April 22, 2020
Mr. Dave Mueller
Principal's Corner

THANK YOU to all Rockets for doing your part during this strange time of quarantine. Ephesians 4 describes full stature in Christ as teaming with others to build the body of Christ, maturing enough not to be "tossed by waves" along the way. When I conferred with senior class officers yesterday about how classes are going, one said, "Teachers and students are doing the best they can under the circumstances." For the most part, Rockets are teaming well to slice through the waves! If as a student or parent you have a concern, please email a teacher, counselor, or administrator. 

Here is information in light of Governor DeWine's order that school buildings must stay closed for the rest of the school year:
There will be no cumulative exams. We will not hold traditional exam days or give exams that expect students to show what they have learned over the whole semester or whole year. The reason? Our circumstances during the fourth quarter have not allowed for customary systematic review and reinforcement. During the remaining class days, teachers will continue to assign projects, tests, and quizzes that assess students' learning of recently taught lessons in the context of past lessons. During the last week, departments will coordinate so that students don't face an excessive number of assessments on the same day.
Because we are not administering cumulative exams, most students will not be required to attend classes on the originally scheduled exam days. Instead of being Exam Days, these days will be Assistance Days with attendance required (via the Microsoft Teams we have been using) only for students who are a) in danger of failing a course or b) whose weakness in the most essential skills in a course threatens their success in courses next year. On these days, teachers will work with the small number of students who are struggling the most. Students with missing assignments will have the opportunity to submit assignments late for partial credit. Students who have not demonstrated mastery of the learning needed to pass the course will have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery. Teachers will focus review and coaching for the particular needs of the students. Assigned students will be required to attend and to finish the assignments and demonstrate the learning needed to pass.
For the fourth quarter, teachers are using this grading guideline: For students who have given their best-faith effort to complete assignments, participate as a class member, stay in communication with the teacher, and live up to the expectations of the teacher, the fourth quarter grade will not be lower than their average from the first three quarters (or for semester classes that began in January, the third quarter). Please note:
  • This does not mean that students automatically pass. Especially students below passing for the first three quarters face an uphill climb.
  • There is still time for students to turn around a poor record so far this quarter through a convincing best-faith effort throughout the remaining weeks.
  • As always, a student who fails a course needed for graduation requirements will need to make up the course during the summer. The quarantine will limit options for summer remediation.
Students, slice through the waves!
May 18
Class day
Class Day
Class Day
Class Day
Seniors assigned to Assistance Days notified today
Class Day
(Last class day for seniors)
Memorial Day holiday
Class Day for Fr, So, Jr
Assistance Day for assigned seniors
Class Day for Fr, So, Jr
--Assistance Day for assigned seniors
--Fr, So, Jr assigned to Assistance Days notified today
Last Class Day for Fr, So, Jr
Assistance Day for assigned seniors
Assistance Day for assigned Fr, So, Jr
June 1
Assistance Day for assigned Fr, So, Jr
Assistance Day for assigned Fr, So, Jr

Mr. Matt Wehrman is communicating information to students in Advanced Placement courses about the modified procedures that the College Board has developed for AP exams this year.
We are developing plans for recognizing academic and athletic accomplishments.
We're still developing plans for how students will return textbooks and how freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will return tablets for summer upkeep.
We'll celebrate our seniors as well as we can! I will email information and a brief survey to seniors and parents no later than tomorrow.

News and reminders

Third Quarter Honor Roll
Congratulations to the McNicholas students who earned Dean's List, First Honors, and Second Honors during the third quarter. Click here for the full list.

Class of 2020--Information for graduation program needed
The Counseling Department is collecting information for the Class of 2020 graduation program. Please send copies of your military letter of intent, trade school acceptance, college acceptance and/or scholarship information (for all colleges, not just the attending college) to Mrs. Tumser at jtumser@mcnhs.org.  The information is for the graduation program purposes only. Scholarship amounts are published as a whole for the Class of 2020, not individually.

Celebrating our Seniors
Watch for Senior Spotlights daily on the McNicholas social media channels and on the website.  #WeLoveOurSeniors #Rocket20Grad Seniors who want to be spotlighted should click here to send a photo and information.

Spring sports fee refunds
The OHSSA announced Monday that school-sponsored contests and tournaments have been cancelled for the 2020 season.  Springs sports fees that were paid prior to the stay at home order are in the process of being refunded.   Checks should be mailed next week.  
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