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October 2022

Principal's Note

Meadowview families, 

It is my pleasure to announce a new member is joining the Meadowview Family, Dr. Sarah Parker. Dr. Parker will be taking on the role of director of Meadowview Offsite Programs and will work with our Meadowview classes in Eaton Rapids, Potterville, and at the Charlotte Storefront. You will also see her helping on the Meadowview Main Campus from time to time.

Dr. Parker began her career teaching at Island City Academy and most recently served as the special education director for global psychological services at Beecher Community Schools in Flint. We are excited to welcome her back to Eaton County and own Meadowview School programs.

Our previous director of offsite programs, Kristin Knight, has accepted a college teaching position, where she will have the opportunity to prepare soon-to-be teachers. While we are going to miss having her here at Meadowview, this is an exciting opportunity for her, and we are in good hands with Dr. Parker.

In addition, you may also meet Marcia O'Brien who is joining the Meadowview staff on a temporary basis to assist with administrative coverage during Dr. Parker’s transition and in preparation for Ms. Longshore’s maternity leave in January. Ms. O’Brien is an experienced center-based principal, and has even worked at the state level in the Office of Special Education.

Please help welcome our new staff!

Elizabeth (Beth) Longshore


Meadowview School

Suicide Prevention and 988 Lifeline

A new, three-digit suicide hotline- 988, has been designated as a national resource that users can call or text to be connected to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. A chat is also available at

The new number will be used in addition to the previous Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) which will also remain available to people in the emotional distress of suicidal crisis.

The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline’s network of more than 200 crisis centers has been in operation since 2005. Numerous studies have shown that callers feel less suicidal, less depressed, less overwhelmed and more hopeful after speaking with a Lifeline

counselor. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has additional resources and information.

Ms. Leppek’s Class

Our EI elementary scientists spent the past month learning about the life cycle of birds, their physical characteristics, and their habitats. Students loved the interactive components and through a series of card matching and bingo games, were are able to identify a variety of bird species.

We also coated pinecones with peanut butter and seed - turns out the squirrels loved it as much as the birds! For the culmination of this unit, our artistic students built and painted bird houses for their new feathered friends!

Paving the Way to Self Determination

Disability Network Southwest Michigan has introduced a state-wide, 3-year initiative

for children with developmental disabilities and their families. Paving the Way to

Self Determination is a program being offered to families throughout Michigan to

assist them in raising the expectations family members have for their children with

developmental disabilities.

The program focuses on concepts that will introduce children and their families to the empowerment that leads to living an independent and self-directed life.

Universal Core Vocabulary

September's Core Vocabulary

almost, call, listen, name, nice, over, place, sit, time, we, write

October's Core Vocabulary

another, change, every, for, idea, pretty, say, start, thank you, think,

try, under

To learn more about how your child is using Eaton RESA Universal Core Vocabulary contact your child's teacher.


When to keep children home from school

Here at Meadowview School, we are concerned about the health of every student. This includes those affected and exposed to illness. Many of our students have weakened immune systems and are at increased risk if exposed to ill students.

Every morning, families and staff should check for signs of illness. If your student has specific symptoms or is diagnosed with a specific illness, please let the school know. 

Please review the attached guidance and protocols for handling illnesses, including COVID-19.

Upcoming Important Dates

October 6- Meadowview Potterville programs- Half day for students, afternoon professional development for staff 

October 7- Meadowview Potterville programs- No school

October 12- EI Programs- half day for students, afternoon staff collaboration

October 17-

  • Meadowview Main Campus (EI and SCI programs)- No school
  • Meadowview Potterville- School in session (Potterville Public Schools closed)
  • Eaton Rapids High School and Union Street programs- Half day for students, afternoon staff collaboration

October 26- SCI, EI, Eaton Rapids High School, Union Street and Storefront programs- half day for students, afternoon professional development for staff

2022-2023 School Year Calendars

Meadowview Packard Campus EI Program

Meadowview Packard Campus SCI Program

Meadowview Off Site Potterville Elementary/Middle Program

Meadowview Off Site Eaton Rapids High School and Union Street

Meadowview Off Site Post Secondary Transition Program-Charlotte Store