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                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2020
Dear Friends of McBarleys,

There has been a glimpse this week that Spring is on its way, so for the next couple of weeks we are focussing on the warmer temperatures coming our way and that means getting your tipple on the go now.  Please take advantage of our 14% off, 14 day sale and when you're sipping a McBarleys on your patio you'll be glad you were prepared. 

In this issue:

14% off, 14 day Sale  starts February 14 until February 28th. Wines, Beers, Ciders, Coolers, Hard Sodas, Wine kits and Oak Barrelling are all included in this sale! 

* Important Information regarding changes to Kettle Beers below.

* Oak Barrels whats up next?

* MacDay Labels need your vote

Also we have some EXCITING NEWS to share!! McBarleys have been nominated for not one but TWO Black Tie Awards this year in the categories of Customer Service and Business Achievement. We truly appreciate those who voted for us and regardless of winning, just being nominated means so much! 

If you can't get down to the store to take advantage of the sale, call us or reply to this email, we are happy to reserve it for you.  250 748 8440.

Thanks for taking the time to read. As always we truly appreciate your referrals so feel free to share news of our sale with your family and friends. 
Dave, Victoria, Harry, Erick, Judy, Sue & Ian
Wine Sale
14% Off  -  14+ Wines  -  14 Days
February 14th - 28th
If you are not currently buying your wine at McBarleys please take
a glimpse at our sale and prices. You will be very surprised at
the cost per bottle, especially as we produce reasonably
priced wine 
without compromising the flavour or quality. 
Plus, we fully guarantee  you will love our product!

The Fine Print  
* Wines, 14% off the kit price when made on premise. 
*14% off take home, selected kits only.
 Offers cannot be combined  -  Sale prices apply  to the listed products only
Service fees apply -
 Production times may vary due to availability
Promotional Gift Certificates CANNOT be applied to sale items

Refreshing & Bubbly 
Wine Coolers, Ciders and Hard Sodas
Perfect for the patio, the beach, the lake and sharing with friends. 
Prices start as low as $80 for 24 litres 
that's $1.66 for 50 bottles (500ml)

No fruit required, except for a garnish! 
50% Discount on a full set of bottles to all NEW customers

& what's on Sale!

  Due to increasing costs and limited supply of liquid malt , we are moving our
beer production entirely to All-Grain products. We will be brewing Kettle Beers
for as long as current supplies last.  DON'T PANIC, we have you covered.
There are All-Grain equivalents for most of the Kettle Beers we make so if
you are currently a Kettle beer drinker please ask us for comparisons.

Beers are available in 24L & 48L sizes.
Lagers, Ales, Pilsners, Stouts and European style lagers. 

New customers  receive:
50% Discount on bottles. Plus,  $20 off on a 2nd brew!
We will still be offering usual discount program;
Pay for 3 beers and receive 10% discount
Pay for 5 beers and get one FREE!
Beers can be held in the system to be made at your convenience.

Oak Barrelling
We are taking orders for the next two Oak Barrels,  spaces fill up fast
Italian Super Tuscan & Chilean Malbec

Sale Price $255
Equivalent wines sell for over $35 commercially,  you can make any of
the barrel wines 
for just over $9. T rust us, you won't be disappointed! 

Phone 250-748-8440 
or email to reserve 

MacDay Labels are personalized labels that are available in-store. Before the launch of new labels MacDay are taking a poll on your favourites. If you would like to give your vote, click on the link below. Once you are through to the voting page click a label to see what it looks like with text.

Click on this link to give your vote
FINALLY... in a digital world where online reviews can impact small businesses like ours we sure do appreciate your shout outs. If you like our product & services please consider sharing your experiences online either through google or Facebook. It means a lot and we truly appreciate you spreading  good cheer!