Healthy, Fast Food at Home!

Learn to make shakshuka with Extension Agent Torrie Smith!

Looking for more delicious and nutritious meals? Visit our website for recipes and more info on the Mediterranean diet.

Eating healthy can be a struggle when you're busy or just plain tired of cooking.

Instead of turning to fast food use our recipes for DIY frozen burritos, one-pot wonders, and breakfast on the go.
COVID-19 has changed the way many of us eat. In some cases, the pandemic has created shortages of some goods. Check out our quarantine kitchen for meal plans and guides on how to stock your pantry to limit grocery store visits.
Stuck at home with kids?
We know that parents are struggling to balance work and childcare right now, so we've curated resources on our website to help!
Looking for guided children's activities?
Check out our 4-H virtual camp sessions! A new activity is demonstrated every Wednesday afternoon. Activities usually involve crafts but can include cooking as well.

You don't have to be a 4-H member to attend! Visit our web page to view upcoming dates and past recordings. You can also follow 4-H Camps on Facebook for updates.
Get the Facts on COVID-19
Don't let misinformation get you down! Our specialists dispel myths and help answer common questions about COVID-19. Visit our website and start myth busting.
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