Connecting the Dots with Shawn You ng

In this edition of Connecting the Dots, we get a story from Jaye Yorio from the Class of 1955.  The focus of this story is keeping the dots connected over the years.  I hear from many groups that they met back up at class reunions, and from that point forward made a commitment to stay connected. Christmas is a great time to sit back and think about the people who have impacted your life.  Many of us, including myself, have made friendships at Rocket High that have lasted a lifetime. 
"It was September 1943 at Guardian Angels School in Sister Dolores' first grade classroom. It was during our recesses that we ( Lynn Hotopp McCarthy, Babe Gallenstein Reger, Patty Slattery Burress, Janet Feiertag Frank, Jaye Marioni Yorio, Alice Cappel Savage ) met each other and became lifelong friends. We were Girl Scouts, on a GA softball team, made our first communions together, studied together, played together.

In 1951, we crossed the street to McNicholas High School, ( the Archbishop part was added much later) opening as the first Catholic coed high school in the archdiocese and beyond. The school was formerly St. Joseph Academy, a very small school for girls. It was quite a happening especially for the nuns. So our class was the first four-year class of students to graduate from McNicholas High School. For most of us, it was the scene of many happy, funny, memorable times. Joan Guenther from IHM joined the group and 5 of us became the first cheerleaders. (There is a picture of us under the staircase in the Fanning library. It will give you a good laugh)

It was this Class of '55 that gave the school its mascot "the Rockets." It was right in the middle of the Space Age excitement and it seemed a good choice and McNicholas High School has been "Rocket High" ever since.
We started a newspaper. We called it THE CO-ED. We picked the music for the fight song  and wrote the words which probably have changed since. We picked the colors--green and white--in honor of Archbishop John T. McNicholas who was Irish.  We had a rag-tag group that formed our first football team and under the eye of Coach Ron Williams,  became an undefeated team our senior year. We went to the games on school buses, and on our return the sisters were waiting on the convent steps to hear the results of the game and pass out hot chocolate. They then took the dirty uniforms and washed them for the next game.  We had a lot of our classes in the old convent building.

In 1955, we graduated and 3 went to UC and 3 went to OLC which became Edgecliff which became part of XU.  We separated because of  spouse's jobs (only one of us left in Cincinnati) and went on to have 29 children and many  grandchildren . Many of them went on to be Rockets as well. W e kept in touch by writing letters (no texts, emails etc) and in 1980, we reunited at our 25th class reunion. From that time on, we have met every  other year and then every year. (Some places we have visited - Minneapolis, Florida, Hilton Head, New York, Boston, Myrtle Beach plus various state parks and we even took a cruise.)

Sadly, we have lost some of our dear friends, but the four remaining celebrated our 80th birthdays and 74 years of friendship in June, in Charleston, South Carolina." 

Remember if you are getting together with your class for lunches or dinners, have a tradition that your Rocket friends have been doing for a while, or have a classmate that the rest of us should get to know, I would love to come out and put you in the next newsletter. Just give me a call at 513-231-3500 X 5850 or email me by clicking here.

"I needed me when I was in high school!"
Dr. Maggie Young-Lipschutz '02 connects with Rockets through Alumni Connectors Program

As a freshman at Miami University in 2002, Maggie Young-Lipschutz started with the science classes she needed to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She quickly became intimidated and decided to pursue other avenues, giving up on her goal. After graduating and pursuing other career paths--including event planning for the Marvin Lewis Community Fund--Young-Lipschutz decided to give her dream another chance.

"Everyone who applies to veterinarian school has great grades, everyone is a go-getter," she said. "I had to set myself apart and did by telling my story-how I had pursued other career options, but I came back to veterinarian medicine."

Young-Lipschutz graduated from The Ohio State University veterinarian school in 2013 and is currently a veterinarian at Main Street Animal Hospital in Amelia. Before beginning there, she worked in research at Ethicon Endo-Surgery.
"You can use many facets of veterinarian medicine, the skill sets and knowledge to work in a variety of areas," Young-Lipschutz said. "Vets are everywhere, USDA, research facilities, everywhere!"

McNicholas senior Lexie Gauger was considering veterinary medicine and intrigued by the possibility of a career in research. As part of a class assignment for AP Biology, Gauger contacted Young-Lipschutz who had agreed to be a mentor to McNicholas students seeking education and career advice. According to Gauger, Young-Lipschutz shared insight into the benefits and drawbacks of both emergency and general practices, as well as information about the process of medical research.

"Dr. Young-Lipschutz's insights were very valuable because I was able to understand the different ways to have a career in science and veterinary medicine," Gauger said. "I discovered there are many types of jobs that all have different time, education, and personal demands, and each come with their own set of risks and rewards."

Young-Lipschutz wishes she had been able to correspond with a mentor when she was in high school, and she hopes she is able to help a student learn about his or her education and career options.

""I needed me when I was in high school," she said. "Whether a student wants to come shadow, meet in person, or correspond by email, let's do it!"

Young-Lipschutz encourages other alumni from all career areas to be involved as a mentor. "It is a great program, and even if just one sentence you say speaks to a student, it could be so beneficial," she said.

A Christmas Gift to McNicholas High School

Merry Christmas to all of our fabulous alumni. During my three years at McNicholas High School I have had the great privilege of seeing first-hand the passion and love that our alumni have for this school and all that it stands for in our community. As we head into the last few weeks of the calendar year and many of you are finalizing your charitable contributions, I would ask that you remember to provide a "gift to McNicholas High School" with a contribution to the 2017-2018 Annual Fund.

Your gift will "go to work" right away in helping the many needs the school has to meet in order to maintain our ability to provide a quality faith based education to all current and future students at McNicholas High School. You can provide an online gift to the Annual fund by clicking here. On our website you will also find directions on how to provide a gift to McNicholas with stocks or securities. And finally, you can simply provide you gift with a check payable to McNicholas High School and return it to the following address.
McNicholas High School
Development Office
6536 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

If I can help in any manner with information about the Annual Fund, please reach out to me either at, or call me at 513-231-3500 ext. 5141.
Have a great and blessed Christmas Holidays. Thank you for your support of this great school.
Mark Doran
Director of Development

McNicholas hosts successful St. Nick at McNick

On December 12, thirty-five  alumni gathered in the cafe to help others have a better Christmas.  This project was the first effort of the new alumni board.  The board wanted to do something to unite the alumni in a cause.  The project was spearheaded by Bridget Moran Kahermanes '66.  Bridget brought this idea to the board.  This was a successful alumni project from the past, that she and her class cared very deeply about, and they wanted to get it back up and running.  So Bridget and her team of elves from the Class of '66 have been soliciting donations, and then used that money to purchase items requested by their main charity - C.A.I.N. (Churches Active in Northside) This organization is run by two McNicholas alums from the Class of '79. With the help of Rocket alumni they collected nearly $3,000 in cash and donated items.  On December 12, they gathered in the Cafe and Student Union, along with some student volunteers and put together over 135 gift bags. Christmas music was playing, and everyone felt as if they had a great time while doing a great thing. 

On December 18, these gift bags were picked up here at McNicholas and the merry elves delivered them to C.A.I.N.  That night several members from the Class of '79 were gathered to serve the meals. McNicholas High School prides itself on the service of its students today. It is great to see the alumni helping out as well. 

Alumni Gathering at a Basketball Game this January

Time to mark your calendars for an Alumni Basketball night. This game will be played on Friday, January 19. The varsity game starts at 7:30 p.m. Get together with your friends and come back to school to watch your Rockets take on the Chaminade Juliane Eagles. Tickets for alumni and family of alumni are only $5. All former Rocket basketball players will receive free admission, as long as they register prior to January 18. 

After the game, alumni are encouraged to stick around for a reception in the new Cafe and Student Union; food and 
refreshments will be provided. To secure your discounted alumni ticket to the game (or free ticket if you are a former player) and a spot at the reception, please email Shawn Young. T
his is a great way to stay connected and have some fun.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Congratulations to men's basketball coach Tim Monahan '96 on his 100th victory. The win came over Taft High School Tuesday evening when the Rockets prevailed 62-58 in double overtime.

Thank you to the Classes who donated to the Alumni Scholarship fund this year. 

As we progress into this new school year, I want to just take a minute and thank all of you for helping to make this past school year a very successful one for us. Last year, over 550 of you joined us for your class reunions, and it was terrific for our whole community to see you reengaged and back on campus. I also want to thank you for making a difference with the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Almost 120 alumni contributed to that fund last school year. Because of that great support, this past August, a young freshman who is the daughter of a McNicholas alumni has received a $1,300 scholarship, which is renewable for all four years at McNicholas. Each year we plan on adding an additional winning student who is the son or daughter, or grandson, or granddaughter of a McNicholas alumni. Many times these Alumni Scholarships will be the differences as to whether or not the student is able to attend McNicholas, so you truly are making a difference in the life of a young Rocket.

Donation totals to the alumni scholarship fund this year, by class:
'52 - $220 '67 - $1,560 '82 - $1,145  '02 - $485
'57 - $405 '72 - $125
'87 - $270
'62 - $890 
'77- $1,330

'97 - $450

This gives us a total of $6,880 for the year.  Thank you very much!
2016-2017 Archbishop McNicholas Annual Report Online
The Administration of McNicholas High School is excited to announce as of December 15 the 2016-2017 Annual Report will be available to our community by visiting the school website, Having the Annual Report available in this manner will provide a very convenient way for you to be brought up to date, not only on the financial statue of the school, but to receive the strong messages from our Principal, Patty Beckert, and Executive Director, Dave Jackson on the accomplishments of the concluded year, as well as our plans for the future. You also will be able to see our Honor Roll of Donors.

Recognition Tiles

Tile Wall

Honor a graduate, teacher, parent, or other loyal Rocket with a commemorative tile. The tiles are permanently installed in the main hallway and are available in white ($100), yellow ($150), and green ($250). The deadline for this years order is December 31.
Family and friends looking for a meaningful and beneficial way to honor their graduate can   click here or call Shawn Young, Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events, at 231-3500 x5850.

You can also go online, click here, and print off the form.

Alumni Updates

Any news?
Do you have news to share? Let us know what you've been doing since graduation! Update your information by completing our  alumni update form  on the McNicholas webpage or call the Alumni Office at 513.231.3500. ext. 5850.

Austin Ernst, '13 is a College Scholar Athlete Award winner as well as a 4-year Ohio Dominican University football letter winner, and the 2017 ODU Panther Pride Award winner.  He completed his undergraduate degree with honors in May 2017, and will finish his masters degree in management (carrying a 4.0 GPA) in May 2018.

In Memoriam

This list is generated from local obituaries and information received from the family and friends of our alumni and current students. Please contact the alumni office  if there is incorrect or missing information. 


Peter F. Sterbling '54; Husband of Josephine Rowen Sterbling '54, Brother of Claire Sterbling Scheuerle '56, the late Arlene Sterbling Rudd '57, and Sandy (attended).

Mary Ann Szaz Isfort '55; Wife of Richard '56. 

Mary Jane Wolf Gilkerson '61; Sister of Judy Wolf Johnson '64.

Ronald J. McConn '64; Brother of Daniel '63, and Paula McConn O'Brien '71. 

Michael H. Schoettelkotte '66; Brother of William '67, Lynda Schoettelkotte Dann '69, Sandee Schoettelkotte Kurtz '71, and the late Stephen '76.   

Thomas E. Willacker '98; Brother of David '93, and Maria (attended). 

Distinguished Family and Friends

Hazel M. Boehm; Mother of Terry '66, and Sandy Boehm Schaeffer (attended). 

Linda M. Dehner
; Mother of Lisa '89, and Kevin '94. 

Robert D. Heiselmann
; Brother of Barbara Heiselmann McGonegle '64.

Vincent A. Montelisciani; Father of the late Vincent '62, the late Angela Montelisciani Connolly '66, and grandfather of Tony '86, and Jeff '87. 

Rick L. Murphy; Husband of Virginia Gaetz Murphy '61.

John F. Pecquet; Brother of Howard '58, Germaine Pecquet Hale '60, and Jeanne Pecquet Young '64.

Harold Selm; Father of Cheryl Selm Grossman '63, and Barbara Selm Thomas '64.

Mary Ann Setty; Mother of Karen Setty Schmidt '76. 


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