Connecting the Dots with Shawn Young

In this edition of Connecting the Dots, we are going to connect several stories.  It never fails to amaze me, how connected people and circumstances are, and for the most part, it always seems to revolve around this school.  To get started, I have to go back to my childhood.  As a kid, I had several jobs.  One of my favorites jobs was the wheat penny inspector.  My dad was not an avid coin collector, but he did like to dabble a bit. He would go to the bank and come home with a box of rolled pennies.  We would unwrap them, look for hidden treasures, find a couple, and then roll them back up, and take them back to the bank, and start the process over again. Every once in a while, my dad would go to the coin store, and buy a more expensive coin to work on his Indian Head penny collection. 

In 1991, back in my early teaching days, I took a group of students to the Soviet Union right before the collapse. The greatest part of the trip was the fact that I was able to take my dad with me.  He was amazed that a poor kid from Ripley, Ohio, could be walking around inside the Kremlin! One day while we were having a cultural exchange program with some Soviet students, my dad snuck off, found a coin show, and actually "traded" with the locals.  It was still illegal to buy currency in the communist country, so they traded. Because of that trade, he added a coin from Imperial Russia, dated 1792!

When my dad died back in 1993, I became very aware, and very grateful that we had taken that trip together, despite his snoring. I ended up with the Indian Head collection, and the collection of Soviet money. I put it in my drawer, and never really thought that much about it. It was just nice knowing that I would keep it for him. 

Now is the time we start connecting some dots.  A couple of years ago, I met Harold St. Clair from the Class of '63.  He came in to visit, and to update some records.  The Class was holding a couple of parties that year to mark everyone in the Class turning 70 that year.  In the process of getting to know Harold, he told me how he had retired as a pharmacist, but was now working with a classmate, Emmett Ey, at Coins Plus. I did think that I should go visit Emmett, and see if my coins had any value, besides sentimental. But as it often happens, I just got busy and forgot about it. 

This past summer the Class of '63 was in for its reunion. At the reunion, I met Emmett, we started talking about the coins, and he suggested that I come up for a visit to the coin shop.  Now, for some of you that might not know, the name Ey has been around McNick for many years. Emmett married Mary Ann Dreyer from the Class of '65.  Mary Ann and her sister Sue Dreyer Palermo '67 have been fixtures at McNicholas, Mary Ann was special events coordinator from 2001 - 2007, which included a Principals Dinner that developed into McNick at Night. We are holding our 21st McNick at Night this March. Her sister Sue Palermo was co-director of the alumni from 2001 - 2007, and director of annual giving from 2005- 2007. Emmett and Mary Ann sent their three children to McNicholas; Angie '94, Andy '98, and Ann '02.  Andy was on the state baseball championship team, and has been teaching and handling the technology at McNicholas since 2002. It really has been a family business. 

So earlier this month I paid a visit to Coin Plus.  The coin shop is located on 7760 Beechmont Avenue, between the LaRosa's and Busken Bakery. They have everything a coin collector, or a fan of Abraham Lincoln could ever hope to find. The have books for safekeeping, and Emmett can show you how to properly conserve your coins.  They also carry paper currency and sell gold and silver for those interested in their investment value. I really enjoyed looking at all of the items they had in the store. 

As a kid growing up in Bethel, Emmett was always interested in collecting stamps and coins, but it was not his original career.  After Emmett retired, then his hobby started turning into a second career.  He started working at the Florence location back in 2007, and when an opportunity came up the following year, he became a partner in location on Colerain. In 2012, he opened up his own shop here in Anderson. 

I brought in the Indian Head penny collection, and the currency from the Soviet Union.  Emmett enjoyed hearing how my dad got the currency out of the country! I now know that a 5 Kopeck coin from Catherine the Great runs about $60.  He valued the Indian Head collection a little higher.  The value could have been much higher, but the set was missing four coins.  Of course the four coins I am missing were the four most expensive ones! But Emmett was concerned about the condition of the coins. The way they were stored were causing them to lose value. I asked him how much to fix that, and he told me that he would do that for free!   Overwhelmed by his love for my dad's coins, I decided that I would buy a much better book to store them in, and what the heck, I bought two of the four coins I need to eventually complete the set.  I will complete the set some day, but I will have to save up some coins to make that happen.
If you have any coin or currency questions, let Emmett Ey have a go at it! If you would like more information about Coins Plus, you can click here.  Remember, we are always looking to help support our Rockets who own a business.  If you would like us to come out and feature your business, just send me an email.  
ROCK-IT Raffle off and running

The Grand Prize for the ROCK-IT Raffle is $5,000 plus an additional 10% of any revenue over $50,000 in ticket sales. The raffle will run until Monday, January 28, 2019. The winner will be announced February 1.
Prices for the tickets are:
  • $5 - per ticket
  • $25 - 6 tickets
  • $50 - 12 tickets
  • $100 - 25 tickets
Tickets are available from any McNicholas student. In addition, tickets are available online through our school website Tickets purchased online can also be credited to a specific student seller.
Each student has received two books of 10 numbered tickets. By the end of the raffle, each student will be asked to have the two books of tickets sold, or return the unsold tickets. For each book of tickets sold, student sellers will earn a chance to win any of the great individual and class prizes.
We are really excited for the ROCK-IT Raffle to become a great community event at McNicholas! If you have any questions, please contact Mark Doran, Director of Development, at or 513.231.3500, ext. 5141.

Second Rocket Nation Event on February 1

Rocket Nation members are invited to gather on February 1, prior to the Rockets basketball game against Roger Bacon.  Come mingle with other Rocket Nation members as well as basketball players from the Rocket past.  We will gather in the library starting at 5:30.  If you have registered, your name will be on the pass gate at the front doors at the main gym. Join us in the library for cold drinks and conversation.  Food will be catered by Urban Grille.

Over 120 members strong, Rocket Nation is a group of alumni, current and past parents, and friends of McNick who are contributing to a tuition assistance program for current and future Rocket families. We want as many students as possible to enjoy the friendships, experience a coed Catholic education. 

If you are not a member of Rocket Nation, or if you are a Rocket Nation member and you to register for the event, please contact Mark Doran, Director of Development. 232-3500 X 5141, or click here.

2019 Hall of Fame to induct Johnson and Moore

McNicholas High School is proud to announce this year's inductees to the Hall of Fame:
  • Chuck Moore '00, football & baseball
  • Lauren Clark Johnson '11, cross country & track & field
  • Tony Fehring '67 will receive the Good Fellowship Award
Inductions will take place on  Thursday, Feb. 21 in the Café & Student Union.  Tickets are $30 in advance, $40 at the door. Cash bar opens at 6 p.m. and the dinner catered by Caraba's starts at 7 p.m.  To secure your ticket on line click here,or you can call Susan Rohlfs 513-231-3500  ext. 5142 by Feb. 19 to reserve your spot.

Military Memorial Dance celebrates 10th anniversary

Military Memorial group
Come join us on Saturday, February 23, from 7 - 11 p.m. in the McNicholas Main Gym. Get some friends together to shake off those winter blues with Haymarket Riot, one of Cincinnati's premier bands with your favorite hits from the 60's, 70's & 80's!  There will also be a baskets raffle and other fun events. This dance, while open to the public, has become one of the most popular alumni and parent events on the McNicholas calendar. This year you can purchase your tickets several ways:
The Military Memorial Committee uses the proceeds from this dance provide scholarships for incoming freshmen which, to date, have amounted to over $40,000. The committee also is able to provide for the maintenance of the memorial.  So get a few friends together and reserve your table now before they're all gone!

**Please Note! The Military Memorial Committee was formed over 10 years ago. This is our tenth anniversary dance and our final one. The committee members have served for over a decade now, above and beyond the call, and this will be our last dance (and no, we will not play Donna Summer- all night!) To our faithful patrons over the years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you will come out and join us for one more hoorah in February.

Our committee members will carry on with our Memorial Day Service and continental breakfast. We will also continue our work with our Veterans Day breakfast. We can never thank our alumni veterans enough. We are currently looking for new members to join our committee so that we can keep these programs moving forward. 
Questions on the event or joining the committee? Contact Jim Hay at, or call 513-236-7609

Bus Tour 2019 to Nashville 

Grab your lasso ladies! It's not too late to get on the bus to Nashville for the annual ladies only weekend on April 5, 6 and 7. The bus trip is a ladies-only, kid-free weekend that raises money for the Athletic Boosters.  We will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, April 5, at Veteran's Park (8531 Forest Rd.). 

Alumni Association announces first Craft Show

Calling all alumni who do crafts! Please s ave Saturday, November 9, 2019, for the  first McNicholas craft fair. We would like to know how many of you would like to participate. T he McNicholas Alumni Board believes  that there are enough alumni, parents, students, and friends of McNicholas that are talented craftsman that we could fill the gym and café. All items must be handmade or handcrafted. We do not accept vendors. If you are interested, the pricing structure will be:
8' X 8' space will be $30.00 by Nov. 1, 2019
8' X 10' space will be $35.00 by Nov. 1, 2019
After Nov. 1 all spaces will be $40.00

Checks will be accepted as payment from July 1, 2019, until 2 weeks prior to the craft fair. Only money orders and cash will be accepted after that time. There is a $35 return check fee. NO REFUNDS.  Your receipt for cash by Nov. 1, 2019 or your canceled check will serve as conformation of your acceptance to the fair. Confirmation packets with set up information, space numbers and maps will be mailed the first week of October 2019.

Bring your own tables or whatever you want in your space. We will provide 2 chairs per space. Electricity is limited. Let us know your need, and we will do our best.
Each crafter is required to donate one craft item per space (minimum value $15.00) to be raffled off with proceeds going to McNicholas. All other money is yours to keep. We would love to see many of you get involved with the craft show and see all of the beautiful and unique items you will be selling.

If you have any questions, please contact: Sister Judi Keehnen  In your message please include  your name, year of graduation (if applicable) and the craft/s you will be selling.
Time to start planning reunions for 2019!

New year, new reunions.  If your graduation year ends in a 4 or 9, you are up for a reunion in 2019.  I have sent an email to the planning committees last week. Some reunions are already starting to take shape. The Class of '69 has selected September 27 and 28 to celebrate its 50th reunion. As we move into 2019, please check our website to see as new reunion dates are announced. 

Alumni Updates

Any news?
Do you have news to share? Let us know what you've been doing since graduation! Update your information by completing our alumni update form on the McNicholas webpage or call the Alumni Office at 513.231.3500. ext. 5850

James Grueninger '69 wants to remind everyone to value your relationships and your to time while you still have both. 

In Memoriam

This list is generated from local obituaries and information received from the family and friends of our alumni and current students. Please contact the alumni office  if there is incorrect or missing information. 


Claire Comello Reid '58, Sister of the late Carol Comello Tarr '61, Albert '64, the late Doug '67, Dawn Comello Osborn ' 73, and the late David (attended). 

Betty Bohl Reedy '59

Joseph D. Farone '61

Robert C. Dapper '65; Brother of the late Jean '50, James '60, and Mary Dapper Karwisch '64.

Distinguished Family and Friends

Robert T. Bridges; Father of Robert '78, Erin Bridges Frey '81, Jill Bridges Painter '83, Father-in-law of Rudy Frey '81, Grandfather of Lauren '10, Andrea '12, Kara Frey '12, Eric Frey '15, Elliot Painter '14, and Grant Painter '16.

Patricia Collins; Mother of Margaret Collins Hanlon '67, Laura Collins Haverkamp '73 Barbara (attended), Karin (attended). 

Thomas L. Dietrich, Sr; Husband of Jackie Wenstrup Dietrich '59.

Julie J. Donohoe; Mother of Mark '75, Kathleen Donohoe Mezher '77, and Edward '78.

Nora Marie Kamphaus; Mother of William '77, Robert '78, Linda (attended), Douglas '80, Donald '83, Todd '85, Christopher '88, Angela '89, Grandmother of Amber Boyd '97, Zach '08, Max '11, Allie '13, and Will '16. 

John A. Mussio; Father of Kim Mussio Sieloff '93.

Dale L Potter; Brother of Ronald '56.  

David J. Stricker Sr.; Father of Julia Stricker Esposito '94, Amy Stricker Okin '95, Lisa Stricker Ross '99, Jenny '01, David '03, and Linda Stricker Palacios '05. 

Raymond L. Turner; Father of David '74, Diana '75, Edward '79, and Sharon Turner Phipps '85. 

Wanda "Sissy" Woodruff; Mother of Michael.

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