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March is National Nutrition Month!
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Your Posture and Everyday Life
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MedEx MythBusters
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Employee of the Month
Kayla Warner
Patient Care Co-ordinator
The staff member that was voted the winner of the employee of the month for February is….. Kayla! She was praised with nominations saying that:

“She’s always trying to help out and making new patients always feel welcomed. Good job!” and...

“She stepped into a big role here and is taking it with ease and grace. You can tell she has a great heart and we are lucky to have her on our team!”

Congratulations Kayla!
Your Posture & Everyday Life
Dr. Nik Bair-Patel
Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Visionary
How often have you been told by one of your parents to stand up, sit up straight or to walk differently? Now this is probably because they wanted you to conform to what is agreed-upon as good posture. But there’s more to good posture than just appearances. Actively assuming upright postures, standing like superman, has been shown to improve the psychology of the person who practises this better posture. It can positively affect your depression and your sense of self-esteem so in and of it’s self, better posture can lead to better quality of life. 

But there is more to it than that; posture has a dramatic impact on the proper functioning of your body. Poor posture can cause you to expend a dramatically greater amount of effort to accomplish tasks, thereby limiting your energy. A quick example of this would be to stand straight and tall and reach for a high shelf and compare this with doing the same while putting a slight slump in your back and reaching up. You should notice that the shoulder range has reduced, that there is tension in your shoulders and if you held your arms up they would fatigue faster. This slumped posture can be seen to worsen as we age. As your middle back becomes more curved, this changes how well you can look over your shoulders, to the point that shoulder checks in the car become progressively more challenging.

An older patient by the name of Pat came to me for a complaint of significant knee pain only at night, disrupting sleep for 4 years prior to her presenting to my office. My exam revealed that her neck was the originating area for the pain, as she had a slumped posture and had lost a lot of rotational mobility of her neck. She then recounted a severe injury to her neck in her early childhood. As we treated her, we improved her neck movement so well that she ecstatically exclaimed that she could now drive a more direct route to her destination as she could now look left and make left hand turns again. Increase in the Thoracic/mid back curvature will also result in reduced space for your heart and lungs possibly affecting blood pressure and breathing. 

Finally, posture dramatically impacts the nervous system, and the most obvious example is the impact of forward head carriage on the mid to lower cervical spine. It is at the cervical level 4-5 that the spinal canal, the boney ring that protects our nerves, is the narrowest, but the spinal cord is the thickest so you would think that there would be very low title room for error in posture. But this is not borne out by reality, in fact it has been shown that a 16% reduction of space at this very narrow passageway in your neck can still leave you with a medically asymptomatic diagnosis with your doctor unable to give you a explanation for your ailments. This is exactly what happened to poor Pat, who was left with no recourse for her knee pain as there was nothing medically wrong with the knee, and no one looked at her as a whole or asked what could be aggravated while lying down.

So take a close look at yourself in a full length mirror and open your eyes and see if you are level from side to side, look at you ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet see if they look level. Measure how tall you are and see if you have shrunk, this could be from increase from to back curves, have someone take a photo of you from the side and see if a straight line from your ear to the ground also passes through your shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. If you see any major deviations in your posture, don't ignore it! You should get it dealt with. Just because you may think it is doing no harm, you may be alarmed as to how much damage to your optimal functioning it has done already.

What we also know is that mild to moderate poor postures in youth will progress to much worse posture as you age, which will in turn affect how well you age along with what you could enjoy over your whole life. So don't delay in getting your posture back to as optimal as possible! If you are concerned about your posture or someone you care about, please don't hesitate to talk to one of our chiropractors.

Staff Pick
Aïda O'Sullivan
Chiropractic Administration
My pregnancy has been amazing since the second trimester and my midwives are always overjoyed with blood test results. This I attribute directly to my balanced life style and the pregnancy wellness essential kit. It has everything you need for baby brain function, iron, helping with muscle cramps and more! The daily supplements are individually packed per day, easy to take on the go, and conveniently fit right in your purse. I would recommend this kit to anyone pregnant or trying to conceive! 

10% off for the month of March!
MedEx MythBusters
Leanne Kranz
Personal Trainer
 Hi, I'm Leanne, the MedEx Trainer here at the Integrated Health Centre! Over the past few months I've had lots of prospective and current clients ​seem shocked when they discover what Medex is all about and why it's beneficial for everyone! So now it's time I bust a few of these myths and assumptions about MedEx.

1) " It's impossible to get a workout in less that 15 minutes, once per week."  
But guess what, it's absolutely possible! We have raised the intensity of the exercise to a very high level so that it becomes a stimulus that your body cannot ignore. The full, half repetitions and holds create constant tension on the muscle thus burning the muscles out faster.

2) " MedEx doesn't sound like a program for the elderly community."
Again guess what, slow, controlled training was originally designed for a research project on osteoporosis. The risk in exercise, particularly for the elderly, is excess force. Slow or motionless training is the best way to decrease force and risk of injury. The major problems associated with aging are due to a condition called “sarcopenia.” Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle. Without proper exercise a person will lose a pound of muscle for every year beyond age 35. This loss of muscle is the underlying cause of the loss of bone mineral density, resulting in loss of balance, inability to carry out the activities of daily life and ultimately deterioration of all the systems that support the mechanical functioning of muscles. As the elderly engage in proper exercise they can quickly regain lost strength and functional capabilities such as balance, as well as cardiovascular efficiency. 

3) "If I build muscle, I am going to be bulky."  
Let's just forget that theory and toss it out the window because we all possess a gene called myostatin that naturally controls how large our muscles can become. This is because our body wants the most strength for the least amount of size increase, as more strength with less mass is more efficient. The average person has a very high level of myostatin expression and will never become bulky or over-muscular no matter how hard he or she trains.

4) "You don't include a “WARM UP”, isn't this necessary before training?"  
Well, not always. A warm up is necessary before sporting events where you are going to carry out high force movements that could produce injury. The risk for injury comes from excess force, not from exertion. By using a slow protocol (or a motionless one) we keep force at very low levels. Also, as you fatigue, you literally become “too weak” to produce enough force to injure yourself. During your session with us, the warm-up is built into the exercise. Other forms of exercise do not control dangerous forces, so it is necessary for them to include a warm-up, but many times this is not enough to prevent injury.

Live Younger, Leaner and Stronger with MedEx !
Spending hours a week exercising is neither realistic nor feasible for everyone. How about 15 minutes, once a week? Sounds good, right? MedEx is a program we design for you. Every workout is supervised and is designed to cause change. No hit or miss or hoping you are doing the right thing. Your body then responds at rest. That's right, your changes are due to rest as much as due to the exercise! We are so sure that you will benefit that we guarantee change in four visits or your money back!

Interested in MedEx? In an effort to cut costs for our clients, we will be offering semi-private MedEx classes. At less than half the cost of the regular MedEx program, join a group of 5 or less weekly to reach your fitness goals! Get the best results with monitored, medical exercise training. Call 613-732-3333 EXT: 3 for more information, or to book your spot now.

We want to know when you can make it! Click below to give us your two cents on when this weekly training session would work best for you. Following this poll, the most popular time slot will be used for the group session.
Back to Basics
Rachael Bowman
Nutrition & Footwear Associate
In March we like to take the time to bring awareness to the community and celebrate Nutrition month! Nutrition month was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dieticians. As an active facility, improving lives each day by providing nutrition advice, we take this month as an opportunity to further help and promote the awareness that food & supplements have the potential to fuel, prevent, and heal our bodies! Nutrition month is widely celebrated with events hosted all across Canada to encourage the power of food to enhance lives and improve health. 

While food is a vital aspect to improving health, often times our bodies do not get the needed nutrients from food alone. Natural supplements are an optimal way to ensure you are meeting your recommended dose of vitamins & minerals. So in honour of Nutrition month I am going to bring it back to the basics to remind you why the following “Top 5 Supplements” should be a part of your daily routine! 

MultiVitamin - Everyone can benefit from taking a multivitamin. In order for our bodies to function efficiently, we need to make sure we are feeding it with a wide variety of vital nutrients. The daily accumulation of pollution, processed food, and stress deplete our bodies of nutrients. In order to ensure you are replacing these nutrients effectively, supplementing with a multivitamin can help fill in those gaps. 

EPA/DHA - Taking your fish oils everyday can benefit your health tremendously. Research shows that by supplementing with fish oil you can improve your cardiovascular function, nervous system function, brain development and immune health. 

Vitamin D - Vitamin D has a huge list of benefits, making it even more enticing to add it to your daily regimen. One vital benefit is its role in helping calcium build strong bones. Another important role is its ability to extend and protect the life cycle of human cells. On top of that it helps to regulate the immune system and the neuromuscular system. Living where we do, getting enough vitamin D without a supplement is hard to accomplish, so adding one is worthwhile. 

Magnesium - This mineral is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heart beat steady and helps bones remain strong. If you have poor sleep patterns, drink coffee, or have stress in your life it’s likely your magnesium levels are low. 

Probiotics - Probiotics are crucially important to your gut health. There are more than 170 diseases which can be helped or treated by taking the proper probiotic - your immune function starts in the gut! Some of the common diseases treated with the help of beneficial bacteria are irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, colds/ weakened immune systems, yeast and bladder infections, and so much more! 

While it is best to get as much of your nutrients through a varied and unprocessed diet as possible, often deficiencies remain. This is why we suggest our Top 5 Supplements: multivitamins, fish oils, vitamin D, magnesium, and a probiotic. 

Celebrate Nutrition Month by implementing the Top 5 into your daily routine and help fill the gaps your diet might be leaving. 

Exciting Things to Come...
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