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This Month at the McCormack Graduate School
January 2020
Dean's Message
Welcome to the new semester at McCormack Graduate School, with new faces, deep learning, and exciting special events.

This year, we got a head start. On January 20, even as the classrooms stood empty, I was pleased to join an MGS delegation at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Boston. The speakers, including Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Governor Charlie Baker, Senator Edward Markey and Mayor Marty Walsh, were all powerful, and captured by our own PhD student Allyson Bachta, whose deeply moving experiences are described below -- a fitting prelude to Black History Month in February. The MLK breakfast was keynoted by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry , who, in a soaring narrative of justice in a complicated world, wove in a metaphor of an aged tree:

“If you want to navigate in moral ambiguity and complexity, when lies are substituted for truth, when misbehavior is exalted as just plain behavior, when people are treated like animals and put down, when mamas are separated from their children at the border of this country – you want to navigate that? You’ve got to be like that tree!...With roots that are wide and inclusive and deep and nurturing!”

Meanwhile, honors keep being amassed by several students and faculty, including PhD candidate Jean-Pierre Murray and Professor Christian Weller.

And, looking ahead, the Spring calendar is packed -- many of the events put McCormack in the lead of public debates, on momentous issues -- just where we belong.

In March, McCormack will host Africa Day on the 6th. We are also co-hosting a televised debate on the 18th in Springfield between Congressman Joe Kennedy and Senator Ed Markey -- possibly the most closely-watched primary contest in the country.

In April, we'll host our first college wide Graduate Student Conference 2020 . As well, Earth Day will become Earth Week at UMass Boston -- numerous activities, with one centerpiece being an address by Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican diploma and architect of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. We are delighted that she has accepted the high McCormack honor of the Robert C. Wood Visiting Professorship.

And this is only a taste. Welcome to the new semester where McCormack embodies success, accomplishment, engagement, impact, and making a difference.

McCormack Making A Difference
McCormack in the National Spotlight

McCormack Graduate School's two online bachelor's programs: global aging and life course studies and global affairs are featured as two of the nation's best according to U.S. News & World Report who gave UMass Boston a score of 75.
Student Success

A conversation with the student-chief -- the UMass Boston police chief is a student of public administration -- pursuing a master's degree at McCormack.
Student Success

From research in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, doctoral candidate Jean-Pierre Murry argues powerfully for a broader definition of human trafficking.
Faculty Accomplishments

Professor Christian Weller receives a national award for a breakthrough proposal to help older workers who are unemployed but not qualified for full Social Security.
Events and Engagement

Leah Wright Rigueur crossed the river from Harvard's Kennedy School to encourage McCormack's DOSS students to keep their values intact as they pursue success. The problem of continuing racial inequity was one stubborn example.
Centers Delivering Impact

Boston Globe reports Anna-Marie Tabor, director of the Pension Action Center, riding to rescue $400 a month pension wrongly withheld from a recent widow.
McCormack Speaks

PhD student's report from the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, and her moving account of her own journey, sometimes in the great man's footsteps.
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Join us for these upcoming events!
February 2020: McCormack Pizza and Policy, Iowa Caucus Special Edition
Date: Monday, February 3 at 11:00AM–12:30PM
Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Point Lounge
We promise good food and great conversations, including a preview of the Iowa caucuses to take place that night.

Our Shared Work: Lifting up Democracy from Grassroots to Grass-tops
Date: Thursday, February 13 at 9:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Campus Center, 2nd Floor, Alumni Lounge
Join the a dialogue with UMass Boston faculty and organizational leaders across Boston who are working on lifting up democratic grassroots movements.

100 Days To Graduation 2020
Date: Wednesday, February 19 at 11:00AM
Location: Campus Center, 1st Floor, Terrace
Stay on track for your final destination: graduation!

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