February-March: New Zealand Mass Killing is a Warning to U.S.!
New Zealand (NZ) is on my short list of places to visit. Everyone I know who has visited NZ has fallen in love with the serenity of this bucolic archipelago. Now comes a horrific mass killing of Muslims at prayer . The killer was a fanatical right wing separatist from Australia, a country that most Americans, myself included, embrace as a nation of immigrants like our own, rough and ready, brash and audacious, willing to fight for freedom no matter what the cost. The killer said the Muslim immigrants were invaders. Sound familiar? 

The imminent danger is that we Americans fall into the same trap of separating "us" from "them". There is no "them". There is only "us", one species, one homo sapiens. All of the "terrorist" killings in the US last year were committed not by ISIS but by native born right wing separatists who are ideological descendants of Adolf Hitler , whom hundreds of thousands of Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim and Hindu patriots died to defeat. Hitler has been reincarnated and it is up to us to put his bastard genie back into the lamp where it belongs!!  

John A. Schmidt, MD