit flavours
 & 6% Alc. Carbonated & ready to drink in 2 weeks - just add ice

Hard Sodas are included in the sale SAVE $25
Bottles available at 50% discount for all NEW customers!
We can Juice your Apples & Pears 
into hard or soft cider 

Nows the time to start thinking about what you'll do with your fruit this year. Consider making a hard cider (6% or 8%), in dry, off-dry, medium or sweet. Or press into fresh juice that your whole family can enjoy throughout the year! 

We'll be juicing every week from August until mid-November.  All information regarding juicing including prices are included in the fruit section below. Any questions please call 250-748-8440  or email 

Once the fruit has been washed, milled and pressed the bi-product is a fibrous material called mash. Mash compost is excellent for the garden and also provides a healthy treat for farm animals .  Please call us or stop by on any day we are juicing to collect the mash, its FREE! 

There's more to do with your fruit other than make jam & pie!
Did you know you can make cider, wine, port & sherry from the above fruits?

We are currently accepting appointments to bring in fruit.
Please click
 on the links below  for the most up to date, printable information. 
Feel free to share with friends and family.

Scroll down for all details...

The craft beer business is booming so by popular demand we are brewing 
ALL GRAIN beers again. We are getting rave reviews from our customers. Call into the store to sample something we're bottling. 

Beers available in 24ltr & 48ltr
Prices range from $90.00/24ltr  to  $160/48ltr. Ready in 3-4 weeks.
Blonde Lager, Dry (Low Carb) Lager, Wheat Beer, Pale Ale, Red Ale,  Brown & Cream Ale, West Coast IPA, Continental Pilsner,  Double Oatmeal Stout

The following are available in 48L sizes only
Premium North American Lager, Light Mexican Lager, Dark Lager, Brown Porter
Munich Lager, Munich Dunkel, Kolsch, Dortmunder Export, Vienna Lager

PLUS, new customers  receive:
50% discount on bottles  & 20% on a 2nd brew!
Special offers cannot be combined *  Customers are responsible to bottle their finished brew 
Price includes ingredients, service fee & applicable taxes  * Bottles are extra

Limited Edition Ports for the Holidays

Here's the line up for limited edition Ports this year. They are released in August and ready to drink at Christmas. They make GREAT gifts too!! 
$180.00 for thirty 375ml bottles. 
Call 250-748-8440 to reserve or email

Oak Barrelling
Included in the Anniversary Sale SAVE  $50
We are looking for suggestions and requests for future barrels, let us know your favourites! Call David 250-748-8440 or email

NEW Product Launch
Introducing Bourbon Barrel Limited Edition 5 week Wines
We are taking pre-orders NOW for the September launch
With only 10 of each available - don't miss out 
Call store to reserve, you can pay later!

Please contact the store for pre-launch pricing. 
We've tasted the equivalents, you're gonna love them!

For information on storing your wine crafted at McBarleys Please contact us at the store.
Appointments -  This is a friendly reminder that our appointments are typically back to back, arriving early often leads to prolonged waiting and arriving late usually throws everyone out around you. Arriving on time is preferred.  Thank you for understanding.