Advancing the Well Being of DuPage County
Shifting Demographics
DuPage County has a robust economy and a well-deserved reputation as a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Notably, while the median income in DuPage is higher than many neighboring counties, there are also many county residents who are struggling financially. Did you know?
  • DuPage County has the second highest number of total uninsured residents in the state, second only to Cook County. This despite overall high rates of insurance of 92.9% for adults and 96.9% for children.
  • With 10,765 families below poverty level, DuPage County has more low-income residents than the entire populations of 90 of the 102 counties in Illinois. 
  • One in three school districts in DuPage has 40% or more low income students. In eight districts, more than 50% of the student population is low income, and one district in DuPage county has more than 90% low income families. 
  • People may be leaving Illinois, but not DuPage County. Over the last 10 years the population has dropped by -1.09% in Illinois and grown by +1.13% in DuPage.
  • Latinx DuPage residency has grown 50% since 2000. Today, 15.16% of the County’s total population is Latino/a. 
COVID-19 Testing Resources on the Rise
DuPage County is now offering up to 400 tests per day at the DuPage County Fairgrounds; no appointment necessary. People are encouraged to get tested if they are concerned. Click here to learn more . Click here for Spanish version .
VNA Health Care is now offering free testing by appointment at locations in Carol Stream and West Chicago, as is Hamdard Health Center. Testing is free and available whether or not you are an established patient.
Temporary Change to Access DuPage Eligibility
The COVID pandemic has hit low income households especially hard. Nationally, 40% of low income households are reporting loss of income, and many families have lost insurance as a consequence of employment changes. Some families actually qualify for extra help through the ACA, but shelter in place orders, shuttered social service offices and confusing guidelines mean many families don’t understand all of the help available.
In response to current challenges, the DuPage Health Coalition has decided to make it easier for uninsured families who aren’t able to enroll in ACA health plans within the proscribed timeline to get temporary assistance. 
For the remainder of 2020, DHC will screen uninsured patients who seek assistance and enroll some low income ACA Marketplace eligible families in temporary Access DuPage coverage, until we can get them connected to other insurance programs like ACA and Silver Access. If you know someone who is uninsured, please encourage them to call to learn more about our programs and services. Click here for program information you can share.
Now more than ever, its so important that every member of our community have access to affordable healthcare.
Believe Everyone Should Have Insurance?
Help an uninsured neighbor get meaningful access to care. Click here to donate today.