Hitching a ride: lizard travels from U.S. to N.S. on plant destined for IKEA - Mar. 11

A green anole is resting comfortably at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Nova Scotia after an incredible journey.
Could an Invasive Snail Save Your Morning Coffee? - Mar. 11

The study “very appropriately isn’t suggesting that people run around with buckets of these snails and start sprinkling them all over ecosystems,” said Professor McCook, a coffee aficionado who did not participate in the study. “The broader purpose of their work is we need to think of ways to construct the agro-ecosystem to combat disease.”
HRM to take a look at integrated pest management strategy - Mar. 7

Municipal staff is recommending the Halifax Regional Municipality adopt an integrated pest management strategy. Species of interest include giant hogweed, wild parsnip, European fire ants.
Most Devastating Insect Plagues in US History - Feb. 28

Insect plagues have been documented throughout human history, causing famine and widespread hunger. 24/7 Wall St. compiled 20 of the most devastating insect plagues in U.S. history.
Zebra Mussels: A guide to the good and the bad of these Great Lakes invaders - Feb. 28

What’s the issue? Mussels have long existed in the Great Lakes, and the dreissenid zebra mussels and native unionid mussels are both filter feeders.
First Scientific Evidence of a Potentially Invasive Species to Reach Antarctica – Here’s How It Got There - Mar. 6

Drifting algae in the Austral Ocean can bring invasive species to the Antarctic coasts, according to a study published in the journal  Scientific Reports
Even with DNA Detection, Asian Carp Continue to Evade Scientists - Mar. 11

Traces of genetic material can help in tracking the invasive species. But a positive detection may not mean live fish.
50 ash trees to be cut down, 450 treated as invasive emerald ash borer moves into Moncton - Feb. 28

City takes steps to preserve ash tree population as long as possible now that destructive insect has arrived.
This Oahu Developer Is Planting A Native Hawaiian Forest - Feb. 28

What was once a bulldozed dirt lot in Waikele is becoming a blossoming Native Hawaiian forest thanks to a local developer.
Spotted lanternfly (and the 'nasty mess' it causes) is headed our way - Mar. 6

The spotted lanternfly, the latest invasive pest from Asia, likes vineyards, apple orchards, hops and hardwoods, including Christmas trees.
New Beginnings for an Ancient Forest, One Tree at a Time - Mar. 11

As climate change makes summers hotter and drier in the Northern Rockies, forests are threatened with increasing wildfire activity, deadly pathogens, and insect infestations, including the mountain pine beetle outbreak, which has killed more than 6 million acres of forest across Montana since 2000.
Tourism needs to start considering invasive plants - Mar. 3

In 1876, the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition featured an intriguing plant from Japan. It was hardy, fast-growing, and good at preventing soil erosion.
U-M students use invasive species to create environmentally friendly hair product for black women - Mar. 4

Founded by science graduate students Jannice Newson and Nana Britwum, the company's slogan is "Hair without harm." "That means no harm to women who use braiding hair and no harm to the environment," Newson says.
Scientists uncover how invasive plants gain a head start after fire - Mar. 12

New research from The University of Western Australia has shed light on why some invasive plants make a better comeback after a fire, outstripping native species in the race for resources.
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