May 13, 2020
Mr. Dave Mueller
Principal's Corner

I remember Wendy's " Where's the beef?" commercials that interrupted the original Magnum PI series (starring Tom Selleck). As you think ahead to how schools will operate next fall, you might wonder, "Where's the beef?" You'll find it at McNicholas.

During Memorial Day weekend last May, fifty faculty, students, parents, and alumni "futurecasted" for McNicholas, launching planning for strategic improvements. COVID-19 has changed our school, our community, and our world in ways that our planning scenarios didn't envision. Yet our intentional planning during the past year has positioned us to see amid the current turmoil opportunity to lead educational enhancements. By staying true to our roots, building on our strengths, and accelerating plans for educational adaptation, McNicholas is uniquely positioned to create exciting new opportunities for our students. 

Hungry for more information? Next week's newsletter will include a first taste of the beef.
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Class of 2020 individual graduations
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Rudolph, Combs awarded Educator, Student of the Year awards

Ellie Rudolph
AACC Student of the Year
Mrs. Val Combs
AACC Educator of the Year

The Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce has honored several community members for their outstanding work and commitment. Traditionally, the Chamber recognizes the awardees at a dinner in April, but this year the event has been postponed. Nonetheless, McNicholas High School is proud to announce that senior Ellie Rudolph was named Student of the Year , and SAIL teacher Mrs. Val Combs was honored as Educator of the Year .

Five seniors achieve Eagle Scout Rank
During the 2019-20 school year, five McNicholas High School seniors from Guardian Angels Troop 445 achieved Eagle status-- Rafferty Houser, Christopher Georgiades, Meechi Georgiades, Ian Barnhill and Nicholas Russell. Each completed the required  Eagle Scout Community Service Project, demonstrating service and leadership through a major  project for their chosen beneficiaries. Collectively, the five Scouts raised over $6,000 and managed over six dozen volunteers including freshmen Will Green, Charlie Louis, and David Messerly, who contributed over 900 volunteer hours to complete these projects. Most used GoFundMe as the primary means of raising funds to cover project costs. All three beneficiaries were pleased with the results. The projects were executed last summer, with a few more requirements, including lifesaving and outdoor skills, to earn Eagle Rank. A troop award night planned for March was cancelled due to COVID 19, but the Eagle Rank is official, so GA Troop 445 record is over 75 percent Eagle attainment. Nationally, approximately six percent of eligible scouts attain Eagle Scout Rank. Congratulations to Rafe, Christo, Meechi, Ian, and Nick.

Rafe installed landscaping and a French drain for McNicholas High School, near the side (southeast) entrance. Christo, Meechi and Ian worked on separate projects for Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori School K-8: Ian built a bench to match others on campus; Meechi developed a meditative Passion path with 14 hand-built Stations-of-the-Cross in the school's atrium garden; and Christopher constructed a 16' x 20' deck for the aftercare program. Nick assembled and painted a large storage shed for a community garden in College Hill.

AJC honors senior Abby Jarrold with Human Relations Award

Senior Abby Jarrold was selected as one of the 2020 Lazarus Awards finalists presented by the American Jewish Committee (AJC). Abby has dedicated much of her time volunteering for a multitude of causes. She is an activities assistant for an organization which has allowed her to work with elderly live-in patients and tutor young, underserved children. Working with these two age groups has allowed her to gain new insight on these diverse populations. Another cause Abby is committed to is suicide prevention. She is chair of a suicide prevention organization in which she is trained to identify signs of mental illness. Throughout the year, Abby was responsible for organizing mental health days activities at McNicholas, intended to educate others about mental illness and erase the stigma it carries. This fall Abby will attend The Ohio State University.

The 2020 Lazarus Committee volunteers selected 10 semifinalists from each grade. Jeanne Weiland, Lazarus Committee co-chair, stated, "The nominees inspire and amaze us with their creativity, dedication to service, and passion to repair the world."

"Each of them has what it takes to be a leader. Our hope for a more socially just world is closer to reality based on the abilities of these outstanding students," added co-chair Jan Armstrong Cobb.

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