OCTOBER 22, 2018

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Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week
Features the flavors of Idaho,
More Options than Ever! 

2018 Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week begins Friday with the largest number of participating restaurants ever. Now in its eighth year, Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week will delight diners with more options, more flavors, and more opportunities for an amazing dining experience, only in Downtown Boise!
Why Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week?
  • Downtown Boise is home to Idaho's most celebrated food scene. The creative and talented chefs who choose to work in Downtown Boise have received national media acclaim. Their skills are enticing a growing number of both locals and visitors, making the downtown dining scene more delicious and vibrant than ever.
  • Downtown Boise is the largest showcase of locally grown Idaho food products. If you see a grey "Idaho" on the menu that means the restaurant is featuring Idaho-grown products, including Idaho wine. Give them a try!
  • Idaho's food and beverage industry accounts for more than 20% of all manufacturing employment. Supporting our restaurant and food service industry is supporting local families.
What is Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week?
Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week means special menus, and an opportunity to try a new dish, try a new restaurant, or find a fresh twist at a familiar favorite. Restaurants often use the special menu offered for Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week to sample a new item, or pair a dish with a new wine or beverage.
It's a fun, exciting dining experience with menus for every price and every palate!

Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week menus include:

  • Two-course $10 lunch

  • Two-course dinner for $15

  • Three-course $30 dinner

  • Social Hour!
  • Look for Small Plate and Fine Dining options

  • Menus posted at

No tickets are needed, but reservations are a good idea! Check with each participating restaurant or go to Prices are per person and alcohol, tax and gratuity are extra.

Social Hour was new to Dine Out Downtown Boise Restaurant Week last year. More hot spots are participating this year! Social Hour offerings are a unique Restaurant Week spin on Happy Hour. Hours differ so check out the menu for each establishment.
Follow the fun and find out what your friends are trying!
Tag @downtownboise and use #DineDowntownBoise
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