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Meadowview families, 

I am so privileged to be writing to you all today as the Meadowview principal. I have been working with our Meadowview school programs both on campus and offsite in Potterville Eaton Rapids and downtown Charlotte for two years under the leadership of Mike McDonald.


While I have been able to get to know our Meadowview students and programs both on campus and offsite over these last couple of years, I look forward to getting to know the families of our on-campus Meadowview students more in this new position.

Prior to working at Meadowview, I was a national board-certified special education teacher in Alaska before coming home to mid-Michigan and working in special education leadership for public schools, online charter schools, and ISDs. Being able to spend my days working with our students, families, and staff is a dream job. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. I cannot thank you enough for partnering with us on your child’s education.

Elizabeth (Beth) Longshore


Meadowview School

Farewell to Mr. McDonald

At the end of January, we said farewell to Mr. McDonald. It was a bittersweet goodbye as we wished him well in his new position. The students and staff made sure to embarrass him one last time with a public display of appreciation as you can see in these photos from his last day.


Welcome Ms. Kristin

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I am thrilled to join the Meadowview family and the Eaton RESA team. I come to you with 22 years of special education experience ranging from classroom to itinerant teaching to BIG 10 University instruction and program coordination. I am most looking forward to learning about each of your students and helping them reach their true potential. I am excited to play a special role in students' and families' lives as part of the administrative team.

-Kristin Knight

Supervisor of Off-Site Programs

Meadowview School

Eaton RESA

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Universal Core Vocabulary

March's Core Vocabulary

away, bad, come, good, it, make, now, off, read, there, thing, where

To learn more about how your child is using Eaton RESA Universal Core Vocabulary contact your child's teacher.


Meadowview Student Illness Policy

Here at Meadowview School, we are concerned about the health of every student. This includes those affected and exposed to illness. Many of our students have weakened immune systems and are at increased risk if exposed to ill students. We do not have the facility to allow sick or ill students to remain at school in seclusion from other students. 

We are concerned about the well-being of all our students and staff. Please call the classroom, Meadowview School office, or the nurse's office first thing in the morning on the day your student will be absent. Students will be considered unexcused for their absence if there is no contact from the parent. We are required to report all illnesses to the local health department weekly. 

Student Illness Policy

Students exhibiting any potentially contagious symptoms may be at risk to themselves or others and should not be at school. These symptoms include: 

  1. Severely Ill: a child that is lethargic or less responsive, has difficulty breathing or rapidly spreading rash.
  2. Fever: any temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.
  3. Diarrhea: a child that has two or more loose stools.
  4. Vomiting: a child that has vomited two or more times.
  5. Rash: the child with rash AND has a fever or change in behavior.
  6. Draining Skin Sores: any sore that cannot be covered with a waterproof dressing
  7. Runny Nose: abnormal amounts of thick yellow or green discharge. May return when discharge is clear or treatment started.

COVID-19 Policy

Based on the current state and/or federal guidance in effect for school implementation, the following procedures regarding COVID-19 are in effect unless parents/students receive further notice from Eaton RESA. It is important to note that any of this COVID-19 information is subject to change by Eaton RESA at any time as necessary or required.

  1. Parents will need to allow temp scans daily by bus driver/attendant prior to boarding a bus and/or by a RESA staff person prior to entering a building if self-transporting. If the temperature is recorded at 100.4 or higher the parent is required to keep the child home from school, not let them board a bus or transport them to school and notify the school of the reason for the absence.
  2. It is the family's responsibility to screen their child for symptoms and/or possible exposure to Covid-19 daily prior to sending them to school and keeping a child home if they have any symptoms. Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide their child with a clean, reusable face-covering daily. If the student does not have a face covering, the bus driver and/or school will provide a disposable one for use by their child daily. Parents/guardians and visitors must complete the Eaton RESA Daily Health Screening prior to entering an Eaton RESA building. If a person is demonstrating any COVID-19 symptoms, they should not enter the building or Meadowview classroom.
  3. All students are required to wear a face-covering on the bus unless they meet the allowable criteria for an exemption set by the administration. The face-covering must be replaced or washed on a daily basis. Face coverings are not required for any student or visitor when indoors or outdoors during the school day. We continue to recommend student use of face coverings if they have not been vaccinated for COVID-19, but this is optional. Parents/guardians are responsible for reporting if their student is medically unable to tolerate a face covering.
  4. Students that present COVID-19 symptoms while at school will be quarantined and be required to be picked up by a parent or guardian. Students will be required to self-quarantine as directed by the local health department or until a negative test result. Sick children with COVID-19 symptoms will not be sent home on Dean Transportation.
  5. Eaton RESA will continue to implement the following COVID-19 safety procedures: 3-6 ft. social distancing as feasible, enhanced cleaning/disinfecting, frequent hand washing, and use of hand sanitizer. These will be implemented daily until further notice.

Upcoming Important Dates

March 10 & 11 - half-day for Mr. Brown, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Creech’s classes on campus. Off-site: Mrs. O’Meara, Ms. Allwardt, and Mrs. Smith’s classes have a half day. 

March 25 - On-campus: half-day for Mr. Brown, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Creech’s classes. Offsite: Mrs. O’Meara, Ms. Allwardt, and Mrs. Smith’s classes have no school. Potterville Public Schools are closed, but Meadowview programs at Potterville Elementary and Middle School will have a full day of school. 

March 28 - April 1 - Spring Break, No School for Meadowview Students.