The McKendrick Building - Mogul
The McKendrick Building is one of the more unusual buildings along the Titan City Skyline.
It's striking oval shape made of glass and metal distinguishes it immediately as a unique building in Downtown.
McKendrick is located in Downtown on the edge of the Old Bradford Theater District. Its ornate style fits with the elegant buildings in the Theater District, even as its scale is more aligned with the sky scrapers of Downtown.
The McKendrick appears to face Old Bradford but its main entrance is actually on the Downtown side of the building.
There is a private hatch to the helicopter port on the rooftop of the building, where Titans often land to take-in an exceptional view of Titan City. You can see in the photo below the view stretches from Pharos Fire Beacon on the left to New Bradford sky scrapers on the right.
The McKendrick Building is stunning - make sure to stop for a visit when in Downtown!