McPherson Hospital Redevelopment Grant Approved!
McPherson Hospital
McPherson Hospital


Dear Members,


We're very happy to announce that Durham County Commissioners voted on Monday night to approve a $400,000 redevelopment grant to Concord Hospitality for their $29.5 million McPherson Hospital project. The agreement is based on stipulations that the developers must work with local schools and job organizations. 


A big thanks goes to Commissioners Ellen Reckhow and Wendy Jacobs for their continued support of the project, Commissioner Michael Page for standing by his commitment, and Commissioner Brenda Howerton for her support. Additionally, we'd like to thank Trinity Park Neighborhood Association for their leadership on the issue. 


For more information, make sure to read the article in the Herald Sun. The next step is for the city to approve $1.2 million in incentives, which they've indicated they are likely to do. We'll make sure to keep you updated!

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