Meat Processing Equipment For Sale
Used Grinders, Dicers, Cutters, Mixers, Cookers, Injectors,
Stuffers, Slicers, Tenderizers & more

Dual Shaft Paddle/Meat Mixer, manufactured by Blondheim, Model Blonco 1500 SS, approximately 40 cubic feet. Trough measures 74" long X 36" wide x 28" deep with 3.50" diameter shaft. Unit is rated for a capacity of 1,500 pounds; includes pneumatic discharges on opposing ends measuring 11.50" X 9", and (2) 10 HP, 220/440V, 3/60Hz, 830 RPM Italian motors. Complete with cover. Previously used in food operation and in good condition.

Portion Cutter, Scanvaegt type B-55, all stainless steel contacts. Unit is a dual lane cutter with conveyor measuring 10" wide X 127" long. Unit rated for 98 - 99" accuracy with portions greater than 100g. Rated for up to 600 cuts per minute depending on product. Includes 360-degree scanning for recording OV invisible areas. Complete with digital controls. Serial number 12592, new in 2006. Previously used in food operation and in very good condition.

Vertical Tumble Chiller, Cleveland Model P-TC-320, all stainless steel construction, rated for 320 gallons of bagged kettle product in average of 45 minutes. Includes fully insulated enclosure, heavy duty front loading door, perforated rotating drum with full rotation or oscillating mode for delicate products. Complete with touch screen interface controls.

Wolf-Tec Brine Needle Injector, Type N306, serial number 269. Feed measures 24" wide with (16) bottom rows on 1-1/2" spacing, approximately 7" high clearance, 77"overall length of table/conveyor. Needle injector portion Includes two sections with (5) rows of approximately (26) needles per row. Rated for 16/19 kW, 50/60 Hz, 30 AMP, 4-Bar (60 PSI) air pressure . Complete with control panel. Offered with brine and rotary filter (may be missing minor components). Also includes nameplate for Schroder Maschinen, Type N184/306, Serial number 18426900. New in 2000. Previously used at major meat processing company.

Belt Grill, single pass belt oven, previously running chicken, red meat, burgers, sears products continuously to start cooking process. Belt area measures 48" wide x 20' long, stainless steel frame, doors and rollers. Includes bottom roller with scraper for belt cleaning. Doors are center hinged for side access. Set up for upper and lower heaters with belt speed controls. Belt is driven by SEW gearhead drive unitized on frame. Last run on 3x460V, 60 Hz, 80 full load amp, 21A largest motor. Set up for thermal oil heating (less boiler). Utilizes a non-stick Teflon belt to prevent product sticking.

Breader / batter applicator, manufactured by Stein, includes dual 50-gallon stainless steel tanks, mounted on common frame. All stainless steel construction, tanks measure 24" diameter x 30" deep, complete with lids. Unit features 1.5" and 2" side bottom outlets, multiple 3" top side inlets. Features 12" wide x 24" long belt conveyor, with product hoppers featuring 21" long x 12" wide top opening.

Urschel M Dicer / Strip Cutter, stainless steel construction. Capable of cutting square or rectangular dices from 1/8" x 3/16" to 1-1/2" x 3", maximum thickness 1" (Various change parts available) Belt fed to dicing area with feed roll, circular knives, stripper plate, feed drum, crosscut knives. Complete with drive. Mounted on stainless steel frame. Includes spare parts.