Are you still looking for a NEMT dispatching and scheduling software to make your job easier and increase your profitability?  Read below to learn more!
MediRoutes has become the fastest growing provider of NEMT dispatching and scheduling software with over 200+ NEMT providers currently using our software.  We continue to innovate.  In the last 90 days we have released the following:

  • Mobile Timekeeping - Incorporates typical time clock features into the daily workflow of drivers, eliminating the need to punch a clock at an office or base location. As part of the daily workflow, the driver will begin and end their shift right on their mobile device. At the end of the day, the system will confirm shift hours for the driver. Information is displayed in the MediRoutes Desktop application for managers, as well as in a web-based reporting site, which will display both a summary and detailed data, such as shift hours and breaks.
  • Revenue Reporting - Clients can see the affect changes in the schedule will have on their top line revenue in real-time. Reports show exactly how much money is made per day and/or per mile and can display that information by driver, by capacitated versus deadhead miles, space type, funding source and other sorting options. 
  • Enhanced User Defined Violation Sets - These User Defined Violation Sets allow clients to set unique scheduling restrictions within the scheduling protocols to meet the requirements of the specific rider or group of riders: For example:
  1. A NEMT provider might be contracted with several different brokers and each with its own set of rules that must be applied to a passenger. One broker might allow a passenger to be picked up 15 minutes early and another allows a passenger to be picked up 30 minutes early. The violations sets can be set to honor these rules when the optimized schedule is created.
  2. A NEMT provider may be transporting school children, who can only be transported with other school children, and not adults at the same time. In addition, the children cannot be dropped off early because school does not start until 8:30 AM. The adults may be dropped off early to their appointments. The software knows how to manage both of these restrictions and will honor them when the optimized schedule is created.
  3. A special needs passenger cannot be in the same vehicle with any other passenger at the same time. MediRoutes will ensure that this restriction is honored. 

If you have not looked at the MediRoutes product recently, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a web demo.  

The mission of Schedule Viewer is to produce Industry-leading, affordable and easy to use software for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) market. Using the latest technology coupled with customer driven innovation and excellent support, our goal is to empower our customers: transportation providers and brokers, to be profitable growing businesses giving excellent service to their patrons, the riding public.

Schedule Viewer, LLC is a software company, founded in 2008 that develops cloud based software solutions for the people transportation industry.  The founding members bring over 50 years combined experience in developing software for the people transportation market and have a history of producing innovative  and transformative solutions.

The Internet, mobile devices and most recently “cloud” computing technologies have dramatically changed the nature of software development and deployment. As a forward looking software company, Schedule Viewer is innovating using these new platforms. Because of that, MediRoutes is a ground breaking product, built from the beginning using proven, standard tools and designed to be deployed in the cloud. It features a full range of scheduling/dispatching solutions that are affordable and easy-to-use. If you would like to learn more about Schedule Viewer, LLC, or the MediRoutes product, please contact us at (480) 393-3009, toll free at (855) 393-3009 or email

Are you still looking for a NEMT dispatching and scheduling software to make your job easier and increase your profitability?
(855) 393-3009
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