USDA Wildlife Services Highlights Wildlife Damage Management Tools - Apr. 3

Invasive rodents on islands, predators eating livestock, vultures pecking at property, birds colliding with airplanes. Wildlife damage can take many forms. As such, wildlife managers need a variety of tools to help reduce damage.
Invasive species with charisma have it easier - Apr. 6

An international research team, led by the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), have investigated the influence of charisma on the management of invasive species.
What is the Asian hornet invasion going to cost Europe - Apr. 6

In a recent study, French scientists led by Prof. Franck Courchamp at the Université Paris-Saclay and the CNRS, tried to evaluate the first estimated control costs for this invasion.
Celebrating Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month with Your Children: Activities, Curriculums and Video Links - Apr. 15

Looking for nature- or science-based activities or projects for your kids to do at home? You and your school-aged children can join in the important worldwide effort to protect plants from invasive species. 
Invasive grass carp found in Lake Huron tributary likely came from Lake Erie, DNR says - Apr. 10

Michigan Department of Natural Resources personnel on March 17 were conducting a routine fish survey in the river below the Dow Dam in Midland County when they captured a  grass carp . Subsequent lab testing showed the carp was diploid, or capable of reproducing.
Controlling Invasives: States urge residents to help stop spread of invasive species - Apr. 13

Spring in the Great Lakes region brings blooming tulips, pollinating bees, biting sunfish and the threat of spreading invasive species.
Science news in brief: From mating flies frozen in time to butterflies in captivity - Apr. 16

Scientists found a colony of mussels, most likely transported from Patagonia via ship, near the largest of the South Shetland Islands some 75 miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Fall armyworm outbreak in NT and WA a sign invasive pest is spreading rapidly - Apr. 1

AUSTRALIA - The invasive fall armyworm moth has been detected across multiple regions in the Northern Territory and in northern Western Australia, in an outbreak that has surprised authorities.
Extension educators offer tips on managing spring spotted-lanternfly egg hatch - Apr. 3

An early spring brings warmth, daffodils and outside play. It also signals — to the chagrin of many property owners across Pennsylvania and beyond — the next generation of spotted lanternflies.
Invasive Japanese beetle battle ramps up again in Vancouver starting next week - Apr. 3

The annual battle against the invasive Japanese beetle is set to begin anew in Vancouver next Monday when larvicide treatment starts in 30 parks and other city land.
Nature scavenger hunt, anyone? The Franklin Institute starts with spotted lanternfly eggs - Apr. 11

“If you can see here, I have individual layers, they look almost like little tiny black seeds. Now, those are the individual eggs inside there. They’re stuck to the tree and they’re being held safely in by that egg casing,” she said. “Until we come along, that is.”
How One Scientist's Interest in Biosecurity Led Her to Entomology - Apr. 14

My current research is predominantly on spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula), focusing on developing monitoring and biosurveillance techniques and pinpointing dispersal behaviours that could help with developing management techniques down the line.
10 Poisonous Plants You Must Never Touch - Apr. 12

Here is a list of 10 weeds, vines, flowers, and shrubs you definitely want to avoid.
What one of the world’s most active volcanoes tells us about missing trees - Apr. 13

Overhunting, habitat loss and invasive predators contributed to the animals’ disappearance. Giant tortoises were hunted by European sailors for their meat even before human habitation began. Their eggs fell prey to invasive species like pigs, cats and rats.
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