December 2022

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ADA Ramps Currently Being Constructed; Roadwork to Follow

Crews are currently building handicap-accessible ramps at curbs on streets that will soon be repaired. Asphalt work begins this month, and slurry seal work is scheduled in February. The areas throughout the City to be repaired may be viewed on maps here. Meanwhile, Engineers are developing maps for the next batch of expanded roadwork.


OPD Adds LiveStreaming 911 Call Capabilities

The Oceanside Police Department has always been an early adopter of innovative new technology to improve response times and outcomes, and Measure X funding is providing an impactful new opportunity.

The Police Department recently instated a new tool called Live911 with Measure X revenue. When an emergency call comes in, Live911 sends it simultaneously to police in the field, as well as dispatchers. Officers hear the calls as they are happening. They can pre-set a geofence radius to hear only the live calls near their assigned areas or current location. When a call is urgent, and they are free to assist, officers can see the location of the caller on a map and move in the direction of the incident – giving them a head start. All the while, first responders are hearing the interactions between the caller and dispatchers, including answers to questions, first-hand descriptions, emotional tones and background noise on the scene. The Live911 tool improves response times and increases situational awareness for the Police Department.


With the passage of Measure X came the formation of the Fire Department EMT program, along with the purchase of ambulances and equipment. The timing of this development was extremely advantageous when calls for service were greatly elevated during the height of the pandemic. The program continues its success, with the addition of a new EMT Academy in October with 14 new EMTs. Through mentoring, the program encourages talented EMTs to enter Oceanside's Firefighter/Paramedic Academies.


New Services Aim to Increase Youth Development

and Help Suppress Gang Activity

New and enhanced services for youth were recently approved though the help of Measure X. Programs and services will be provided through collaborating nonprofits, community-based organizations, and grassroots or faith-based organizations in an effort to expand youth services in five Oceanside neighborhoods. The programs will use intensive mentoring, drug prevention and life-skills education, parent education, and case management. These efforts aim to increase connections to community, education, engender hope for the future, and break the cycle of gang involvement. Studies indicate that sound intervention, diversion, and prevention youth programs can not only save taxpayer money in the long-term, but can also prevent the onset of adult criminal careers, and reduce the likelihood of youth perpetrating serious and violent offenses.


Measure X Revenue Funds Design, Permitting & Construction

The construction of the new Fire Station 1 is underway at the corner of Civic Center Drive and N. Freeman Street, across from the Civic Center Parking Garage. The new station will replace the nearly 100-year old downtown firehouse at the corner of Pier View Way and N. Nevada Street. Since 1929, that first small station has served our community well, but a modern facility designed to fit today's apparatus and crews is needed. With Oceanside’s new Measure-X funded Fire Training Tower, soon-to-come new downtown Fire Station, and plans developing for a new Police headquarters, a new era in Oceanside public safety facilities is marked, thanks to Measure X.

New Fire Station 1 will encompass two levels, and will include a five-bay apparatus space that will house a fire engine, a fire truck ladder company, an ambulance, battalion chief vehicle, and equipment. The building’s ground floor will include a lobby, as well as conference and training rooms. The second floor will house living accommodations for up to 12 personnel. The station will be complete with a back-up power supply and rooftop solar panels.

Measure X Background

Measure X is the 1/2 cent sales tax measure which began in April 2019. The revenue from the 1/2 cent tax helps fund:

  • Public Safety
  • Road Repairs
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Addressing Homelessness

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