January 2018

We're kicking off 2018 with a discussion on product success metrics and a viewpoint that there's only one critical metric that's important over the long term. If you routinely hit that one, all the others will take care of themselves.

We also look at the benefit of using customer value themes to drive your sales demos and how they can improve win rates. 

Enjoy our January issue.

Measuring Product Success
There's Only One Thing That Matters!
How can you gauge whether your product is hitting the mark? We're not talking just good. We're talking great, nailed it, hit-it-out-of-the-park successful. Measuring product success ultimately comes down to one thing, and it's the best barometer for what sales, customer retention, user engagement, wallet share and other success metrics should be.

In B2B, the pinnacle of product success is when your products consistently make people (users) measurably better at their jobs in ways that have quantifiable strategic value to their organization. That's it. Period. When that happens, everything else falls into place with relative ease.

Here's the rub. Getting there requires more focus more on the customer's value chain and their definition of success versus your definition of success. Take this three-layered approach for a test-drive.

Using Product Demo Themes to Improve Your Sales Win Rate 

Product demo themes can improve your sales win rate. The key? They have to be crafted in the customer's vocabulary and mirror their business goals. Here are three guidelines for creating and using customer value themes to improve your demos and sales win rate.

What Defines Successful Product Management?

There are a thousand ways to define product management success, but in the grand scheme, they all lead to the same destination.
Market Leadership Begins in Product Management

If you want to your product management function to lead engineering, marketing, sales, and client services teams with best practices that drive customer success,  contact us  so we can help transform your organization to a customer success model that consistently delivers predictable growth.
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