January 2024

McCourt experts will train Ukrainian government executives

In June 2024, faculty and digital policy experts will lead

a weeklong training program for 30 Ukrainian public servants at the McCourt School’s new building on Georgetown’s Capitol Campus.

Dean Cancian joins William T. Grant Foundation board

With this appointment, Dean Cancian will support the Foundation’s efforts in reducing inequality in youth outcomes and improving the use of research evidence in ways that benefit young people.

Tech & Public Policy Scholars examine technology challenges

Maitreyi Natarajan (MPP/MBA’24), Kevyanna Rawls (MPP’24), Talia Stringfellow (MPP’25), Sanha Tahir (MS-DSPP’24) and Santiago Vidal Calvo (MPP’25) are working alongside leading Georgetown faculty and researchers to examine and advance human-centered policy solutions.

Shaping tech for the common good

Leading faculty and researchers across the McCourt School are using powerful computer algorithms and machine learning to improve public policy decision-making. Their work is driving change across diverse sectors, from internet safety and environmental justice to health care and mass migration.