MARCH 2018

MyChild™ cut-band tags and unique cut-bands are now available. Designed for patient comfort and clinical convenience. MyChild™ cut-bands are thin and have a soft inner layer that goes against the skin. Custom-designed, one-way pull tabs are used to snugly fit the tag to the patient.
Testing cut-band tags is done with a Tag Test Plate. Placing the tag on the plate arms the anti-tamper circuit. Removing the tag from the plate breaks the circuit, thereby triggering an alarm. The standard MyChild™ Pocket Tag Tester can be used for battery life testing.

MyChild™ cut-band tags trigger security alarms, lock perimeter doors and have a TLM (Tag Locating Message) capability. TLM-enabled tags emit a wireless beacon signal communicating their status and location.
The cut-band is the tamper mechanism. To remove a tag, the band must be cut. Cutting the band, without first discharging or suspending the tamper, breaks the electronic circuit and triggers an alarm. 

The MyChild™ cut-bands and cut-band tags are the latest additions to the MyChild™ tag catalog which also includes tummy tags, re-energized skin-sensing tags and standard bracelet tags. McRoberts also offers tag leasing, tag sterilization, tag buy-back and tag re-energizing. 
Due to popular demand, McRoberts has returned to its original umbilical clamp design. Based on feedback received from nurses, McRoberts has brought back the MST tamper-resistant clamp. These are the clamps that our customers enjoyed for several years prior to the brief change last year .

MST clamps are available unsterile (CLAMP-001) or sterile (CLAMP-002) . In the Positive ID Kits, these clamps are sterile and numbered. The price of the clamps and kits will remain the same.

For more information or to purchase, contact Donna Citron - Fulfillment Manager at or call
1-800-776-7328, Ext. 2104
Palestine Regional Medical Center, Palestine, Tex., which serves approximately 100,000 people, recently purchased its first electronic infant protection system, a MyChild5 Perimeter system. Patients will wear tummy and bracelet tags and the doors will lock if the patients enter protected fields.
Southwest Medical Center in Liberal, Kan., a regional medical center serving five states, has selected MyChild5 TLM (Tag Locating Message) to replace its outdated system for its obstetrics and pediatric units. 

Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, S.C., has selected WanderWatch as its wander alert system for its new 301-bed Behavioral Unit. Patients will wear bracelet tags and the doors will lock should they attempt to leave the unit.
Grant Regional Medical Center, Lancaster, Wisc.
Memorial Hospital Miramar , Miramar, Fla.
Western Maryland Health System , Cumberland, Md.
Tradition Medical Center , Port St. Lucie, Fla.
Summa Health System , Akron, Ohio
• Beth Bandi, who joined McRoberts in October 2017, leads our sales team. With decades of sales and management experience in the healthcare industry, Beth is well known to many of our readers.

Shari Hill , with seventeen years of sales experience in the healthcare industry, has recently joined the team as Business Development Manager. In this position, Shari will focus on assisting clinical, security and IT professionals in finding the right solutions for their infant and pediatric security needs. 

Faro LevySmith , Sales Representative, has been with McRoberts for over five years. During 
that time Faro has helped hundreds of McRoberts clients with their patient and staff safety needs.

• Kimberly Aleman was with McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc., an allied company, for over eleven years and after a brief leave in conjunction with giving birth to her first child, joined McRoberts Security Technologies in March 2017 as Sales Representative, handling primarily Preventive Maintenance and Extended Maintenance contracts. 

• Taylor Bandi joined McRoberts in December 2017 as Sales Representative. A recent graduate of East Carolina University, she has experience in business development and administration. 
In connection with new talent and new products at McRoberts, a rebranding effort is underway. These new logos will be included in the new software releases coming out this year. All software user interfaces will be re-designed this year with enhancements based on user feedback and state-of-the-art design concepts.
McRoberts will buy your dead and expired tags. For every dead or expired tag that you return, McRoberts will credit you $10 toward the price of new or re-energized tags.

To receive the credit:
• Call 1-800-776-7328, Extension 2, or email Customer Support for a Return Authorization (RA).
Be sure to state that you are returning tags for a $10 credit per tag. 
• You will be emailed an RA Form.
• Ship your dead or expired tags with the RA Form to:
Donna Citron
Fulfillment Manager
McRoberts Security Technologies
409 Joyce Kilmer Avenue Suite 307
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
• A credit memo will be issued to you in the amount of $10 per tag received.  
McRoberts Security Technologies
409 Joyce Kilmer Ave - Suite 307, New Brunswick, NJ 08901