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Here's Whats New in Mechatronics:
Revere is a Distributor for Rockwell Automation Magnemotion Mover Lite Technology 

F ast, precise movement, positioning and tracking of small, light loads

MagneMover LITE is an intelligent and affordable transport system specifically designed to move light loads quickly and efficiently. MM LITE outperforms conventional belt and chain conveyors for OEM/in-machine applications and for demanding motion requirements, delivering new levels of process optimization and throughput.

Why Magnemotion?
  • Precision control and intelligent motion optimize vehicle efficiency and speed, eliminating disruption and hold-ups
  • Fewer moving parts than conventional systems, meaning less maintenance and downtime, and 10 times as fast
  • Unmatched flexibility accommodates 1000s of independently controlled vehicles and multiple product variations
  • Standard industrial communication protocols and software-configured move profiles for fast and easy changeovers


Easy Linear Motion with Exlar

Linear Motion Requirements Come in All Shapes and Sizes. 

So do Exlar actuators. 


Exlar's actuators are versatile and dependable. What's their secret? The utilization of roller screws. 

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Wittenstein - The New Alpha Value Line Gearbox Series

The NEW Alpha Value Line is universally suitable and represents the most economical solution for driving any axis in virtually any industry.

Here is what we like about the Value Line:
  1. Modular configuration of the interfaces to the motor and the application. You can choose between several different clamping hub diameters, input stages and design and mounting variants.
  2. Safe and secure motor mounting is possible in a single step.
  3. More than 95% efficiency at full load.
  4. Torsional backlash in the region of <= 8 arcminutes.
  5. Alpha gearboxes are distinguished by extremely quiet running and synchronization accuracy.
  6. The gearboxes are suitable for both cyclic and continuous operation.
  7. The Alpha Value Line lets you select the mechanical interface flexibly according to your individual requirements.
  8. Thanks to the special lubrication concept, you can install the gearboxes vertically, horizontally or with the output facing upwards or downwards.
  9. new design options - For example, in linear applications with a rack and pinion or a timing belt pulley.
  10. The HIGH TORQUE version provides extremely high power density.

NovaMAX™ EC Permanent Magnet Motor

Have you ever wanted to get more for less?  How about better performance and longer
motor life, while lowering your electric bill?

NovaMAX™ motor's innovative conical rotor/stator geometry produces rare-earth-like motor performance using inexpensive, readily available, ferrite magnets. It is a whole new class of elec tric motor that provides the performance of a permanent magnet motor at a cost more similar to a premium induction motor. 

Here is what we like about the NovaMax:
  1. The design of the interior permanent magnets (IPM) further focus flux for improved sensorless motor control. 
  2. Due to higher efficiency the motor runs cooler, extending motor life.
  3. Using permanent magnets produces a magnetic field in the rotor, which inherently saves energy when compared with the electrically induced magnetic field in an induction motor rotor.
  4. The motor maintains the standard NEMA® mounting and shaft dimensions

MegAlert - The Only Automatic Permanently Installed "True Dielectric" Insulation Resistance Testers and Monitors with 500-5000 VDC Test Outputs.

MegAlert manufactures the MotorGuard and GenGuard patented testing and protection systems designed to detect insulation breakdown in critical motors and generators. The system senses when the motor or generator is offline and then performs a continuous dielectric test on the winding insulation until the equipment is started again.

Here is what we like about MegAlert:

  1. Safety - MegAlert is committed to making the workplace safer by bringing you devices that provide "hands-off" testing, which can prevent disastrous accidents from occurring and even saves lives.
  2. MegAlert gives you a highly reliable indicator of a motor or generator's probability for failure on startup is crucial, allowing you to reduce unscheduled downtime and save on potentially disastrous repair costs.
  3. A much safer and more reliable work environment comes with the added benefit of cost savings in crucial areas of operation. with less downtime and fewer unscheduled repairs, as well as an increase in personnel safety, you can be confident MegAlert will benefit you and your operation.



MotorGuard Products


MotorGuard Brochure

PowerFlex 750 Series Drives Are Now Available in 200..240V!

Allen Bradley's PowerFlex® 750 series drives provide ease of use, application flexibility, and high performance. They include multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features and  now, the drives are available  in an expanded voltage range that includes 200...240V!

Here is what we like about the new voltages:
  1. New voltage rating brings the performance,flexibility, and connectivity of PowerFlex 750-Series drives to 200...240V motor applications.  
  2. Includes PowerFlex 753 drive for general purpose applications and PowerFlex755 drive for high performance system applications.
  3. Largest power range (0.5...200 Hp) of three-phase 240V input drives.
  4. Supports a variety of motors and control modes.  
  5. Multiple enclosure types for installation in a wide range of environment.

PowerFlex® 750-Series AC Drives Brochure

Stäubli Introduces Cutting-Edge Collaborative Robots at Automate 2017

Stäubli, the innovative mechatronics solutions provider, introduced its new TX2 line of collaborative robots to the North American market at the Automate trade show in Chicago, ushering in a new era of Man-Robot Collaboration.

The features of the new models comply with the stringent require ments of the highest safety category and excel in every facet of automation, including high- volume manufacturing as well as collaborative scenarios. To ensure maximum safety, sensors monitor every movement of the robot, while the robot's coordinates, sp eed and acceleration are recorded in real time. 

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