November 8,  2018
Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of the ACT leaders and volunteers who spent your time calling, canvassing and having conversations to ensure that voters got to the polls. Today we are celebrating the passage of Measure U which will bring resources for affordable housing and youth to Sacramento. We had 15,466 conversations with voters and 139 volunteer shifts.

After the loss of Proposition 10, we will continue to work to ensure that families are able to afford housing. We know that housing is a huge priority for Sacramentans and will work to ensure that housing is addressed in the city and county.

Congratulations also to our sister organizations in Faith in Florida who worked hard to pass Amendment 4 to restore voting rights to over 1 million former felons who have completed all terms of their sentence!

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West Arden Arcade Community Meeting, November 12
Reunión de la comunidad de West Arden Arcade
West Arden Arcade Community Meeting
  • Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma?
  • Is it easy for you to find healthy food in your neighborhood?
  • Is your housing safe and in good condition?
  • How is transportation in your neighborhood?
  • Can you easily get to schools, health care, jobs and parks?
Please join us to talk about the challenges in your neighborhood and your hopes for what it can become. Sacramento County is developing a plan to address environmental justice and hazards in West Arden Arcade. Make your voice heard!
When:            Monday, November 12, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Where:           New Creation Church, Arden
2400 Glendale Ln, Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95825
Hosted by Sacramento Area Congregations Together
and New Creation Church, Arden.
More information? contact Gabby Trejo at, 916.955.6264

Reunión de la comunidad de West Arden Arcade
  • ¿Alguien en tu familia sufre de asma? 
  • ¿Es fácil para usted encontrar comida saludable en su vecindario? 
  • ¿Es su vivienda segura y en buenas condiciones?
  • ¿Cómo es el transporte en su vecindario?
  • ¿Puedes llegar fácilmente a las escuelas, a la salud, a los empleos y a los parques?
Únase a nosotros para hablar sobre los desafíos en su vecindario y sus esperanzas de lo que puede llegar a ser . El Condado de Sacramento está desarrollando un plan para abordar la justicia ambiental y los peligros en West Arden Arcade. ¡Haz oír tu voz!
Cuándo:         Lunes 12 de noviembre de 6:30 a 8:30 pm
Donde:           Iglesia Nueva Creación,Arden
2400 Glendale Ln, Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95825
Organizado por las congregaciones de Sacramento Area Congregations Together y la Iglesia de la Nueva Creación, Arden.
Para mas información:, 916.955.6264
Photos from our Last Canvasses!
Vigil for Marshall Miles
On Friday November 2nd family, friends, faith, and community members came together at the Sacramento Main Jail to hold a candle light vigil in honor of the life of Marshall Miles. Miles' life tragically came to an end on November 1st after being detained by Sacramento Sheriff's Department October 29th. Questions continue to swirl about the department and Sheriff Scott Jones who recently restricted access to all facilities the Department operates to the Office of the Inspector General in September following Inspector General Rick Braziel's report on the Michael McIntyre shooting. Sacramento ACT will follow up with a response to the situation in the coming days but as for now we ask for prayers and support to the Miles' family in this trying time.  
What is "Public Charge"?
In a proposed  new rule, known as "public charge"-- striking in scope and rooted in a history of xenophobia and racism -- the administration announced that immigrants who utilize virtually all public benefits risk jeopardizing their ability to stay in the country.  If adopted the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will take into account a number of additional factors in considering applications for immigration visas (like work visas or family-based visas) or green cards (permanent residency).
The proposed rule is unprecedented in the history of the country. The Migration Policy Institute predicts millions of immigrants could be affected.  Also, by including programs like Medicaid and food stamps, which are much wider in scope, it would more likely hit working people - the majority of people on Medicaid are themselves employed, and almost 80 percent live in families with at least one working member.  Read more here.

Faith in Action Statement On the Caravan
Leaders with Faith in Action, the nation's largest network of faith-based groups and congregations, have called on President Trump and his administration to end the politicization of children and women fleeing violence in Central America. The faith group found it ironic that immediately after criticizing the children and families who are mostly Latino, President Trump would declare himself a nationalist, a term that has been embraced by white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers.

"Days prior to declaring his opposition to human beings seeking a better life in the United States, President Trump publicly affirmed what many of us have wondered privately: that he is sympathetic to white supremacists," said the Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, director of clergy organizing for Faith in Action. "Our faith commands us to love and see all people, regardless of their place of birth, as human beings. We are 100 percent at odds with President Trump's message of hate and xenophobia."

"Calling yourself a "nationalist" is just a nice way of saying white supremacist. The president is trying to provoke fears in white voters of a non-existent brown invasion," said Richard Morales, campaign director for Faith in Action's LA RED campaign. "He is making up a crisis in hopes of not only getting his base out to vote but to pressure congress for billions of dollars for more border militarization, deportation agents and immigrant detention beds. Attacking the Central American migrants, dog whistling that terrorist have joined the caravan, while declaring himself a nationalist plainly shows he will go to any length to stir up hate in the nation. While net migration to the United States has been down since 2005, a country that prides itself as being a religious nation should never turn their back of women, children and families who are walking hundreds of miles in search of a safe harbor."

Upcoming LOC Meetings
Education, C ontact Tere Flores at for location and more information on September meeting

Environmental Justice, First Wednesdays, at 7pm at Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento, Newcomers Orientation at 6:30 pm, contact Gabby Trejo at for more information

Homelessness & Housing, 3rd Fridays,10 am to 12 pm, contact Carlos Montes-Ponce at  for location and more information

Live Free, Third Thursdays, 6:30 pm, contact Ryan McClinton at for location and more information

Reinvestment, 1st and 3rd Thursday  at 2:30,  contact Ryan McClinton at  for location and more information

Youth Justice, every other Thursday, 5 pm to 7 pm, contact Tere Flores at for location and more information
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