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Here's Whats New in Mechatronics:
Motion Control Tuning Features

Smart machine drives should tune themselves and be capable of adopting to machine conditions in real-time.

With the tuning features of the Kinetix 5000 servo drive family (Kinetix 5500 and 5700 drives), tuningless operation can now be achieved without compromising on performance. 

Allen-Bradley Kinetix® VPC
Co ntinuous Duty Servo Motor

The newly released Allen Bradley Kinetiix® VPC Continuous Duty Servo Motor uses interior permanent magnet technology to provide more efficiency at higher speeds in continuous duty applications.

PowerFlex® 755T Drive Solutions

The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T products expand the proven portfolio of the PowerFlex 753 and 755 AC drives. These powerful new additions offer precise motor control along with solutions for regeneration, low harmonics and flexible drive system configurations.

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Motion Solutions by Macron Dynamics, Inc.

Macron Dynamics is an efficient manufacturer of both standard motion components like MacSTANDARD belt driven actuators and screw actuators, as well as,engineered automation solutions including MacBUILT multi-axis automation systems and linear actuators.

When it Comes to Variable Frequency Drives, the CABLE Matters!

Most of our customers choose to specify a variable speed drive because of the vast benefits associated with controlling the motor with a VFD. Those benefits include:
  • Reduced energy consumption (Check out our previous blog post)
  • Tighter process control
  • Extended equipment life and reduced maintenance
  • Limited problem solving, as one might have problems with full voltage starters
So, with all of these great benefits, why would you want to negate the value by using a cable that may cause harm to the motor you are trying to enhance and protect?

Get More From Your VFDs and Operations With Predictive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves building a maintenance schedule to service or replace devices based on their expected life span. 

This is certainly better than a run-to-fail maintenance approach, which makes unscheduled downtime a routine and costly part of your operations.

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