Measure X is the 1/2 cent sales tax measure passed in November 2018 by Oceanside voters.  The revenue from the 1/2 cent is slated specifically for public safety, road repairs, improved infrastructure, and addressing homelessness in the City of Oceanside. The Ordinance went into effect in April 2019 and provides for accountability by a Citizens Oversight Committee, separate funds, spending plans, and an annual independent audit. More information on Measure X

The Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) last met on March 11, 2021 to review the Year Three draft Spending Plan. The COC also reviewed a preliminary plan for expenditures for the entire seven-year duration of Measure X through March 2026. The Committee approved the plan and recommended approval to the City Council.
Infrastructure Improvements
With the help of Measure X revenue, many historic infrastructure improvement projects are in the planning, permitting, or construction stages:

  • New Fire Station 1 - Design and plan review is underway for a new station on Civic Center Dr.

  • Beachfront Improvements Project - Phase 1 nearing completion.

  • Fire Department Training Tower - Foundation work is complete; tower installation next.

  • Police Department Expansion or Relocation Study - The feasibility study was kicked off in October.

  • Pier and Lifeguard Headquarters restoration work - A contract for design plans and environmental studies were recently approved by Council.

  • Buccaneer Park Facilities Improvement Study - Design planning is underway.

  • South Strand Rehabilitation Project - Staff will make interim repairs while a design is prepared to stabilize the slab and seawall.
New EMT Program Continues
Measure X funding allowed the implementation of an enhanced Emergency Service Delivery Model. This was crucial during the height of the pandemic. The program put an additional fire engine in service, provides a higher level of medical service to Oceanside residents, reduces response times, and reshapes emergency service delivery to optimize the medical aid that residents receive. A new ambulance was purchased, and EMTs were employed to assist with Basic Life Support calls.
Measure X Funded Road Repairs
Road work has begun on Mission Avenue from the
I-5 to Clementine Street.

Sidewalk repair and utility adjustments are being done during the day. Paving will be done mainly at night to avoid traffic impacts. Lane closures may occur at times. Work is anticipated to wrap up in April.

Roadwork is a high priority for our community, and staff is developing plans for the next round of Citywide road repairs in 2021.

58 lane miles of road repairs were made in fiscal year 2019/20.
Major road work on Industry Street was recently completed (below).
Addressing Homelessness
Measure X funds many programs designed to house those without homes and alleviate the societal impacts of homelessness. This effort is a top priority. In 2020, the City assisted 62 people into Bridge Housing with 43 of those moving into permanent housing. Homelessness prevention assistance includes help with security deposits and application fees. Family reunification efforts include making contact with family or friends and collaborating on a plan/providing ticket back. A landlord incentive program was also begun, to increase rentals to homeless individuals with Section 8 vouchers. Plans are being developed to open a transitional homeless shelter with wrap-around day services. City actions
Now Open: Sobering Services Center
Homeless shelters are generally not equipped to accept people under the influence of alcohol, so they are denied access.

With Measure X funding, along with a County grant, the City contracted with McAlister Institute to operate a Sobering Services Center to help Oceanside homeless individuals with a safe warm place to sober up and receive necessary services. The McAlister Institute has over 20 different programs across the county offering a continuum of care and treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

The Oceanside Sobering Services Center is dedicated for use by the Oceanside Police Department. OPD transports individuals who are intoxicated and causing disturbances, who may not be able to be held at the County jail. This new Center is a short-term place where residents can sleep, clean up, receive clean clothing, a warm meal, receive transitional services, counseling referrals, and other resources. The aim is to lead people toward continued services for the treatment of addictions and toward permanent housing.

The new Sobering Services Center also eliminates the time constraints that Police Officers face in otherwise taking an inebriated person to jail or to the hospital, where they may not necessarily be held. Trips like these can take hours out of an Officer's shift. Now that time can be devoted back to crime prevention and public safety services in our community.
Crime Suppression Team
Measure X helps fund an OPD crime suppression and encampment detail. The team is deployed in areas where crime analysis has identified a trend, and they are tasked with addressing a multitude of issues. This proactive policing unit focuses on enforcement to improve quality of life for Oceanside residents and businesses.
Public Safety Equipment
In Fiscal Year 2020/21, additional Measure X funding was provided for one-time public safety equipment purchases to support Fire and Lifeguard Operations. The equipment includes hand-held sonar units, training simulators, a training ladder, antidote kits, Lifeguard rescue boat equipment and more.

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