With 40 years of experience in food texture, Food Technology Corporation has provided solutions to texture issues and developments for all types of food and applications.

We regularly receive inquiries from meat processing companies just like yours, asking how to 

measure and control their products and assign a numeric value to a sensorial perception. For example, a consistent firmness for hot-dogs or hamburgers.


Our technical and sales departments work together to test samples of your food product in order to determine the most appropriate testing method for the desired texture parameter and result such as tenderness, toughness, springiness and firmness.

We would like to share with you some of the results we have found in popular products. We hope you may find these case studies relevant to your company as well.


Shear/Compression Test on Deli Meat


A manufacturer of sliced deli meats wanted to be able to put a quantitative value to the texture of their different products. Some of their turkey meats had more moisture than others and some had slightly different formulas. It was important for them to know the difference in texture and by how much.



Salami Compression Test


A company wanted to know the firmness of inside flesh of their four different salami products.They currently had only done sensorial testing, however, wanted to have a numeric value to each salami product to represent flesh firmness. 


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Compression Test on Cocktail Sausage
A processor of Vienna sausages and other canned meat products wanted to be able to know if there was a difference in texture between their chicken and beef sausages and if so, what that difference was.

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Feel free to e-mail us with your questions or, if you would like to send us samples to test, we will be glad to show you what type of results you can expect using our TMS-Pro texture analyzer.


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