There’s nothing quite like a tasty jerky. That’s what Blair Swiler thought when he retired in Florida from a career as an executive chef. He made jerky in his kitchen and took it with him when he went caddying at a local golf course.

One day he was caddying with PGA pro Dennis Riedel and decided to share some of his homemade jerky. Riedel loved it so much he convinced Swiler to go into business with him, selling the jerky to golf courses.

Today, Chef’s Cut jerky is available on around 700 golf courses, but that’s only half the story. Along the way, Swiler and Riedel managed to attract the interest of other investors, making Chef’s Cut one of the top meat snack brands in the U.S. with more than $100 million in annual retail sales. And now that the brand has been introduced to vending, the growth is expected to continue.

“Everyone is looking for portable protein options, so it continues to grow for the foreseeable future,” said Ben Thankachan, executive vice president of vending and micro market sales at Chef’s Cut. Thankachan joined Chef’s Cut by way of Halen Brands, which made their initial investment in 2015.