Bolivia’s Indigenous Black Scarab Beetles are Being Smuggled Into Japan and Sold as Pets - Feb. 15

Beetles are being smuggled into Japan from South America, according to reporting from  National Geographic.  The insects are being taken into the  country  as part of the illegal pet trade.
The wicked risks of biosecurity: Invasive species in Australia - Feb. 18

Invasive species have the potential to damage our economy, change our way of life and impact our wellbeing.
7 Invasive Species That Have Wreaked Havoc in the US - Feb. 24

The history of invasive species is usually one of unforeseen consequences. When an animal, fish, insect or plant is taken out of its original ecosystem and introduced to a new one—whether by accident or on purpose—it's less likely to have any natural predators. Which can lead to environmental havoc.  
We're Now Harvesting Crabs to Make Plastic - Feb. 13

The invasive green crab, which has overrun ecosystems from Nova Scotia to California, may soon become a bountiful source of biodegradable plastic.
Native Guide: Identify the local mussels that live around you with these handy apps - Feb. 18

“Clam Counter” welcomes you with a wide-eyed, smiling orange mollusk waving from inside a bright blue shell.
From Superior To Ontario, Your Love Of The Great Lakes - Feb. 19

The Science Friday Book Club just spent five weeks reading and discussing Dan Egan’s  The Death and Life of the Great Lakes , a deep dive on the ways human activity and invasive species have forever altered the largest bodies of surface freshwater on the planet.
Asian carp threat to be discussed at Windsor Yacht Club - Feb. 20

Grass carp, an invasive Asian carp that is considered the most immediate threat to the Great Lakes, will be the focus March 4 at the Windsor Yacht Club.
New York City has a turtle problem - Feb. 21

Bright green and viscous, Morningside Pond looks like a vat of unappealing pea soup. Styrofoam cups and plastic bags cling to the pond’s edge, bound in place by bubbles of green foam.
Expansion of the emerald ash borer regulated areas in New Brunswick - Feb. 18

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has updated its regulated areas for emerald ash borer (EAB) to include additional areas in New Brunswick, in an effort to slow the insect's spread. This change is due to detections of EAB last summer in the town of Oromocto and the city of Moncton.
Live, Adult Spotted Lanternfly Found in California - Feb. 24

An unofficial report has identified a living, adult spotted lanternfly (SLF) in Davis, California. “We have a recent report, unofficial, from someone familiar with the identification of this pest,” said UC Cooperative Extension Entomologist Surendra Dara.
Spot on: Efforts to stop spotted lanternfly are ongoing for Penn State, agencies - Feb. 25

For residents of southeastern Pennsylvania, winter provides a brief respite from the spotted lanternfly, an insect invader that has impeded their warm-weather enjoyment for the past several years.
Volunteers tackle invasive plants in Oak Bay parks - Feb. 15

VANCOUVER - More than a dozen people gathered in Oak Bay's Anderson Hill Park Saturday to take part in a weekly effort to get rid of an invasive plant.
In Lab Study, Ethnobotanical Meds Effective Against Bacterium That Causes Lyme - Feb. 24

The strongest extracts, however, were Ghanaian quinine and Japanese knotweed. Both plants were found to kill microcolonies of B. burgdorferi and inhibit division of the planktonic form, even at low concentrations.
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