Can Genetic Engineering Bring Back the American Chestnut - Apr. 30

Darling knew that chestnuts were once among the area’s most important trees. He also knew that a deadly fungus had all but wiped out the species more than a half-century earlier.
To protect biodiversity, small habitats matter - Apr. 23

Habitats are key to saving species, says lead author Karel Mokany from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
More green spaces could mean fewer deaths every year, study shows - Apr. 28

PENNSYLVANIA - “Achieving this goal does not come without challenges. Large tree planting initiatives are faced with many problems, including losses from climate change, tree pests and invasive species, and urban development”, explained Michelle Kondo, first author of the study, in a statement.
Boom time for New Zealand's rats as lockdown gives them free rein in cities - Apr. 18

With pest controllers in lockdown and a population surge last year, the vermin are free to wreak havoc in populated areas, and on native wildlife.
For the Mediterranean, the Suez is a wormhole bringing in alien invaders - Apr. 21

LEBANON - A hidden invasion is taking place beneath the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, scientists have recorded more than 700 alien species in Mediterranean waters, most of them entering through the Suez Canal in Egypt.
This self-cloning crayfish is scuttling into rivers and streams throughout Alberta - Apr. 22

It's not unusual to spot a trout species in a Calgary river but you might not expect to find a lobster-like crustacean.
Great Lakes Learning: Model the population dynamics of invasive species at home - Apr. 24

As the author of Great Lakes Now’s Collection of Lesson Plans, educational consultant Gary Abud Jr. is now providing more support for parents, teachers and caregivers who want to incorporate Great Lakes learning into their time with children and students.
Invasive lionfish becoming permanent feature of Mediterranean Sea - Apr. 28

Already plaguing Caribbean reefs, the first instance of an invasive lionfish in the Mediterranean Sea was documented just eight years ago.
8 interesting things we found exploring NOAA's virtual reality deepsea dives - Apr. 28

You can also see a lionfish passing through. This popular, ornamental aquarium fish was likely introduced into Caribbean waters by someone who no longer wanted to care for it. It has since become a dangerous, invasive species.
Dogs trained to detect oak wilt, invasive species - Apr. 15

NEW YORK - Dogs have highly sensitive noses, a trait environmental conservationists, land managers and plant disease specialists are harnessing to sniff out invasive species.
Family Forests Are Key To Fighting Climate Change. But They Need Help. - Apr. 24

In order to manage their forests in sustainable ways ― culling invasive species, cultivating mature trees and fighting pests ― many families need help. It requires a lot of work, expertise and financial outlay, which family owners can’t always pull together.
First hatches reported: Spotted lanternfly expert provides tips for management - Apr. 28

PENNSYLVANIA - Even before the recent news of the season’s first confirmed spotted lanternfly hatches in the Philadelphia region, homeowners in many parts of Pennsylvania were gearing up for their annual battle with the destructive pest.
Filippo Berio Partners with Italian Research Council to Combat Xylella - Apr. 29

Filippo Berio has announced plans to partner with the Italian National Research Council on a three-year research project in which they aim to improve understanding of Xylella fastidiosa.
One in Four Tree Deaths in Blue Ridge Mountains Linked to Invasive Species - Apr. 30

VIRGINIA - New research from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) and Shenandoah National Park finds that invasive species of forest insects and pathogens contributed to about a quarter of the tree deaths in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountain forests in the past three decades.
Analysis Identifies Most Worrisome Invasive Plants that May Arrive Soon - Apr. 17

MASSACHUSETTS - To help  resource managers  in the Northeast meet a climate change challenge – more than 100 new invasive plant species could expand into the area – University of Massachusetts Amherst ecologists are offering a new analysis that narrows the large list down to five priority species with the greatest potential impacts.
Allergy impact from invasive weed 'underestimated' - Apr. 21

EUROPE - Allergies caused by common ragweed ( Ambrosia artemisiifolia ) affect around 13.5 million people in Europe, according their study.
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