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Principal's Note

March is Reading Month! We are never too young or too old to enjoy reading a book together. 

Reading aloud isn't just for the younger kids. People of all ages benefit from reading together. Here are 10 Reasons You Should Read Aloud to Big Kids, Too.

Here are some read-aloud stories you can share with your student or they can explore on their own and share with siblings.

Storyline Online

Kid Lit TV

The Great American Read

Did you know that adding captions or subtitles to audio-visual materials can help teach reading? Turn on the captions on your TV to create an engaging reading activity that research has shown to improve decoding, word recognition, comprehension, reading speed and fluency!

For a good old-fashioned paperback check out your local Eaton County Library.

Classroom Spotlight

In the middle and high school classroom, Mrs. Jansen and her students are celebrating March is Reading Month by displaying all the books the class has read this month.

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Students in Ms. Kellogg’s class have been creating their very own classroom planetarium. The other classrooms were able to visit the Kellogg Classroom Planetarium on Friday, March 18.

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COVID-19 Policy Update

In case you missed it, below is the updated COVID-19 guidance shared with Eaton RESA families and staff on Wednesday, March 16. 

Eaton RESA Families and Staff:

On Friday, March 11, the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) announced COVID-19 protocol changes for schools. This is in response to current conditions and low numbers of new COVID-19 cases as our state enters a post-surge, recovery phase of the pandemic. The Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD) announced later that same day that it would update its own guidance to match MDHHS. 

There has been no change for individuals testing positive for COVID-19 or presumed positive for COVID-19. 

  • All individuals must isolate themselves at home for a minimum of 5 days 
  • They may return to school/work after isolation if symptoms have improved OR no symptoms have developed. 
  • Those returning must wear a well-fitted mask for 5 additional days. Those unable to wear a mask must isolate for a minimum of 10 days. 

Moving forward, regardless of vaccination status, students and staff exposed to COVID-19: 

  • In their household may continue school/work uninterrupted so long as they are symptom-free AND get tested 3 to 7 days following exposure or if symptoms develop AND follow BEDHD's "mask to stay" option for days 1-10 after their last exposure. 
  • At school or in the community may continue school uninterrupted so long as they are symptom-free AND monitor for symptoms (AND get tested if symptoms develop). 

NOTE: Eaton RESA will implement additional precautions when there is a higher risk of exposing vulnerable individuals, including but not limited to, Meadowview-SCI and GSRP classrooms. You will be notified of any additional protocols that apply to your situation.  

It is important that families and staff continue to report positive cases of any communicable disease, including COVID-19, to their program administrator or principal. Eaton RESA will communicate with the local health department about any outbreaks of a communicable disease within our school buildings/programs.

Eaton RESA is continuing to offer rapid COVID-19 tests for use by staff, students and families. Tests have already been delivered to Eaton RESA classrooms for staff and students in those classrooms. If you have not received rapid COVID-19 tests from Eaton RESA and would like some, please email, and we will make arrangements for you. Tests will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Identification or an employee ID badge is required for pick up. 

Last, MDHHS has rescinded the October 6, 2020 Emergency Order regarding Reporting of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 at Schools. This means that Eaton RESA will remove the COVID-19 Positive/Probable Case Dashboard from our website.

We want to thank our families and staff for their continued efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our programs and buildings. 


Eaton RESA

State Testing

Spring is here and that means State Testing. The State Superintendent, Dr. Rice, issued a letter to parents regarding the required spring assessments. Students in grades 3-11 will take part in state assessments between April 11 and May 27. 

The Mi-Access Assessments are typically embedded into classroom routines, but M-STEP, PSAT/SAT, and ACT assessments require scheduled testing sessions. If your child is required to take part in a scheduled testing session for the M-STEP, PSAT/SAT, or ACT the classroom teacher will contact you with the testing schedule. 

Which state assessments students participate in is part of the annual IEP team decision making. If you have questions about the state assessments included in your child’s IEP you can contact the classroom teacher for more information.

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Universal Core Vocabulary

March's Core Vocabulary

away, bad, come, good, it, make, now, off, read, there, thing, where

April's Core Vocabulary

big, busy, do, drink, feel, he, in, make, out, some, tell, who

PE Field Trips

Through our Adaptive Physical Education (APE) program, 8 of our Meadowview classes are participating in Bowling field trips in March and April. Ms. Allison is also working with classes to schedule field trips to the Charlotte Aquatic Center. Classroom teachers will be contacting families with details and permission slips as these events are scheduled.


Upcoming Important Dates

March 28 - April 1 - Spring Break, No School for Meadowview Students.

April 4 - April 4 - Spring Break continues for Ms. Kellogg, Mrs. Jansen, and Ms. Ball’s on-campus SCI classes. All other Meadowview classes return to school. 

April 11 - State testing window starts for M-STEP and MiAccess assessments.

April 15 - No School for Meadowview on-campus and off-site students.

April 27 - On-campus: half-day for Mr. Brown, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Creech’s classes. Offsite: half-day for Mrs. O’Meara, Ms. Allwardt, and Mrs. Smith’s classes.

April 29 - Potterville Public Schools are closed, but Meadowview classes in Potterville (Ms. VanTuyle, Mrs. Richardson, and Mr. Dervan’s classes) have school.