We want to thank all of our customers again,
you guys are amazing!
We hope that everyone has had an awesome beginning of July and hope that the Summer is looking like a good one for everyone!

We are happy to let everyone know that market meat prices are on the decline finally! We have been working extremely hard these past weeks to get everyone the quality product that we pride ourselves in and also a price for that product that our customers are accustomed to. The prices since the pandemic have just been awful and now we are happy to see them come back to normalcy!

We are open for customers to come in the store and we are keeping up with rigorous sanitizing of common touch points.

We still ask that you wear a mask or face covering in the store while shopping or waiting outside to come in the store and to try and stay as socially distanced as possible.

At this time we are still only allowing 4 people in the store at a time due to the small size of the store.

We thank you all so much for your understanding and cooperation during all of this!
Mike & Jenn from Boston Beef